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Edisoft Plays a Key Role in Improving Global Supply-Chain Technology Solutions

Effective and efficient Carrier-performance does not only result into end-consumer satisfaction but also cost-friendliness for the supply chain company. The gradual advancements in technology have enabled supply chain management companies to achieve this. Logistic organizations or departments are now able to conduct real-time performance analysis that does not depend on in-person processes.


Advancements in supply chain performance analysis


Modern technology solutions have eliminated the traditional performance measurement approaches. Currently, logistic companies’ analysis goes beyond on-time performance, scheduled departures or type of services provided. They now employ best key performance indicators that cover a wide scope ( Shippers now have access to vital data regarding their operations, thanks to real-time tracking technology as well as the GPS data-set solutions.


The modern mobile solutions have made it easy for logistic firms to answer a wide range of questions relating to their performance at any given point. The answers are based on accurate reports generated from analysis of quality multi-mode data. Firms which still make use of the traditional performance-measurement methods cannot be able to answer such questions.

Edisoft Inc.


It is a global software company based in Toronto, Canada. Edisoft was established in 1995 with the primary aim of providing EDI technology solutions meant to support global business. The firm has since become a leading provider of supply chain solutions and has impacted greatly into the Logistics industry.


It has developed essential technology-solutions including; Edisoft merchant as an EDI platform, and merchant exchange among several other useful products. The software solutions have made it convenient for supply chain industry-players, both manufacturers, and distributors, to constantly evaluate their operations.


Edisoft is one of the reputable software-companies in the global business sector. It has created ease of business in the logistics sub-sector of the global economy. Firms in this sector are encouraged to make use of these products in order to build a competitive advantage. It is important to note that companies that do not embrace changes in technology might find themselves knocked out of business. This is because the logistics-industry has become more competitive than ever and the recent advancements in technology are vital in sustaining competitive advantage.