Desire Perez is a Powerful Women in the Age of Women Empowerment

Whether you understand it or not, we are living in the era of women empowerment. Many women are becoming more valuable members of society and to the world around them. This is especially true in the fields of business and music. Desire Perez of Roc Nation is a leading figure in the modern music industry.

In 2009 rapper and music mogul Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) created Roc Nation. This is a media company that manages musician’s careers. They also manage athletes as well. Desire Perez is a long-time friend of Jay Z and she has helped to forge his empire over the years. As the COO she is second in command of the organization. The fact that she is a woman, should not surprise you. While Jay Z is the front man of his business he relies on Perez to run his business while he is away or tied up with other matters.

It takes a lot of trust in a person to have them operate your business. Perez is no amateur when it comes to handling the ends and outs of the business world. As a woman she understands the unique marriage between business and music. Roc Nations such as Rihanna and Shakira are managed by Perez. The Chief Operations Officer helps to develop these artists brand and she helps to guide the business side to their careers, and what Desire Perez knows.

Perez knows business. She takes this field seriously. People might not want to accept this, but music is a business and the musicians and artists are the products. To produce the best product, it takes a person with knowledge and a lot of skill to understand the market. That is Perez. She understands how to do this very well, and

Perez is considered one of the most influential women in the music industry today. This is especially meaningful in the era of women advancement. Her dedication to Roc Nation, its artists and to its employees has helped this company to become one of the most competitive music organizations in the world, and read full article.

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