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Andy Wirth’s Plans for the Future

For nearly 70 years, the Tahoe Valley has been home to the successful Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is one of the oldest and most recognizable resorts on the West Coast. For families as well as ski enthusiasts, this resort has become the place to visit for not only high quality ski resorts, but also for beautiful and mysterious surroundings.

Within the last five years, this ski resort has been run by an individual with so much passion for both business as well as for nature that it is hard not to see it within the hard work that he has put into the resort.

With this past few years that Andy Wirth has been the CEO and President of the Squaw alley Ski Resort, he has made sure that people are not only comfortable at his resort, but they also are able to see the beauty of their surroundings.

Though this resort was originally owned and run by the Cushing family, Andy Wirth was entrusted with this job as he has proven himself in the past through hard work and dedication.

Within the past five years, Andy Wirth has already proved himself to be the right man for the job through his many renovation plans as well as through his made investments. Andy Wirth, in recent news invested over $70 million in renovation plans to improve the rooms and public spaces of the resort. This has already attracted more and more visitors and has improved the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in the long-run

As a successful businessman of one of the most widely known businesses in the Tahoe Valley, the KCRW radio station was excited to procure a meeting with Andy Wirth to discuss the relevant topic of the drought that has been continuously been an issue for the West Coast over the last several years.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth understands the trend of scarce resources which in this case is water. Andy Wirth also is well aware of the fact that many businesses have either had to scale back or be put out of business thanks to this massive drought.

The KCRW radio host was anxious to hear the opinion of Andy Wirth on the drought issue not only for his expertise, but also his full involvement in an industry that depends on the annual rainfall. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Though the KCRW radio host expected Andy Wirth to express his worried opinion on the lack of rainfall, this was not the case. Andy Wirth, in fact, stated that he is excited for this new opportunity that has presented itself.

Andy Wirth further states that as a businessman, he is always up for new challenges to anything that will enable him to prove his talents.

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