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Rick Smith: A Scion of Determination in the Corporate Sector

Securus Technologies has a rich history of operational success steeped in excellent management by its efficient and visionary leaders. These leaders have helped the company make headways in the American public safety and correctional services industry through excellent strategic moves. This has seen the company expand its client base to over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,000 public safety and correctional facilities. One such excellent leader who has seen the growth and development of the company through strategic initiatives and sheer determination is Richard ‘Rick’ Smith: the current chief executive officer at Securus Technologies. His determination to explore new operational frontiers at Securus Technologies is complimented by his expertise in telecommunications having worked in the industry for several years. The recent acquisition of JPay by Securus Technologies will significantly increase the company’s growing list of service portfolio. The company’s strong interests and capabilities in financial services especially for inmates will complement its inmate telecommunication services where it has excelled. Rick Smith excellent track record as a telecoms expert includes highly successful stints at Global Crossing North America Inc. and Eschelon Telecom Inc. between 1972 and 2007. As a senior and high ranking corporate leader at these companies, Mr. Smith oversaw their operational and financial growth including seven times growth in Eschelon’s value and successful IPO launch.

Education and Career Background

Rick Smith is an industry veteran with over four decades of experience working as a senior and high ranking corporate leader at some of the largest corporations in the telecommunication industry and public safety and correctional sector. After working at Global Crossing North America Inc. for over 25 years in several senior roles including head of business development and vice president, he moved on to greater professional challenges in 1998. He excelled in his numerous roles at Eschelon Telecom Inc. before joining Securus Technologies in 2007. Integra Telecom Co. Ltd. also sought to tap into his wealth of knowledge with a board of directors membership.

Rich Smith’s vast experience usually come in handy when it comes to decision making requiring deep industry knowledge and broad based perspective. However, his strong engineering background is also a vital success factor in his long career in the telecommunication industry. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the State University of New York. He returned to the same university to further his engineering education with a Master of Engineering degree. He is also an alumnus of the University of Rochester where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree. Rochester Institute of Technology as awarded him an associate degree.

Master Strategist

Rick Smith is a master strategist with a keen eye for identifying and exploiting unique opportunities in the market. This includes strategically expanding the company’s operations and service portfolio with each new acquisition he guides the company makes. He has also overseen the hiring of some of the best talents across various industries.

Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads in the Provision of Safety Gadgets for Peaceful Societies

Securus Technologies has for years been the primary service provider of communication channels for investigations, public safety, correction facilities as well as justice departments. Recently, the organization announced additional staff in the senior sales department. The introduction of the new employees was based on the need for the company to develop a sales team based on modern software. This software would complement the expanded portfolio that has a base of more than 800 products to support law enforcement and correctional facilities.

John Bell

John Bell, the new sales executive of Securus Technologies, was to report to work on 30th December 2015. As the sales vice president of Securus Technologies, John Bell would be in charge of handling the sales team. While introducing John Bell, Rick Smith the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies said that the company had invested approximately $ 600 million towards the procurement of modern communications gadgets for security and efficiency.

Software Acquisition

In the past three years, Rick Smith has guided Securus Technologies towards the purchase of state of the art technological software to better the correctional facilities. Smith said that because of the various investments, the company needed to include a key sales team coupled with experience to transform the communications sector. Richard Smith stated that the introduction of the team would effectively present the expansion of products. Read more articles at

Positive Remarks

Under the leadership of Smith, Securus Technologies has provided excellent and safe communications channels that led to positive client comments and reviews. In most of the sent emails, the customers were appreciative of the efforts Smith has made in coming up with modern and safe ways of promoting safety in organizations. In relation to the client’s remarks, Smith said that the company is committed to the progressive development of proposals and ideas channeled towards safety.

Weekly Reports

According to Smith, the weekly reports are released to help the law enforcement and public safety organizations to solve crime by preventing additional social problems. Smith further stated that receiving extensive positive reviews on client’s appreciation was a mark of achievement for the company. He further stated that the customer appreciation would trigger more future developments geared towards generating necessary software and gadgets for safety. Smith added that building security in Securus and the society was the primary objective of the organization.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been nothing but a peace brand ambassador for societies. The organization was established with the aim of developing and providing safety measures for correctional facilities and public security agencies. Under the chief executive officer Rick Smith, the company had developed over twenty communications gadgets to aid in safety. It continues to serve over 120,000 prisoners across North America. With Smith as the leader, Securus Technologies has received invaluable positive remarks regarding customer care. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Jason Hope Pens The Benefits That Await People Who Love Internet Of Things

Internet of things is a fast growing area and many people have adopted the technologies that have come with this trend and development. There have been many shifts in technology that have made the life of humans better. One of these shifts is the growth of internet of things, which is promising even bigger benefits in the near future, according to Jason Hope.

As a successful technologist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been spending a good part of his time reviewing technological trends and in a recent article, he reviewed internet of things and how its development is likely to advance the way people interact with their gadgets. He believes internet of things will shape the future in a positive manner and define a new era of technology.

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Homes installed with technological features that can be controlled remotely rely on internet of things to function seamlessly. Such technologies could also be used to control the heating and ventilation properties of the home even when homeowners are not in the vicinity of the home. Further development in internet of things will only make life more interesting.

Working to support the needy
The needy in the society are a special group that requires the support
of those with sufficient amenities and financial capability. Jason Hope has for many years been supporting philanthropic programs that are meant to inspire the needy and those who need support to explore their capabilities. He belongs to different philanthropic foundations that work with needy people in the society.

Supporting business development
Many young individuals who have great ideas lack sufficient finances to make reality from their ideas. Some of the barriers they face include lack of finances, something Jason Hope has been offering to those who prove to have good ideas. Through his incubation program, he has helped hundreds to nurture their ideas.

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Bob Reina: Growing by the Day

Bob Reina, of course, is known as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a video communication product that allows you to keep in touch with people in more ways than you ever thought possible. It is a product that Bob believes in and he has seen it all the way through from start to where it is now, which is the 7th largest video communications company in the world. They are growing by the day, as more and more people discover just what they do, how they do it, and what they stand for and their beliefs as a company.

The idea all started when Bob Reina wanted to send out a video email and he was surprised there wasn’t a method out there that would allow you to do that. After that, he added video conferences, video chat, and other ways to use video to build the brand of the company and make life easier for other people. Not only has Bob done wonders with Talk Fusion, but he is a selfless person that loves to give back to others and do as much as he can for everyone around him, especially animals. They have always had a soft spot in his heart and he has always felt a kinship with them.

He wants to get rid of animal cruelty and homelessness. He wants animals to be treated right and with fairness. He never wants them to feel like they are less than or like they deserve anything less than the best. Not only does he devote his time to animals, but he also devotes his money as well. Whatever he can do to help animals, you better believe he is going to go above and beyond the call of duty to do it and do it the right way.

Whenever Bob does anything, whether it is Talk Fusion, donating, or giving his time, he gives it his all. He believes that if you are going to do something, it makes sense to do it right and to do it properly. There is no other way for Bob Reina.


San Francisco Compliance Officer Demonstrates Value of Her Profession in Corporate World

Helane Morrison has worked in many different capacities during her time in San Francisco. She has become one of the most notable figures for female corporate leaders on the west coast. She served as the Regional Office Director for the SEC at one time, but she has since moved on to Hall Capital. This has allowed her to grow in another capacity as she extends her business leadership skills to another area of business.

Hall Capital has roots in fund management, and there are a lot of investors that have reaped great returns with this company. This organization also has a female CEO – Kathryn Hall – with Morrison as part of the counsel and the executive committee. It marks another great milestone for the advancement of women in the corporate workplace.

Morrison has become well-known in the industry because she has the spirit of a leader. Helane has also worked as a lawyer. According to her Crunchbase, Morrison has a degree in journalism and she also has a law degree. This diverse background of education has allowed Morrison to move from one area to another. She has been able to transition well because she has knowledge of the corporate world of compliance. The most notable skill that she brings to the table is her skill in the matters of litigation. This is especially important in a place like Hall Capital where regulations have to be followed for investing. Helane Morrison is the counsel that keeps things on track. She makes sure that the rules are not being broken while the investors are investing their money. Below is one of Helane’s quotes about an unethical practice of a peer in the business world.

Helane has worked hard to build up a career for herself over the years. Morrison, at one point, has worked as a law clerk. This was prior to becoming a lawyer for a law firm. She moved from one area and continued upward as she learned more and made an effort to do more. She would move into position like Regional Director for the Securities and Exchange Commission before making an entrance at Hall Capital. 

As the Chief Compliance Officer Morrison has seen and learned a lot. She has been able to rely on her skills in previous jobs to get her to the point of being comfortable with her current role. She has been in this position for close to a decade, and she continues to provide advice as part of the executive counsel for Hall Capital.

Entrepreneurs, Philanthropy and Charity

I believe that the best type of success can be achieved by entrepreneurs who are philanthropic and charitable. People who find a way to make a profitable business out of what they enjoy tend to be the happiest people. One reason is that they are very passionate about what they do. As a result, they tend to work a little harder at their jobs. This also brings them some kind of satisfaction that leaves room for their compassion. As a result, they contribute to causes like the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. The fundraiser that was started at that place for a project has surpassed its goals thanks to the contributions of many. Read the full article about the renovations here

One of the contributors is Dick DeVos. Dick has contributed money up to the millions when he gave to the fundraiser. He is also no stranger to hard work as his LinkedIn clearly demonstrates. He has been working for his family business starting as a child. He was one of the greeters of the company when it was held in their home basement. This has introduced him into the world of business. He was able to learn how business works and also how to be an effective leader.

He has discovered his passion at a young age to make contributions to society. He has not only founded Michigan’s first aviation high school, but he and his wife established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to make charitable donations on behalf of themselves and Dick’s business. This is a very important trait to have when going into business. One has to have a love for people and a generous spirit. If one is all about selfishness, then he is going to be limited in his success no matter how far he goes. Dick’s success has proven to be unlimited even as he struck out in his own business ventures. This is due to his ability to work tirelessly for hours at a time and his willingness to keep people satisfied and give to the people that are at a disadvantage. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the grateful responses of kids who benefited from scholarships funded by the DeVos foundation in the video below.

Business owners often have the freedom to pursue their goals. They also are the most able to send forth money to charitable organizations. They also have more emotional energy in order to care about others that are not as fortunate as they are. At the same time, they have the self respect in order to not allow people to walk all over them. They can also direct others to different resources like the JFK Center for the Arts where they can make contributions. This project will provide plenty of new opportunities.

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