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Bruno Fagali Gives People a Chance at Better Laws in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali’s work as an attorney has allowed him to keep serving people he knows need his help. He spent a lot of time trying to give back to different people in different communities and that gave him a chance to see positive aspects that come from different things in the law world. He always knew how to do law the right way and wasn’t afraid to make sure he could help others. There were times when Bruno Fagali had to make decisions that caused him to make sacrifices, but he knew it was worth it because of the experience he gained from everything he did. It made sense to Bruno Fagali to keep showing people what they could get and how things would change if they did everything the right way. As long as Bruno Fagali knew what to do to help, he could show other people what they needed.

Even though Bruno Fagali kept doing things the right way, he felt he had a chance to push forward and do even more in the future. He also felt other people had a chance to continue the experience that made them the best they could be. It was his goal of helping that allowed him the chance to push forward and make the industry better. Between the work he did and the things that he put into place, Bruno Fagali knew how to help. He had a lot of experience helping other people and wasn’t afraid to make the right choices when it came to legal options.

Between the hard work and everything else he did, Bruno Fagali began giving back to different communities. He had a lot of hope for the future and felt it was important to keep providing people with positive experiences. Even though Bruno Fagali knew things would change, he felt he had to make different decisions to bring these changes. The way he worked in law gave him a chance to interact with people who were in power. It also gave him the ability to keep showing others they could get more positive experiences no matter what they did.

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Whitney Wolfe Knows How to Stand Her Ground

     Bumble is a dating app unlike any other. Whitney Wolfe made the app because she wanted people to realize they had a chance at meaningful connections. She also knew the app would be better than anything other people had because of how it allowed women to focus on helping each other instead of having to fight off men who were bothering them. It is the first time in history a dating app has put that much power in the hands of women and Whitney Wolfe sees how it helps. She has even used the app to support movements for women’s rights and that’s what has made her so much different from other app developers.

Before she started Bumble, Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder. There she saw all the things she didn’t want to do with her app. She wanted to make it different and used her experience at Tinder to help her come up with new ideas she could use to help her make things better. She didn’t want it to be anything like Tinder and tried to purposely make it better than Tinder. She succeeded, but Tinder saw the success and saw how well she was doing with Bumble.

Since male-dominated businesses don’t ever want women to succeed, Tinder saw their chance to jump in. Their parent company, Match, started bullying Whitney Wolfe. The company wanted Bumble and wanted to purchase it. Because they wanted it, they would stop at nothing to get it. They even started a lawsuit against Whitney Wolfe for copying the things they did on Tinder. The lawsuit, of course, won’t work. Whitney Wolfe was trying to make Bumble the exact opposite of Tinder. She didn’t want to copy anything they did and wanted women to enjoy the app in a way that allowed them to grow while looking for people they could date.

As long as Whitney Wolfe is running Bumble, she doesn’t worry about lawsuits and Match trying to take over. While Match will do whatever they can to make Whitney Wolfe, she doesn’t let it bother her. She has a strong business that’s growing, she has a case to stand up to Match in court and she knows there will be a time when she has to fight them. She plans on keeping Bumble around for a long time. Even if it doesn’t grow to the same level as Tinder, Whitney Wolfe feels successful with the app.

Dr. Saad Saad, an Accomplished Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad, MD, FAAP is a pediatric surgeon located in Eatontown, NJ. He is associated with other offices in Forked River, NJ. With 46 years’ of experience, he has performed many surgeries over the years. Dr. Saad Saad is associated with Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, and Monmouth Medical center. He has received two humanitarian awards.

Dr. Saad graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine, where he received his medical degree in 1971. He specialized in pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. He has 46 of years’ experience and has performed complicated pediatric surgeries in both the United States and in Palestine. Dr. Saad has taken the time to train other doctors in his field. He started out by having the doctors watch him perform the surgeries. The new doctors would then go on to help in small ways, advancing on as they learned. By the end of their training, they were able to perform the surgeries on their own.

The PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) approached Dr. Saad in 2002 with a request. The PCRF is a non-profit organization and was founded in 1991. They needed the doctors’ surgical expertise to help a young boy who had been injured by a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The injury left the child with damage to his stomach and to his internal organs. The injuries caused complications for the young child and he needed a more complicated surgery. The patient was located in the Middle East, so PCRF flew the patient out to the U.S. Dr. Saad performed the complicated surgery that took several hours.

The PCRF approached the doctor again with another request. A baby girl was born with her intestines on the outside of her body. Once again, PCRF flew the child to the U.S. so that Dr. Saad could perform surgery on her. Learn more:

Dr. Saad has gone on to perform many surgeries in Palestine to help the poor and underprivileged. For this, he has been recognized by the PCRF and the Saudi Royal Family for his humanitarian work. The PCRF organization has presented Dr. Saad with two official awards for the generous work that he has done with the people of Palestine. Not only has Dr. Saad received two humanitarian awards, he also received an award for his humanitarian services by the Governor of Ramallah, who is with the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Saad is now retired, but his influence in the field carries on. His training of future doctors leaves a positive effect on the medical field. His selfless humanitarian efforts have benefited many patients. His desire to treat the underprivileged, who could not afford treatment, did not go unnoticed.

Tony Petrello A Giver Even In Tough Time

     As an executive in the oil industry, Tony Petrello is the last person you would take as a humble, giving and community-oriented businessman. Originally from Newark, a working-class community in New Jersey, Petrello was nowhere in wealthy with access to expensive school and tutors. Instead, he raised on the idea of working hard, staying honest and giving back. These principles have led him to live a successful life as a businessman and till this day continues to give back far and wide more than most.

After becoming CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello was still the man he was raised to be. In his contract, 80% of his pay was directly proportionate to the revenue the company generated. If they made money, he made money, and if they lost money, so did he. His leadership has helped to create over 100,000 high-paying jobs through Nabors Industries ownership of about 1,050 rigs.

She was born with a rare neurological condition that prevented her from walling, talking and eating on her own. Used to solving their problems on their own, and with an excellent track record of doing so the couple was forced to look outside for help. Nevertheless, they never let this stop them, and in doing so donated funds to research efforts to help their daughter but as well as others suffering all the same. His contributions after totaled some $7 million to Texas Children’s hospital.

Tony Petrello did not stop giving with his daughter, but he also helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Through Nabors Industries, the company as a whole got together as a result of their passionate CEO. They took time to help with relief efforts and went wherever they were needed most. Tony Petrello personally matched contributions made by employees of $173,622 which helped with their hands-on relief efforts.

Though he is not a household name, he has made far more contributions that should otherwise change this unfortunate fact. Tony Petrello has not fallen far from his roots as a hard-working, intelligent and community-oriented businessman. He has done so much for his community overall and because of it, has seen great success in his life no matter the odds.

Whitney Wolfe Responds To Lawsuit From Match Group

     Copyright infringement has long been one of the most impressive spectacles in the American legal system. This has certainly been the case in the recent news that Whitney Wolfe and her company Tinder have recently opened a lawsuit against rival Corporation Bumble.

Just recently the parent company of Tinder match group invited the rival application to a courtroom in Texas. With claims that the application is almost completely identical in both look and functionality. This is just one of the most recent moves in the posturing of America’s great dating applications. Whitney Wolfe originally was one of the co-founders of the Tinder company but left in 2014 after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against one of the other co-founders for the company. Out of this lawsuit, she received $1 million and a few months after leaving the corporation she launched her own new dating application.

This new dating a patient is known as Bumble, and it has been attempted to be purchased by match group several times including an attempt in 2017 for $450 million. Whitney Wolfe has stood her ground and has publicly stated that she will never sell out to match group in an effort to maintain the company’s independence.

Bumble is a female first dating application. This means that in the application if two individuals match it is up to the female participant to initiate conversation. If the participant does not initiate conversation, the match will dwindle, and they will no longer be able to talk with each other. In response to the lawsuit by rival company Tinder, Whitney Wolfe stated that Bumble would not stand down. They will never be owned by match group, and they will never compromise their own corporation’s values. It has been stated that the corporation is potentially worth $1 billion making it a unicorn among technology companies. This is despite the difficulties imposed upon a corporation by breaking into the tech industry as a women-led Corporation. The technology industry is normally led and dominated by males. When asked as to what inspired her to push forward in the climate of oppression that she is facing Whitney Wolfe says that Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given her inspiration for inspiring women across the world.


Bruno Fagali: Lawyer Extraordinaire

     Bruno Fagali is among of the founding partners of Fagali advocacy. He is also the corporate integrity manager for the Nova advertising agency. He is a qualified lawyer who graduated from the faculty of law at the University of Sao Paulo. He has specialised in many fields. He has dedicated to administrative law, compliance law. Another field he has concentrated on include ethics, regulatory law and also the urban law. Also, he has specialized in anti-corruption law and constitutional law.

He graduated from law school in 2009 form the Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo. Bruno Fagali graduated from Jose Roberto. In 2010 he developed an interest in administrative law where he studies in the same University he graduated from, and the graduated in 2012. He did a thesis titled ‘Panorama of Brazilian federalism.’ Bruno Fagali’s advisor at the time was Julian Maria Silva. He has then enrolled for a master in state law at the University of Sao Paulo. He enrolled for his masters in 2015 and is still doing it till today. Bruno Fagali is now under the advisor ship of Marcos Augusto Perez. He is specializing in leniency anti-corruption and compliance.

Before Bruno Fagali joined law school, he enrolled in a training course in state law at the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista in Brazil. This course lasts for 45 hours. It seems this is where the interest in state law began. In 2016 Bruno Fagali won an award in Brazil for the FGV/SP-Glaw.

Bruno Fagali also has an MBA certification is Healthcare compliance. This course is certified by the Brazilian Council of executives. He did a project on the promotion of the conscious used of prescription medicine. The project was also on the limitations ostensible. This was about advertising law and even healthcare compliance. Also, this MBA covered advertising compliance.

Bruno Fagali is a highly qualified lawyer who has defied the odds and specialized in very many fields. It is safe to say that if you have him on your team, you are going to make the right choices in your business. He has a list of qualifications that make him one of the best lawyers you could have.

Robert Ivy Grows the American Institute of Architects

     One of the most important jobs in the real estate industry today is the job of an architect. An architect is not only responsible for designing buildings that look great and are good for the environment, but also to make sure that they are structurally sound and safe to be in. For those that are architects, one of the top organizations to be a member of today is the American Institute of Architects.

The American Institute of Architects is one of the largest professional organizations in the United States today. The American Institute of Architects currently has more than 90,000 members, which include people from all over the United States and the rest of the world. The organization, which was founded in over 150 years ago, continues to be a major force when it comes to determining best practices and regulations for those that are in the industry.

The American Institute of Architects is a very important organization to be a member of if you are in the industry. Those that are members will have access to many different conferences that are held all over the country, can build a great public network, and will be able to be a big part of the industry. While the American Institute of Architects has been around for a very long time, it continues to grow and develop under the leadership of Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy today is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, which is a position that he has held for several years. One of the main reasons that he became the CEO of the organization is because of the success and track record that he has had in the past. Robert Ivy has a very strong architecture background, which stems back to Tulane University where he received his masters in the field.

After earning his degree, he worked in the field directly for many years. However, he eventually changed his career focus and began working for a number of publications in the industry. This included writing stories and pieces about some of the top projects taking place in the world as well as on some of the top trends the industry is facing. While he has worked for a number of different periodicals, Ivy has also gained fame for writing some books in the field as well. These have gone on to be some of the best selling books on architecture even written.

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Robert Ivy: VP/CEO of AIA since 2011

     In February of 2011, Robert Ivy officially started his reign as Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The AIA is an organization that represents architects as well as professionals in the design and construction industry. It has done this representing since 1857.

Before he became CEO of AIA, he had been the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record. He was also part of McGraw-Hill Construction as as a Vice President ad Editorial Director. He had been a part of Ivy Architects and Dean / Dale.

Before 2011, he had won some rewards like winning the Crane Award in 2009. Alpha Rho Chi, an fraternity for architects,he thought he was good enough to be recognized as the Master Architect of 2010.

Ivy was quite familiar with AIA before becoming their CEO. He had been a member of AIA Board of Directors during the 1990s.

During his reign as Executive VP/CEO, he has been in charge of the national office in Washington, DC. He had the final decision regarding the 6 US million dollar office he and the 206 employee at this office. He will decide what the organization should do regarding practical and design issues. He has been the public voice of the organization and helps educate the public at large understand more about architects and architecture. He has continued the support and the collaboration with 300 AIA chapters in the US and overseas

When Ivy was first nominated foe the position, Geoge H. Miller, the president of AIA, was very excited that he was taking the position. He believed Ivy had the industry experience and the leadership skills to become successful at the position. The AIA Board were unanimous that he had the enthusiasm for the position..

Ivy’s credentials are that he got the Bachelor of Arts from the University of the South in Tennessee and received a Master’s in Architecture from Tulane University. AIA made him a part of the College of Fellows in 1993.

Ivy is still the Executive VP/CEO and will probably continue to be at this position into the foreseeable future.

TMS Health Solutions and Viable Depression Options

TMS Health Solutions is a company that specializes in the treatment of mental health disorders including depression. Specifically, TMS Health Solutions provides TMS therapy to people who have failed to respond to traditional talk therapy and medication as part of their treatment. The company has assisted many individuals with the management of medication, sometimes combining traditional medication together with TMS therapy. Most of its patients have treatment-resistant depression, which is a case of major depressive disorder.


“TMS” is an abbreviation for transcranial magnetic stimulation. This is a non-invasive treatment program that has been approved by the FDA for those with treatment-resistant depression. People who are interested in TMS therapy in San Francisco, California, can reach out to TMS Health Solutions any time they wish.





TMS Health Solutions works together with medical insurance providers to ensure that the majority of carriers cover TMS therapy and accept the management of medication as well. Examples of insurance carriers that cover TMS therapy are Anthem Blue Cross, MHN, Optum, United Healthcare, Aetna, Magellan Health, Beacon, Cigna, and Blue Shield of California.

People who reside in northern California can rely on TMS Health Solutions. San Francisco residents can take complete advantage of two clinics in the city. One clinic is right by the University of California at San Francisco on Parnassus Avenue. The other clinic is in action-packed Union Square on Post Street. Other northern California TMS Health Solutions clinics are in Sacramento, Roseville, Oakland, Burlingame, and El Dorado Hills.

The senior leaders who work for TMS Health Solutions are focused individuals who know precisely what they want the company to achieve. Richard Bermudes works as the organization’s chief medical officer. He’s been devoted to studying mood-related conditions for more than two decades. Other senior leaders who represent TMS Health Solutions are General Partner Ara Chackerian, Chief Executive Officer Brad Hummel, Neurology Services Director Joshua Kuluva, San Francisco Bay Regional Medical Director Oana Galicki, and TMS Education Director Karl Lanocha. TMS Health Solutions wants people who have depression to be aware that assistance is available to them, no matter the severity of their condition.


TMS Health Solutions-Restoring Hope in their Patients

TMS Health Solutions offers help for those suffering from clinical depression-particularly those that have Treatment-Resistant Depression. TMS therapy San Francisco is able to help patients who have a resistance to common medications used to treat depression and who have all but lost hope. TMS therapy San Francisco also offers psychiatric services as well as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Patients of TMS Health Solutions will receive psychological therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy or interpersonal therapy. They will also receive a medical assessment and medication if needed. TMS Health Solutions also offers ECT therapy. There are various treatment options and combinations, and a treatment plan will be customized for every patient for the highest chance of success.

TMS Health Solutions uses the butterfly as its symbol because it represents the changes that their patients go through to begin a new chapter in their lives free from depression. When a patient goes through their treatment, they are transforming into the person that they really are and not just a shell of themselves.

The symptoms of depression can include feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, worthlessness, and the inability to concentrate. Depression can be debilitating to live with and needs to be treated since it will not likely go away on its own.

Clinical depression is hard to live with and needs treatment. For those who have Treatment-Resistant depression, TMS can be their only hope. 6.7 percent of the population will experience at least one episode of depression just this year according to the CDC. Another 14 percent will experience a depressive episode at least once in their lifetime.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy is non-invasive, and it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for one session. The total duration of the treatment plan can range form four weeks to eight weeks, depending on the severity of depression that a person has and their responsiveness to treatment. TMS makes a good alternative to antidepressants and does not have many of the side effects that many antidepressants cause in their patients such as sexual issues, weight gain, or sedation.

TMS Health Solutions was founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007. He wanted to create a practice that provided not only medication but a more thorough treatment plan for his patients. This treatment plan does not simply medicate the patient, but it involves the patient’s therapist, primary caregiver, and psychologist in order to better understand and thus treat the patient.