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Jason Hope On This Changing World

Jason Hope has donated half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation has a unique approach to fighting the effects of aging. The general approach that the healthcare industry takes towards aging is that they look at individual symptoms and ailments and look for ways to help cure them or help the patients deal with them and cope with them. However, the SENS Research Institute, together with the noted philanthropist and activist from Arizona, Jason Hope, is taking a new approach.

They are not just focusing on the ailments but on the root causes of the problem. They are using biotechnology to figure out ways to help reverse and prevent the aging process in human beings.

One of the things that they are doing is repairing living cells and other materials within the body. By doing this, they are actually able to reverse the effects of aging. This is something that has never been tried before. Until now, nobody focused on the root causes of aging, which are all located in the cells of the human body.

Jason has a lot of hope for the SENS Research Foundation. He believes that it has a lot of potential. He believes that it will cause a breakthrough in the medical and healthcare industries. He thinks that if enough people support it, the SENS Research Institute will change the way people age and the way we look at the aging process. This will not happen overnight, and that is why he thinks that everyone should help out and support the SENS Research Institute in any way that they can.

Jason Hope is also very interested in other ways technology can help out people in their everyday lives. He released an entire book on the internet of things and how it changes the world of computing. Hope believes that the internet of things has the potential of changing the industrial and manufacturing worlds and that factories and businesses will be able to use it to be a lot more productive than they ever were.

Jason Hope thinks that the internet of things can be compared to the industrial revolution. It is something that is really big and which has the potential to change the way we look at things forever. In a few years or decades, the world will be totally different.

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Psi-Pay: Revolutionary Technology for Financial Transactions

It was not very long ago that the only methods available for conducting transactions involved either a check or physical cash. Today the use of both credit and debit cards are more prevalent than either of these transaction methods. Now there seem to be even further advancements in the fields of transaction technology. Users around the world are quickly adopting the use of digital wallets in order to conduct business both online and in physical locations.

A new technological innovation in the financial technology industry by one of the leading regulated financial technology companies in the European Union, Psi-Pay, will soon allow users to make payments with a contactless payment ring. This contactless payment ring has been made possible through a business partnership between financial technology company Psi-Pay and wearable technology Kerv Wearables.

Psi-Pay holds a license for the distribution of MasterCard’s granted by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority. This license for the distribution of MasterCard’s will allow users of the new technology to make payments both online and in person at over 38 million locations around the world. In addition to conducting transactions deposit funds to their account using their bank account or their debit and credit cards. Users will also be able to use PayPal with the use of the ring technology.

Phil Davies is the managing director of Psi-Pay and has recently announced his feelings regarding the results of the is this partnership with Kerv Wearables. He has stated that he is overwhelmingly happy with the results of the partnership. He further described Kerv Wearables as an incredibly innovative and exciting technology company that has developed numerous useful solutions to common everyday issues. He strongly believes that users will quickly adopt these new technologies to make use of the revolutionary payment applications they provide.

The founder of Kerv Wearables Phil Campbell has also shared his views on the business partnership. He believes that the partnership will be beneficial for both companies and that the new technology would not have been possible without the support of Psi-Pay. In the future, Phil Campbell hopes to develop the applications of the wearable contactless payment ring further.



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Shervin Pishevar Hits On Many Important Topics In 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar is one of Silicon Valley’s most important venture capitalists. Through his firm, An investing firm, he has been the driving force behind some of the most famous businesses to emerge from the tech sector. Projects on which Shervin Pishevar has worked include WebOS, Uber and Airbnb.

Recently, Pishevar engaged in a 21-hour tweet storm. He covered many topics, including the dangers of rapidly expanding debt within the United States. A few of the tweets served to elaborate Shervin Pishevar’s view that the U.S. debt markets are quickly becoming unsustainably overheated.

With bond yields at record lows and corporate borrowing shooting through the roof, Shervin Pishevar warns that there may currently be no safe asset classes for investors. He warns that the mechations of the Federal Reserve have driven down yields to such low levels that it is unlikely that current bonds will prove to be anything other than productive of dismal future returns.

At the same time, he says that the borrowing binge that corporations across the country have gone on in order to engorge themselves with buybacks of their own stock has left the equities markets in one of the highest inflation-adjusted states of valuation that have ever been seen. Pishevar refers to this as asset inflation, noting that future returns for standard stock portfolios are likely to be as low as 2 to 3 percent, before inflation, over the next few decades.

This leaves investors with very few good options. Even the real estate market, says Pishevar, is at historically high valuations. This has been a consequence of easy credit, which was created by the expansionary policies of the Federal Reserve. As he says, a home is worth what a bank is willing to lend. Throughout the country, banks have been more than willing to lend historically inflated amounts for the purchase of residential real estate.

But Pishevar says that, in the current environment, even cash isn’t safe. Given the huge deficits that the federal government is running and the constantly increasing mandatory entitlement programs, Pishevar sees the government eventually having no choice but to begin printing money to cover its budgetary shortfalls.

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Jason Hope Inspires Masses Through Technology

Jason Hope is a futurist. He thrives on the hope of having a better future through the internet of things. Hope has made a name for himself in the world of wonderful entrepreneurs. He is a consistent individual who has developed thick muscles to combat the challenges that life throws to business professionals. Hope has been on the forefront of leading entrepreneurs through technology. He believes that with technology, things will only get better. Jason Hope has invested in the application of technology to utilize resources in building businesses. He has firm beliefs in the development of technology as a medium for reaching a better future. Hope invested in understanding the ropes of different businesses before settling for what he is good at, technology.

Experience in Business

Hope has earned stellar reputation in the field of technology. He uses the knowledge to observe the future while making clear predictions about the future of business in terms of technological use. He has a pointer on the direction technology is taking. From the recent trends that technology is registering, Hope holds firm beliefs in the Internet of Things. Abbreviated as IoT, Hope has been keen on understanding this discipline. His time on the subject is not wasted as he uses the knowledge he has acquired to educate masses on how to get better with the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is attracted to the future that technology holds for people. He believes that technology will replace most of the tasks humans currently find difficult to pursue.


Hope’s opinion on technology is based on his experiences. He has witnessed the progress that an individual can make by applying technology. Towards this end, he has initiated constructive projects towards educating entrepreneurs on the benefits of applying technology to good use. Hope has been sensitizing masses on the benefits of technology to not only well established businesses but also small to average businesses. He believes that these people can grow their dockets by using technology. In his interview with IdeaMensch, Hope quoted useful words that entrepreneurs can learn a lot from. He stated that it is important to concentrate on one project before initiating another. This is because it takes relatively more days and weeks to build a project into a viable, constructive, business. Hope has learned the virtue of patience in business. Hope advices entrepreneurs to cultivate the virtue of patience when dealing with business. For hope, it all rests on their ability to monitor situations in the same businesses.

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Rick Smith: A Scion of Determination in the Corporate Sector

Securus Technologies has a rich history of operational success steeped in excellent management by its efficient and visionary leaders. These leaders have helped the company make headways in the American public safety and correctional services industry through excellent strategic moves. This has seen the company expand its client base to over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,000 public safety and correctional facilities. One such excellent leader who has seen the growth and development of the company through strategic initiatives and sheer determination is Richard ‘Rick’ Smith: the current chief executive officer at Securus Technologies. His determination to explore new operational frontiers at Securus Technologies is complimented by his expertise in telecommunications having worked in the industry for several years. The recent acquisition of JPay by Securus Technologies will significantly increase the company’s growing list of service portfolio. The company’s strong interests and capabilities in financial services especially for inmates will complement its inmate telecommunication services where it has excelled. Rick Smith excellent track record as a telecoms expert includes highly successful stints at Global Crossing North America Inc. and Eschelon Telecom Inc. between 1972 and 2007. As a senior and high ranking corporate leader at these companies, Mr. Smith oversaw their operational and financial growth including seven times growth in Eschelon’s value and successful IPO launch.

Education and Career Background

Rick Smith is an industry veteran with over four decades of experience working as a senior and high ranking corporate leader at some of the largest corporations in the telecommunication industry and public safety and correctional sector. After working at Global Crossing North America Inc. for over 25 years in several senior roles including head of business development and vice president, he moved on to greater professional challenges in 1998. He excelled in his numerous roles at Eschelon Telecom Inc. before joining Securus Technologies in 2007. Integra Telecom Co. Ltd. also sought to tap into his wealth of knowledge with a board of directors membership.

Rich Smith’s vast experience usually come in handy when it comes to decision making requiring deep industry knowledge and broad based perspective. However, his strong engineering background is also a vital success factor in his long career in the telecommunication industry. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the State University of New York. He returned to the same university to further his engineering education with a Master of Engineering degree. He is also an alumnus of the University of Rochester where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree. Rochester Institute of Technology as awarded him an associate degree.

Master Strategist

Rick Smith is a master strategist with a keen eye for identifying and exploiting unique opportunities in the market. This includes strategically expanding the company’s operations and service portfolio with each new acquisition he guides the company makes. He has also overseen the hiring of some of the best talents across various industries.

What I Lost When I Was Hacked

Rubica is one of the digital security and privacy company which is located in San Francisco, USA. Rubica keeps us safe from all the cyber criminals, who try to collect our personal information and misuse it for financial gain or other criminal activities. Rubica is the only solution for our top security and privacy for our overall family and business network. It anyhow protects all of our devices, no matter where or when we use them. Rubica has got the ultimate working staffs who were previously working at top securities organizations like NASA, US Navy, and Scotland Yard. So Rubica is the top full-service security to keep us and our family safe and private in this digital world.I was also the victim of a cyber crime. I have a terrible experience. My google account was working itself. But when I used it myself it was not working. Every time I used my own password., it denied. Later on, I realized, friendOh, no ” I was hacked” ( I was terribly pissed off that time. I mean my account was used by somebody, I don’t even know. All of my privacy was stolen by somebody. I was totally stressed. All of the people started to talk bad about me. I


ll of my privacy was stolen by somebody. I was totally stressed. All of the people started to talk bad about me. I was mocked in school also. I was too depressed at that time. But with my luck, one friend recommended Rubica, a digital security and privacy company. So immediately I went there and talked about my problems. They consoled me. And they helped me to regain my account. Then every thing became normal. I deleted all the negative comments, pictures, videos which were uploaded by that criminal. Till this time I wonder, why people do this? Why are they interested in torturing other people? Do they get satisfaction in doing this crime? I mean why are they even interested in some other people’s lives, why do they even want to destroy some others life??? Like me, there are many victims of cyber crime. And they don’t have any idea about this. They get depressed and become weak. But I suggest them to be strong and fight for their rights and take help of Rubica. And I regard myself as one of the lucky people in this world. I was rescued by the Rubica. ” I was hacked”, but rescued, all thanks to Rubica.

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Erick Pulier: Changing Lives Via Technology

Early Life and Education

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur, public speaker, author, columnist, and a philanthropist. Born in New Jersey, Eric’s career as technocrat began to blossom at an early age while still pursuing his high school certificate.
In 1991, five years after graduating from Harvard University with a major in English and American History, Pulier moved to Los Angeles he founded the People Doing Things (PDT) company that specialized in addressing education and health care issues through technology. The company would later merge with US Interactive LLC seven years after its formation.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

As an established business magnate, Eric Pulier has established over fifteen business ventures which have gone ahead to change the livelihoods of many people. Some of these firms are such as Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, X-Prize, ServiceMesh, and Desktone.

Akana and X-Prize are some of the most influential organizations that Eric has founded. For instance, Akana software which was established in 2001 became an instant hit and went ahead to acquire several SOA vendors. The company was initially sold to Rogue Wave Software in 2016.

Philanthropy Work

As a philanthropist, Eric Pulier has donated a substantial amount of money and time to various organizations across the US. For example, he sits on the innovation platform of the X-Prize Foundation, a foundation that deals with solving some of humanities greatest challenges. Apart from this, he also contributes to The Painted Turtle, an organization that deals with providing medical attention to children suffering from chronic illnesses.
In the early 1990’s Eric worked with the then US President Bill Clinton in an effort to find a low-cost solution to cloud computing. One of his most notable programs was his efforts to educate the general public about the many facets that multiple sclerosis presents.

Author and Columnist Career

Eric Pulier made his first contribution as an author by writing for The Harvard Crimson, a columnist chapter that represented Harvard University. Eric is also known for his book titled “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. Apart from being an author, Pulier is also a columnist, and his contribution can be found in various columns of the Forbes Magazine.

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Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads in the Provision of Safety Gadgets for Peaceful Societies

Securus Technologies has for years been the primary service provider of communication channels for investigations, public safety, correction facilities as well as justice departments. Recently, the organization announced additional staff in the senior sales department. The introduction of the new employees was based on the need for the company to develop a sales team based on modern software. This software would complement the expanded portfolio that has a base of more than 800 products to support law enforcement and correctional facilities.

John Bell

John Bell, the new sales executive of Securus Technologies, was to report to work on 30th December 2015. As the sales vice president of Securus Technologies, John Bell would be in charge of handling the sales team. While introducing John Bell, Rick Smith the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies said that the company had invested approximately $ 600 million towards the procurement of modern communications gadgets for security and efficiency.

Software Acquisition

In the past three years, Rick Smith has guided Securus Technologies towards the purchase of state of the art technological software to better the correctional facilities. Smith said that because of the various investments, the company needed to include a key sales team coupled with experience to transform the communications sector. Richard Smith stated that the introduction of the team would effectively present the expansion of products. Read more articles at

Positive Remarks

Under the leadership of Smith, Securus Technologies has provided excellent and safe communications channels that led to positive client comments and reviews. In most of the sent emails, the customers were appreciative of the efforts Smith has made in coming up with modern and safe ways of promoting safety in organizations. In relation to the client’s remarks, Smith said that the company is committed to the progressive development of proposals and ideas channeled towards safety.

Weekly Reports

According to Smith, the weekly reports are released to help the law enforcement and public safety organizations to solve crime by preventing additional social problems. Smith further stated that receiving extensive positive reviews on client’s appreciation was a mark of achievement for the company. He further stated that the customer appreciation would trigger more future developments geared towards generating necessary software and gadgets for safety. Smith added that building security in Securus and the society was the primary objective of the organization.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been nothing but a peace brand ambassador for societies. The organization was established with the aim of developing and providing safety measures for correctional facilities and public security agencies. Under the chief executive officer Rick Smith, the company had developed over twenty communications gadgets to aid in safety. It continues to serve over 120,000 prisoners across North America. With Smith as the leader, Securus Technologies has received invaluable positive remarks regarding customer care. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Bob Reina: Growing by the Day

Bob Reina, of course, is known as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a video communication product that allows you to keep in touch with people in more ways than you ever thought possible. It is a product that Bob believes in and he has seen it all the way through from start to where it is now, which is the 7th largest video communications company in the world. They are growing by the day, as more and more people discover just what they do, how they do it, and what they stand for and their beliefs as a company.

The idea all started when Bob Reina wanted to send out a video email and he was surprised there wasn’t a method out there that would allow you to do that. After that, he added video conferences, video chat, and other ways to use video to build the brand of the company and make life easier for other people. Not only has Bob done wonders with Talk Fusion, but he is a selfless person that loves to give back to others and do as much as he can for everyone around him, especially animals. They have always had a soft spot in his heart and he has always felt a kinship with them.

He wants to get rid of animal cruelty and homelessness. He wants animals to be treated right and with fairness. He never wants them to feel like they are less than or like they deserve anything less than the best. Not only does he devote his time to animals, but he also devotes his money as well. Whatever he can do to help animals, you better believe he is going to go above and beyond the call of duty to do it and do it the right way.

Whenever Bob does anything, whether it is Talk Fusion, donating, or giving his time, he gives it his all. He believes that if you are going to do something, it makes sense to do it right and to do it properly. There is no other way for Bob Reina.


Coriant’s New CEO Plans Company Expansion


Coriant went through some changes in leadership last year, they brought in a new CEO to head their company. Shaygan Kheradpir took over the CEO position in September of 2015. The company is an international leader in networking solutions and constantly growing their business. Coriant works in 100 plus countries currently with more plans to further expand around the globe.

Shaygan Kheradpir has quite the impressive resume starting with his education, he earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in the field of electrical engineering. He received all of his degrees from the Cornell University College of Engineering. His major work experience began in 1987, where he worked at GTE Laboratories, a division of Verizon. He first gained the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011 while working for an international division of Barclay’s. This position prepared him to take on more leadership roles throughout his career. For example, he was again named CEO of Juniper Networks in 2013 before ending up as the current CEO of Coriant.

Kheradpir has a well-rounded work experience and stellar education, his leadership skills are widely known within his industry. He brings problem-solving skills, team building, and an in-depth knowledge of the electrical communications field with him to his newest position at Coriant. He has been working to contribute plans for the expansion of the company and improvement of their product offerings. In a fast-paced industry where technology is constantly changing it is essential to have a leader that is on the forefront of new innovations, and Shaygan Kherdpir is that kind of man.

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