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Great Brazilian Authors

Brazil has a long history of enthusiastic and passionate literature. Since Brazil’s independence in 1822 new mixtures of vigorous authors have been creating stories depicting a collection of influences and experiences that tell the country’s stories. These are a few of the great authors from Brazil.

Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)
Clarice Lispector was born in the Ukraine to a Jewish family. Her parents moved the family to Brazil in the early 1920’s to escape persecution. Clarice became one the most celebrated Modernist Authors and is best known for her, Near to the Wild Heart. Her writing style follows the inner lives of her champions, telling their feelings and emotions with incredible passion that puts a spell on her readers.

Jorge Amado (1912-2001)
Jorge Amado is another ‘best-loved’ author from Brazil. During his career he maintained a balance between critical acclaim and popular appeal. His favorite works are, Captains of the Sand, Gabriela and Cinammon. Jorge had a humor in his work that endeared him to his public and many of works became films for television.

Rubem Fonseca (1925-)
Rubem Fonseca works and lives in Rio de Janeiro and been a state prosecutor and policeman. While holding these positions he began to write short stories and novels that told about the crime and violence on the streets. He became a master of literary crime fiction using the backdrop of Brazil in his stories. Two of his stories have recently been translated into English, Taker and Other Stories and Crimes of August.

Jamie Garcia Dias (1970-)
Jamie Garcia Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro and always had a passion for writing. By the age of 15 Jamie was already working on becoming a great writer. He worked in a College in Rio de Janeiro where he taught students literature bringing with him new techniques and methods to his teaching programs. One of Jamie’s notable works is, Fell From Heaven, which he won the White Crane award for.

Adriana Lisboa (1970-)
Adriana Lisboa was born in Rio de Janeiro, moved to France and is now living in Colorado. Her work centers on Brazilian characters and the culture and languages from Brazil.

Bernardo Carvalho (1960-)
Bernardo Carvalho has worked as a journalist in New York and Paris and his combined those experiences with his writing on Brazilian cultures.