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Leading Financial Insttitute of Dallas Texas

A financial service company, NexBank Capital, Inc., announced that certain investors will benefit from $54 million of subordinated notes with fixed to floating rates. This offerings proceeds will be directed toward general corporate purposes. Since 2016, this closing has allowed NexBank Capital $283 million of equity and debt. These notes bear a five-year fixed rate of 6.375%, they are non-callable for up to five years and are stated to mature in September of 2027. NexBank is serving clients through institutional services, commercial banking and mortgage banking, providing tailor-made services to corporations, institutional clients and financial institutions nationwide.

NexBank provides a wide range of lending products meeting the long and short-term demands of their clients. NexBank professionals help real estate investors, middle-market companies, corporations and financial institutions optimize cash flow, create financing structures and manage liquidity to the client’s expansion initiative. Offering competitive pricing with warehouse credit lines for mortgage brokers and correspondent channels as well as wholesale channels, NexBank understands the market and insures success with a comprehensive approach to these issues. In addition, partnering with their clients, NexBank provides flexibility and reliable capital for the clients’ mortgage banking needs.

As one of the largest banks in Texas, NexBank has a lending limit of over $100 million including syndication capabilities. Their mortgage banking volume has inclined steadily over the past few years and has served $4.4 billion in residential loans. NexBank is a provider of consumer loans for Texas veterans, provides moderate income loans for over 500 families and sponsors a dozen schools in low income neighborhoods. With secure convenient access 24/7, NexBank’s online services offers clients flexibility with their finance management. Customers can view account balances with a detailed history, transfer money and pay their bills online. With a commitment to their clients, NexBank leaders strive to deliver exceptional value, providing access to tailor-made solutions developed by professionals with successful track records.