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Jeff Yastine, Financial Journalist and Veteran Investor’s View on Cybersecurity as a Gold Mine for Investors

     Jeff Yastine has served as the editor of Total Wealth Insider since he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. Jeff is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily by helping investors comprehend economic, monetary and business trends. Jeff Yastine focuses on creating and developing new editorial resources and products by highlights profit-making opportunities brought to light by the company’s financial editors.

About Jeff Yastine’s Career

Mr. Yastine has over two decades of experience in stock market investments and financial journalism in the financial world. From 1994 to 2010, Jeff was an Anchor and Financial Correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report. During this time, Jeff visited Cuba in 1994 and 2003 and reported on the impact that foreign investors have on the economy of the nation. Jeff has learned investing tactics from interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers, such as Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and Warren Buffett, just to name a few.

He also reported on several investment stories which helped warn investors during the dot-com bubble and real estate crisis in the mid-2000’s. Jeff’s reporting also covered significant national events, for example, the handover of the Panama Canal in 1999, the Hurricane Katrina’s financial impact in 2005, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, and the influence of foreign automakers building new manufacturing plants in the southeastern United States. Yastine’s reporting has enabled and assisted people to identify favorable investment opportunities in large company turnarounds and small-cap growth stocks across a wide variety of sectors such as agriculture and biopharmaceutical sector.


Jeff Yastine’s View on Cyber Security

Currently, the new frontier is computer security, and this is displayed by the high demand for professionals exhibiting those skills. The deficit of cybersecurity skills continues to persist across many countries. An online security officer can make over 200,000-250,000 dollars a year, a rising amount that companies are willing to spend on cybersecurity nowadays. Jeff Yastine notes that this sector is a gold mine for investors.

Based on a recent survey by Becker’s Hospital Review, 73% of hospitals are ready and willing to increase their spending on cybersecurity. On average, the yearly revenue of a hospital is approximately 160 million dollars, and out of that, the hospital spends around 4 million dollars just on cybersecurity products and services. Jeff Yastine believes that by 2021, cybersecurity will be a 1 trillion dollar business.

Matt Badiali, The Real Wealth Strategist

     Matt Badiali is a real wealth strategist and an editor. He works as an editor for the Stansberry Resource Report which is a monthly review centered on investments in metals, energy, and other natural resources. Badiali started working with Stansberry Research in 2005, and he employs a “boots on the ground” style to his research. Due to his vast experience, his handiwork has taken him to Iraq, Turkey, Haiti, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Mexican desert, and many other countries across the globe.

Matt has also visited numerous oil wells, and mines from all over the world interviewed Chief Executive Officers about their recent resource ventures and analyzed all forms of geological data. He has created a vast Rolodex of the most significant persons in the industry from leading geologists, private financiers and natural-resource experts to billionaire fund managers.

Mr. Badiali is a renowned expert in the agriculture, mining, and energy industries. He has studied natural resources for more than two decades. He has worked on owned oil wells, drill rigs and also explored many abandoned mines to create worthwhile investments in natural resources. With his “boots on the ground” method in mind, Matt is continually meeting with resource investors, precious metal analysts and CEOs from mining companies to stay up-to-date on the current discoveries, trends, and technologies. He has shared the stage with the chairman of the Pan American Silver, the CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, Rick Rule, legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens among others.

Matt Badiali has also taught geology at University of North Carolina and Duke University. He has presented his findings and research at major geological conferences in addition to companies such as Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. Matts acknowledges that he enjoys every opportunity that comes his way throughout his career. However, he says that tracking down rare and rewarding investments for his readers is what he finds most rewarding.

Matt has spent the last eleven years researching and big investments in the field of natural resources for a certain financial publisher. He wrote the book on the company’s resource investing the franchise from scratch. Besides throughout that duration, he made sure that he learned enough from some of the greatest financial analysts so that he could apply his natural resources findings to the investment arena.

Mr. Badiali acknowledges that the natural resources sector is a tough industry for most of the traditional financial experts; however, his unique experiences as a financial analyst and a geologist has enabled him to navigate it efficiently.

The Amazing Dr. Sachedina From Sussex Healthcare

     Sussex Health Care focuses on caring for the elderly as well as treating mental ailments such as Alzheimer’s as well as dementia that are highly likely to affect older people. The business is operated independently, meaning that they do their level best to provide nothing but the very best health care for its clients. They believe that each client is different from the next and therefore require customized treatments.

Apart from their residential care services in and around Sussex. They have fantastic customer care personnel that you can find at any time and book an appointment. You can also walk into their facility which is located in Warnham Nr Horsham West Sussex along Tylden House Dorking Road. They also have some of the best specialists who are not only good at what they do but also have the experience to deal with their patients.

They are patient and will take their time treating and nursing their clients to full recovery. The good thing with Sussex health care is that they do have the necessary equipment to back up that impressively skilled health personnel that they have at their disposal. One such incredibly gifted doctors are none other than Dr. Shafik Sachedina.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina possesses quite some incredible skills that have sure preceded him. First and foremost, he has served as a brilliant dentist in England for quite some years, giving him all of the experience he needed to be what he is today. In addition to that, he has also happened to have an incredibly impressive resume.

He served as the president of the Ismaili council which is based in the UK. He also a member of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. He also is a staunch member of Aga Khan Development Network committee, which is commonly abbreviated as AKDN.

Before becoming the brilliant dentist that the world knows of today, dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950. He then attended Guy’s Medical and Dental School at the University of London, where he graduated and started working as a dentist in England.

Apart from just being good at what he did, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also had a keen interest in entrepreneurship mainly dealing with the health sector. As earlier stated, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has also had a keen interest in voluntary service, which explains his involvement with the Jamati Institutions as well as Aga Khan Institutions.

Editor Jeff Yastine’s Contribution in the Journalism World

     Jeff Yastine has been an editor at Total Wealth Insider since 2015. He has gained experience in marketing and financial journalism while in the firm for the last two decades. Jeff has contributed much in Banyan Hill Publishing hence winning many awards for his good work. He has helped many investors to understand the type of business to engage in by looking at the monetary trends.

As an editor, Jeff Yastine has interviewed the richest people in the world including Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell among others. This has helped him understand investing techniques and opportunities underlying in the market today, thereby venturing in them. On the other hand, Jeff Yastine has helped many business people understand the risks in business and, therefore, taking caution while carrying out such ventures. Jeff has visited many countries including Cuba to report to investors about the national economy.

In 2002, Jeff he was chosen among others as an NBR journalist to win the New York award. They were excellent in the half an hour report about financial journalism that year. Again, in 2007, Jeff Yastine was nominated for the Business Emmy Award in America after his report on infrastructure, i.e., bridges and underfunded roads.

Jeff Yastine has contributed much into educating the public about cybersecurity in America and beyond. In his article ‘’Hack attacks are corporate Americas Worst Nightmare’’, he pointed out how people make profits out of it. He talks of QSR Pizza Hut being hacked in October and more than 60,000 customer’s credit cards being exposed. He advised investors to take caution as their customers might withdraw their shares as a result of low security.

Jeff Yastine goes further to caution about cybersecurity as it has worsened in time and space. He says that according to BBC, a private security was launched three years ago with the mission of creating awareness about data theft and viruses. The idea was shut by CyberKeel’s, who is the senior partner of BBC, claiming that they were safe and there was no need of more security.’ Following the recent attack, CyberKeel had nothing to say than to claim the establishment of more security company.

On the other hand, Jeff Yastine has pointed out the dangers of investing in value traps saying that investors should understand the two kinds of stocks: with value and those that have ‘’value traps’’. He gives out examples of Bruce Berkowitz who once invested 20 billion dollars in 2011 that drastically lost value to 2 billion dollars. This was a signal of poor investing plans and poor business operations.

Karl Heideck Explores How Philadelphia’s Soda Tax is Impacting Society

     The rate of obesity in the United States is growing at the fastest rates in the world. In fact, the only country with the highest levels of people with obesity is the United States. As a country, we need to take measures to hinder this from occurring further with the next generation. Public officials are also worried about the consequences of this action to the general society. The economy depends on a vibrant population who are seeking solutions for better business in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. More than 70 percent of the American adults have the excess weight they need to loose. This means that more than 35 percent of the general population in the United States is obese. It is also unfortunate to report that three-year-old children are reported with obesity within the next generation of people.

Obesity is starting to grow in many aspects of the people’s lives. For those who control their weight, they are at the best points of their lives to seek better business reviews. Each year, the government spends billions of taxpayers’ dollars to work against the occurrence of obesity. In fact, the government has also developed new stemming capabilities that are geared towards developing a fast-moving environment to ensure a better business is achieved.

Some states in the United States have started exploring extra costs for those who are obese in the country. They have also set down extra taxes to offset the rate of obesity in the industry. Certain areas in the country are issuing taxes on the junk foods as well as soda foods. These are the types of foods that are responsible for the development of obesity in the country. If we don’t go forward and develop new ways of dealing with this issue, it will affect us for the next generation. People will also spend their money on the healthier option of food if the junk foods are becoming costlier. This is the idea behind the increased taxes on the soda and junk foods. The country needs a new approach to making things work for the benefit of the people.


James Dondero: ‘Make The Money’

James Dondero is a businessman, a certified management accountant, an investor, a chartered financial analyst, and an American. He is perhaps most famous for co-founding HCM (Highland Capital Management). He co-launched the business with his friend James Okada in 1993. Dondero’s duties there include hedge fund management and handling distressed investments.

He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He has put over 30 years of work into equity and credit markets. According to various online sources, it all started with his formal education.

After Dondero graduated from high school, he chose to go to college. He went to the University of Virginia. There he received his undergraduate degree in accounting and finance.

Thanks in part to his skills in the industry, Dondero has garnered several different awards thus far in his career. Said award include Morningstar’s Award and the popular Lipper Award. One of his newer achievements was his nomination to the official executive board of the well-known educational institution the Southern Methodist University.

Dondero earned the position by demonstrating that he is committed to broadening the educational horizons of the local young people. His community involvement is nothing new either. People who know him can vouch that this is also not the first time he has been associated with the university.

Dondero was a vocal supporter of the institution’s public policy and was involved in the construction of the library. He has also gone on record for saying SMU has a significant influence on a great number of the professionals currently employed in the Dallas vicinity. In fact, his company, Highland Capital Management has also been positively impacted.

The board currently consists of a maximum of 100 people from numerous areas and includes “non-academic” members. The board’s main objective is to provide all the individual members with advice on various concerns. It is newly-appointed and meets in the winter, spring and fall.

Dondero has sat on the boards of such other institutions as MGM Studios, Jernigan Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. At present, James Dondero is on the NexBank Board and the NexPoint Residential Trust Board.

Livio Bisterzo And Earth-Friendly Snack Gaining Support

     Livio Bisterzo got a solid start offering his products to retail stores after the introduction of the brand in the market which has also brought a significant impact to the public. In 2016 alone, the organization’s income rose to $2.5 million, with Bisterzo having high hopes in future. He anticipates that the sales will be equal to $11 million during the current year.

Livio Bisterzo was blessed to have the capacity to convey his new item to the general population so rapidly since he has had involvement in this field before. He propelled a line of men’s prepping items and a line of teas, however, sold his interests in those two organizations to focus on the HIPPEAS mark.

When the time came to acquaint HIPPEAS with the business, he realized that he had a great product and the right brand. He likewise had a splendid brand story to educate, so he was to a great degree idealistic concerning his odds for progress. It appears that Bisterzo’s diligent work has paid off. He has figured out how to put his items in different key stores, including Vons, Starbucks, and Albertsons and he doesn’t intend to stop at that point bearing in mind that Kroger Co. and Target stores will likewise be displaying his items before the current year’s over.

Furthermore, Livio Bisterzo holds a facility in Great Britain, which enables him to sell his products in the nation too. Altogether, over 20,000 stores have his items on their racks.

Livio Bisterzo envisioned to utilize his organization to make a positive effect on the globe, and he appears to have done that. Notwithstanding making snacks that are beneficial for you, he has additionally joined forces with Farm Africa.

That is the charity with an arrangement to bring hunger to an end on the planet. It additionally plans to get monetary flourishing to the general population within the rural parts of Eastern Africa. Each pack of the organic snacks which is traded will give profits to agriculturists in eastern Africa. The cash will be utilized to enable agriculturists to utilize their areas and get rid of poverty.

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Osteo Relief Institute, the trusted and caring therapists

Osteo Relief Institute has several multidisciplinary clinics in the U.S. that prioritize the well-being of patients and believe that they should be treated like family. These clinics ensure that the doctor who attends to you is a trusted individual. Osteo Relief Institute is made up of a board of certified physicians and renowned physical therapists. Their number one goal is to help patients avoid surgery by offering safe and yet effective treatments that offer little to no downtime.



The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey is independently owned and has a team of highly trained staff when it comes to patient care and communication. They boast of having a highly advanced state of the art equipment to offer an edge when it comes to providing long lasting pain relief solutions to their patients. All the technology used is FDA approved and cleared for use, this means that you will not lack a solution to your need.



Arthritis is a very common disease that has often been misunderstood. It is a term that is used to refer to joint diseases in general. Arthritis is the main cause of disability in America. The disease can be found in over 100 different types. More than 50 million adults suffer from some form of arthritis in the U.S, most of whom are people of age. The Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore experts recommend on seeking medical advice before indulging in any exercise as some exercises may be strenuous to the joints and may lead to arthritis.



Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It is characterized by the cartilage degenerating between the joints (LinkedIn). The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey uses various approaches in the treatment of this form of knee osteoarthritis. After the team has understood the patient and come up with a comprehensive history that explains the patient’s complaints, they may provide knee replacement surgery or if surgery is not necessary, precise guided knee injections can be provided to reduce discomfort and assist in improving mobility.

Excess weight, age, family history, and previous injuries are the main risk factors for osteoarthritis. Given that the disease is incurable and degenerative, it is advisable to have a self-management examination on daily routine, medical treatments, and exercise, to ensure you safeguard yourself from it.



Avi Weisfogel Takes Aim at Sleep Apnea Through Oral Health

As more physicians discover it in patients, the problem of sleep apnea has been recognized and effectively treated in recent times. However, this health issue has only been met with a few solutions which do not compare to the numerous ways in how it can start. The lack of options is why Dr. Avi Weisfogel has developed new treatments for sleep apnea that directly relate to dental health. Starting with detecting the certain cause, Dr. Weisfogel is able to create personal plans for all patients.

Sleep apnea is an obstruction of the airways when an individual sleeps. It has different causes, but a major factor is the oral health of the patient and how their face rests when sleeping. To address these specific oral problems, Dr. Avi Weisfogel created the Dental Sleep Master’s Program, which consists of different methods and products to cure an individual’s sleep apnea and help them live a much healthier lifestyle as a result.

Patients who use a plan created by Dr. Weisfogel will have their varied issues met with equally unique treatments. The individual who suffers from overbite and a recessed jaw while sleeping may be recommended a worn device that allows the airways to open up when sleeping. In another case, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has identified sleep apnea related to the throat or the tonsils. The patient’s treatment is then adjusted in order to gain the most effective cure.

While Dr. Avi Weisfogel specializes in sleep apnea, he has been well-known as a health professional for many years. Based in New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel has been a certified dentist and has over two decades of experience in the field. What sets Weisfogel apart from others, however, is his dedication to new innovations in dental health. His strong skillset and entrepreneurial talent has allowed Dr. Weisfogel to work with numerous dentists in finding solutions for sleep disorders through oral health.

Dr. Weisfogel specifically left his general dentistry practice in 2010 when he began to research the relationship between sleep apnea and oral health. Now known as the Dental Sleep Masters Program, Weisfogel’s vision for helping patients with sleep apnea immediately took off and offers treatment to hundreds of individuals on a monthly basis.

Honey Birdette Famous Australian Lingerie Brand Launches Dedicated E-Commerce Site for the United States


The fashion market is ever evolving and changing, and the demand in the fashion market is never going to stop. As the fashion trend changes, different companies try to fill the void by delivering customers just the kind of fashionable apparel they are looking for. One of the fashion genre that has an evergreen market is lingerie. The demand for lingerie market would never die down and as the fashion industry evolves, so does the design and concept of lingerie as well. One of the companies in this regard that become hugely famous in the lingerie industry is the Australian based Honey Birdette.

It is a lingerie brand that was started in the year 2006 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan. The company has a well-established market in Australia and even has 55 retail stores spread through the length and breadth of the country. The company has been experiencing heavy sales order from the overseas market as well, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette started its first boutique in the United Kingdom at Covent Garden in London and planned to open around 40 stores across the United Kingdom by the end of 2018.

In a recent move, Honey Birdette launched an e-commerce website in the United States. The move came after the company experienced a substantial surge in sales by over 374 percent in the United States. It compelled the company to take the US market seriously and ensure that the hold on the market is kept. Launching an e-commerce market specific to the United States would help the company to deliver products faster to the customers and also provide them with an extended range of products that were previously unserviceable. Honey Birdette has extensive expansion plans for the future, but the founder of the firm wants to take one step at a time to ensure consistency in delivering quality products and customer service.