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Rona Borre’s Take On Tech Jobs Is Gold To Reporters


The Passionate Entrepreneur, Rona Borre

When Rona Borre was interviewed for a Business News Daily article about recent graduates seeking their first position, her response to new graduates, “You want [the company] to be as much of a fit for you as you are a fit for it” sums up the philosophy that she’s used to achieve success with her staffing service, Instant Alliance. She also cautions new graduates to consider that not all startups will succeed, if they are looking for stability. Instant Alliance’s clients range from major corporations to startups, therefore Borre can offer candidates a variety of career options, from the stability of a Fortune 100 firm to the excitement of helping build a company from the ground up. Hop over this site:


Very often, media outlets get obtain Borre’s take on any issue related to recruiting, tech jobs and hiring practices. When Business Insider featured a story on Reddit’s eliminating their employee’s option to work remotely, they turned to Rona Borre, who admitted that she worked remotely one day a week, however, she got little work done on that day. Click on


Instant Alliance places both tech and finance consultants with companies for short or long-term projects, as well as finding candidates for permanent positions. Currently, the recruiting firm has 105,000 qualified candidates ready to fill positions throughout the country.


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