Chris Burch is a Talented Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has extensive experience in developing new businesses and a tremendous track record of successful endeavors under his belt. He has found success in a wide range of ventures such as fashion, real estate, and hotels to name several. Burch is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs across the globe and he has landed on the prestigious list of billionaires put out by Forbes Magazine.  Check this article on  His financial success has been extraordinary but he’s also a committed philanthropist who loves helping people.

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Burch Creative Capital is the company that he founded and is where he spends his time and energy these days cultivating ideas for new companies. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital.  His keen insights as an investor with a full understanding of what makes an entrepreneurial venture succeed have enabled him to participate in more than 50 successful companies.

The modus operandi of Chris Burch involves going about his pursuits with passion and energy or always being on the move to put it like he would. He likes to immerse himself fully in his latest endeavor and is constantly innovating with creative thinking. Burch displays an intuitive sense of consumer behavior and is decisive when he discerns a new direction or opportunity.

He is also quite adept at marketing and branding which gives a startup every chance to take off. Some of the recent projects that he’s been involved with include Cocoon9, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and are illustrative of his insight into retail trends which drive the market.  For a closer look on his various business ventures, click on

One of the latest forays into the entrepreneurial waters that Chris Burch has undertaken is the breathtaking project at Nihi Sumba. This is an island resort in Indonesia that has earned rave reviews and much acclaim from the travel community and its media. The luxury villas are situated on an island of remarkable natural beauty and the spectacular nature of the surroundings provide a once in a lifetime experience. Read more about this breathtaking resort, hit on

The vision for this amazing project was to design it to blend in with the native surroundings and they accomplished this with local teak wood and natural stones. The exotic vegetation is intertwined throughout the resort which gives it a unique feel.

Chris Burch was inspired early in his life to become an entrepreneur when he went with his father to construction sites to work. An early success for him came when he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. He and his brother founded a successful apparel company called Eagle’s Eye. It was eventually sold for millions and Burch gained valuable insights into the entrepreneur’s life. Additional reading on

Philanthropy has become a strong pulling in the heart of Burch and he enjoys helping others improve their lives and find success too. A portion of the profits from his island resort is donated to the Sumba Foundation which supports new opportunities for local residents.

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