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The Difference of Woke Twitter

The word “Woke” refers to the state of socially and political consciousness. Most of this consciousness concerns matters of race. This type of “Woke” spirit, being constantly aware of the issues has grown enormously in past months. This kind of information is usually and most effectively transferred via twitter, hence it is known as Woke Twitter. Thanks to Woke Twitter, everyone in the world now knows about a racist conversation that took place between Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin van Vuuren. In the face of these Woke allegations, the three of them have been brought up on serious charges.

A champion of the Woke Twitter movement is twitter personality, Shaka Sisulu. She is a loud call to reform of racist policies and social norms. However, Sisulu is just one voice among many twitter users who are bolstering their cause by using hashtags that connect others to important trending topics. And this mass of people are being very globally successful. When this mass of Woke Twitterers target a person anywhere in the world, jobs are lost and serious legal issues transpire for that individual. It is now not uncommon for such persons to receive threatening correspondence.

Concerning Penny Sparrow, legal analyst Brenda Wardle is in agreement with the Woke Twitterers. She says that although like everyone else, Sparrow is protected by the freedom of speech, she went beyond her right to do so by depriving black people of their rights. Wardle is not just any individual just spouting uneducated hot air. She really knows what she is talking about. She is currently the COO at the Wardle Law School near Johannesburg.

Wardle is a recognized expert on forensic medicine, and the laws of medicine, media, and constitution. In addition, she has written 13 books about contract management. Wardle is still working on her law degree doctorate. At the same time, she is studying and writing a book about Oscar Pistorius. She has already earned her intermediate degree in Criminal Justice, a B.L. degree, and an M.L. degree. Her greatest desire is to teach law efficiently and effectively. She will surely be an important face in the ever widening future of social consciousness.