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Rona Borre Has Created a Sensible Model for the Staffing Industry

In 2001, Rona Borre created her company Instant Alliance, which is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States today. It didn’t start out that way, as her initial efforts took place in a spare bedroom of her condo in Chicago. But everyone has to start out somewhere, and from her fledgling startup days, she has built a very successful company.

Borre has surrounded herself with a group of focused and success oriented account executives and support personnel, and she has trained them well. Before starting Instant Alliance, Borre was the leading account executive for another large staffing company, and she had obliterated all of the sales records that organization had every put on the books.  For more information, go straight to

Borre uses one principle that many staffing companies seem to have overlooked. She drills down to the basic facts of what a company needs by having intense interviews with top hiring executives. She wants to know in detail what these people want and need in the way of new people, as well as a thorough evaluation of the corporate culture. If a candidate cannot survive the corporate culture, he or she will surely fail at that job.  Check on for related articles.

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Once these things are answered, Borre and her people sift through all channels to find the right candidate. Remarkably, they are very successful with this method because over the past 15 years only one percent of hired candidates have every left their jobs.

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