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The impact of Securus Technologies and ways in which it prevents crime

Securus Technologies is a United States private organization that was established in the year 1986. It is one of the gigantic breadwinners of captive communications, parolee trailing and bids governmental and non-governmental administration complex solutions. It continues to serve some correctional facilities pioneering procedural solutions, consumer overhaul services among other specialized prerequisites of correctional competences. It helps some states making it a trusted brand in the scope of security measures. Its enormous investments have made it possible in increasing expertise, patent rights, mergers, and acquisitions.



The progress



It has well diversified to offer the control and monitoring of contraband phones providing informed solutions in various regions of correctional amenities. It has helped in improving the safety of the civic and revolutionized the confinement understanding. Most of the law enforcement agencies continue to embrace the reliability of Securus technologies. It has equipped itself with some fully qualified workforce that encompasses the power of technology as well as innovative procedures. The main aim is to fully satisfy its clients and ensure the welfare of its employees is at stake. The high-tech feature exhibited by this organization has made it possible for the firm to remain relevant and attract some distinguished clients.






It has received A+ rankings and certification from an organization known as Better Business Bureau. This agency outlines its performance matrix via the media as well as clients utilizing the products of any group. It is the provider of civil and criminal justice technological resolutions; the organization can build a trust bond with its clients as well as offer honest adverts, being fair and transparent as well as telling the truth about its products and services. These standards are vital when awarding accreditation to any organization making Securus qualify for this certification.



Securus Technologies – Ensuring Law Enforcement Agencies are Well-Equipped with Modern Investigative Technology

Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one to modernize the incarceration experience in the past couple of decades. The company continually innovates and improvises the technology it offers, which has helped the company build superior products and services than what is already available on the market. The investigative technology provided by Securus Technologies assist the law enforcement officers to perform safely and catch the criminals with ease. Such technology provides the law enforcement agencies with crucial information and tip-offs, which help them, take the corrective measures at the right time. Such measures collectively work in bringing down the crime rate in the community as well as in prison.


Securus Technologies is also known to offer a bouquet of communication services to the inmates and ensure that they are in touch with their loved ones. Securus Technologies has invested more than $600 million in the past couple of years for research and development, which has helped the company to acquire new patents as well as progress significantly in developing new products and services for the prison technology sector. The company is also best known for the customer services it offers. One of the major awards that are given for corporate excellence, the Gold Stevie Award, was recently given to Securus Technologies for the high level of customer service it offers.


In a recent move, Securus Technologies published a press release where it showcased a series of comments from the letters written to the firm by the law enforcement personnel. It showed what the officers feel about the products and services of the company, and how it is helping them do their work more efficiently and safely. Such technology is helping the law enforcement agencies to keep the criminals in check inside the prison as well as outside. It helps the officers to take corrective measures and improve their response time.


Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officials in the Line of Duty

Securus Technologies is the company to reckon with in the sphere of inmate communications and prison technology. The company reaches out to over 1.2 million customers across the country and serves more than 2,600 correctional spaces in the United States. Many correctional agencies in Canada also uses the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. The company helps the prisoners to reconnect with their friends and family back home, and keep in continuous contact with them through the many communication services offered by Securus Technologies.



Some of the services provided by Securus Technologies are voicemail messaging system, photo sharing services, money transfer services, video services, phone services, and more. The company has more than 600 patents to its name and continues to invest heavily in research and development to come up with advanced communication and crime prevention services. One of the latest services offered by Securus Technologies is video visitation service, where the inmate can meet with their loved ones virtually. It saves time in traveling all the way to the prison and also helps in increasing the meeting opportunities.



Securus Technologies recently published a press release online where the company’s CEO, Rick Smith, invited the potential as well as the existing customers to visit the company’s technology center situated in Dallas, Texas. The company started its operations in the year 1986 and had come a long way in a very short period. In the press release, the company also published comments from many law enforcement officials who feel that services of Securus Technologies are helping them in their day to day duty tremendously. The officials said in the letter that the technology offered by Securus Technologies is making their task much easier. I have used their services for many years, and know for a fact that better services than what the company offers do not exist in the market.




Merry Christmas with Securus

Holiday season can be very bright and merry for you and your loved ones when making use of a system known as Securus. Securus has been around for a while now and is one of the best prison communication systems on the market. You will be amazed at what this particular system can do for you and the fact that it is also going to be beneficial for you to utilize during the holiday season. Many people use to cure a sore throat the year, but it is especially beneficial for individuals who want to have better communication during the Christmas season.


The Christmas season can be difficult to deal with when you have a loved one in prison as I have found out myself. One of my good relatives and close friends was put into prison for a very minor offense but they were there during the entire holiday season which made it incredibly difficult for us to keep in contact with each other like we would normally do. This is why we both began to discover secured it for their own benefit and decided that it was going to be more than just beneficial in our own lives.


It was something that allowed us both to have better communication with each other and truly expanded the way that we communicated despite the fact they were behind bars. I also feel that it is a system that can work well for you and provide you with exactly what you need when it comes to getting the most from this option. It also saves a lot of prison families money because of the fact that it allows you to feel confident in knowing that you are doing something beneficial that is going to be great for your own personal life.


It is also very easy for you to begin using Securus no matter when it is most convenient for you and this is something that has benefited so many individuals in the past because it finally gives them the chance to communicate with their loved ones in a more responsible manner without always having to worry that they are doing something that is going to cost them an arm and a leg or cause them to have to make constant trips to the local prison just to be able to see their friends and relatives each day.


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Securus Technologies Launches Investigator Pro 4.0 To Help Law Enforcement

Law enforcement investigator will now have a new tool to help them combat criminal activities in correctional facilities. The new software, Investigator Pro 4.0, was recently launched by Securus Technologies. Investigator Pro gives investigators the ability to search for a particular voice of an inmate or outside party.


Voice search is a game changing feature that allows investigators to select a voice sample and then search for all calls where that voice appears. Voice samples can be taken from inmates or from the outside parties that they call. By being able to determine who an inmate is calling, and who is calling inmates, investigators can uncover communication patterns and be able to uncover possible criminal activities.


Searchable voice is just one of the features in Investigator Pro that can help law enforcement officials. With IPRO 4.0 investigators can target high-interest groups and use voice recognition ratings. This rating feature allows investigators to be confident int he identity of the voice they are tracking.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that specializes in serving corrections facilities, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. Their communication technologies are currently being used in over 3,450 facilities throughout North America.


In addition to communication services, Securus also provides emergency response, biometric analysis, public information, and information management to facilities. They currently serve over 1,200,000 inmates and are dedicated to make the world a safer place.