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Psi-Pay: Revolutionary Technology for Financial Transactions

It was not very long ago that the only methods available for conducting transactions involved either a check or physical cash. Today the use of both credit and debit cards are more prevalent than either of these transaction methods. Now there seem to be even further advancements in the fields of transaction technology. Users around the world are quickly adopting the use of digital wallets in order to conduct business both online and in physical locations.

A new technological innovation in the financial technology industry by one of the leading regulated financial technology companies in the European Union, Psi-Pay, will soon allow users to make payments with a contactless payment ring. This contactless payment ring has been made possible through a business partnership between financial technology company Psi-Pay and wearable technology Kerv Wearables.

Psi-Pay holds a license for the distribution of MasterCard’s granted by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority. This license for the distribution of MasterCard’s will allow users of the new technology to make payments both online and in person at over 38 million locations around the world. In addition to conducting transactions deposit funds to their account using their bank account or their debit and credit cards. Users will also be able to use PayPal with the use of the ring technology.

Phil Davies is the managing director of Psi-Pay and has recently announced his feelings regarding the results of the is this partnership with Kerv Wearables. He has stated that he is overwhelmingly happy with the results of the partnership. He further described Kerv Wearables as an incredibly innovative and exciting technology company that has developed numerous useful solutions to common everyday issues. He strongly believes that users will quickly adopt these new technologies to make use of the revolutionary payment applications they provide.

The founder of Kerv Wearables Phil Campbell has also shared his views on the business partnership. He believes that the partnership will be beneficial for both companies and that the new technology would not have been possible without the support of Psi-Pay. In the future, Phil Campbell hopes to develop the applications of the wearable contactless payment ring further.



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Darius Fishers Speaks On Decreasing Employee Turnover

As most business owners and presidents would agree, employee turnover can be costly to both the gaining an losing sides. The loser has to spend time replacing the employee while the winning team has to compensate the new employee accordingly. Unfortunately, with today’s changing job market and cost of living, compensating new employees requires more than the old salary, and that does not include the human resources that go into the hiring process or the hours other people put into filling the ex-employee’s work in the meantime. This is why Status Labs leader, Darius Fisher, has offered some tips to maintaining the employees you have, so you do not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

One Goal
According to Darius, the primary goal is creating incentives. These incentives can be simple recognition of accomplishments, monetary compensation, fun activities, additional benefits or something else creative, but they have to be enticing and rewarding to the employees. Do not fail to appreciate your crew because they will begin to notice, and they will arrange improved work conditions elsewhere.

Where to Start
Many people feel lost when trying to implement an incentive plan. Obviously you have to work within a budget, but the process can be made much simpler by letting the employees provide options. Take a survey to find employee interests. Hold a meeting to take suggestions, or send out an email and wait on replies to pile in. Regardless of how you reach out, make sure you are actually addressing the needs and desires of the workers, so you can please as many people as possible. Employees will tell you what they want, and it is your job to recognize these interests in the most efficient way possible.

As president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher established the direction of the company in helping people manage online reputations. By developing partnerships, Darius has led the business to setting-up offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paolo. Status Labs has impressively served over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Before cofounding Status Labs, Darius Fisher worked in political consulting and copy writing.