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If you’re considering making a fortune in real estate investing and need expert assistance, then check out José AuriemoNeto – a highly recommended real estate professional in Brazil. For many years, José AuriemoNeto has coached and mentored countless individuals and businesses. He knows the industry thoroughly and has access to the right resources and strategies that produce outstanding results.

Real estate investing is a highly lucrative venture and you should get the required training before getting started. First of all, it is worth researching real estate professionals and advisory firms to determine the most suitable for your situation.

Every investor should have the ability to locate lucrative deals and find financing for the property they want to develop. Once you have found a reliable expert, it is time to schedule an appointment or consultation with the professional.

José AuriemoNeto takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and will work closely with you to ensure that you understand what you will need to do to attain success as a real estate investor. He advises and guides clients on how to set realistic goals and what to expect from their investment.

José AuriemoNeto takes clients through the steps involved in identifying profitable investment opportunities and crucial factors that need to be considered as they negotiate deals and complete transactions.

Getting coaching from a reputable professional is absolutely crucial. As an experienced real estate investor and property developer, José AuriemoNeto has the industry knowledgeable and expertise to lead you from where you are right now to real estate success.

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Jason Halpern and JMH Development Tops Off Aloft South Beach

In early 2015, JMH Development finished off its Miami Beach project. Aloft South Beach is 235-room luxury hotel located in the heart of South Beach. It’s the first newly constructed hotel to open in South Beach since 2009. JMH reused the historic Motel Ankara and added an eight-story tower.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

The new hotel rooms are slightly larger than the average room for a hotel in the area. Aloft South Beach’s average size room is more than 360 square feet. Jason Halpern, Principal of JMH Development, proudly announced the completion of the project shortly after the building was topped off.

Like many South Beach hotels, Aloft South Beach offers a prime, waterfront location. Both Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal wrap around the luxury property. In JMH fashion, the hotel also boasts some of the most elegant furnishings in South Beach. The hotel’s location plays a giant role in its hopeful success.

Just one block away from the shores of Miami Beach, Aloft South Beach capitalizes being located in the heart of South Beach. It embraces every local event within guests’ reach. It’s just minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center. There are also several art galleries, nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, and the Bass Museum of Art nearby.

The hotel itself boasts luxury in every way possible. Aside from the elegant interior designs, the hotel has a roof deck lounge for special events. There is also an outdoor pool with gorgeous, waterfront views. For more active guests, there’s a 24-hour fitness center with a professional staff. For business professionals, Aloft South Beach offers a 2,349-square-foot meeting space. The meeting space can also be used to social events like wedding receptions and reunions. The hotel also offers live, free events showcases local artists and bands at the WXYZ bars.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

JMH Development is one of the leading developers in the country. It’s a full-service real estate development company that operates all over the United States. Considering all the expert professionals working for the company, JMH Development has decades of experience as a developer and owner of major residential and commercial properties.

Jason Halpern works closely with all his team members to ensure JMH is creating distinctive properties. With all their experience combines, JMH team members can approach projects in innovative ways. JMH is one of the top developers in the luxury category. JMH is considered to be a pioneer in developing unique properties in Brooklyn.

Jason’s Own Time

It was Jason’s brilliance that led JMH to redevelop the 184 Kent property. Before Jason’s renovation, 184 Kent was an abandoned warehouse. In 2011, the property was received the Building Brooklyn Award.


Jason Halpern’s Impact to Communities in the United States and the Rest of the World

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is revered real estate development expert who is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He is the proprietor of JMH Development, which has been in the business for about 25 years. The company has generated significant revenue from the construction of residential and commercial buildings in different American cities. Jason acquired his expertise from his family, which had been in the business for about five decades and had developed several commercial buildings in Manhattan, New York City, and Brooklyn. His father was his first employer, and he owned a firm that was called Halpern Enterprises.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

JMH Development has completed several projects across the country. The value of all the building that it has constructed is more than $500 million. Most of the properties that the company has established are in major economic and tourist cities such as Miami, Manhattan, New York City, and Westchester County. Its business strategy involves acquiring old buildings and renovating them into state-of-the-art structures that can be sold in the modern market. Jason has always been committed to being friendly to communities, and he seeks their opinions whenever he needs to reconstruct old buildings that may be significant to them.Halpern’s real estate development company has acquired many old structures in the past years. It bought an abandoned warehouse that was located at 184 Kent Avenue and reconstructed into residential apartments. The renovated building had 340 housing units, and they were all sold out. JMH Development was also in charge of the transformation of the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. The company developed the structures into nine excellent townhouses. Jason also led his firm in the development of the Aloft South Beach Hotel, which was formerly Motel Ankara. The new hotel had eight more stories that Motel Ankara and had 235 rooms.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Jason is committed to having a positive impact on communities and has donated a lot of money to support them. He is one of the individuals who supported the establishment of a Level 1 trauma center that is called Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The top-notch facility is part of the Westchester Medical Center. It provides reliable medical services to patients since it has talented medical professional and equipment. The healthcare center is recognized for services such as fixing broken limbs, open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery.JMH Development also shows its support to communities. The company has a program that enables the people of Nepal and Egypt get clean water. It has ensured the success of the project by collaborating with different nonprofit organizations in the regions. The firm has promised the locals of the areas where it runs its charity work that it will be donating $20,000 every time it is awarded a contract for the Three Hundred Collins construction that is in Miami.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Jason Halpern Grew JMH Development from the Ground

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern has always worked in the development industry. It is an industry that is confident in and is very good at because of all of the experience that he has had with it. While he currently runs his own development company, that wasn’t always the case. Jason Halpern is a developer but he is also business-minded so that helped him when he was first starting the company. Jason Halpern knew that JMH Development would only be successful if he worked hard and he made sure that he was always working hard to provide people with all of the opportunities that they needed with his building developments. Jason Halpern has come a long way and JMH Development has grown exponentially. He isn’t done with it, though, and wants to continue growing JMH Development to extreme levels. He knows that he can help people with the company if he is able to do this.


When Jason Halpern first started in business, he knew that he wanted to do something in developing. He worked hard and made sure that he was doing everything that he could to provide people with more opportunities. Jason Halpern was confident with everything that he had done in developing and that was something that set him apart from the other people who he had helped. There were many developments that Jason Halpern worked on and that helped him to get the experience that he would eventually need for his own company. He also knew that he would need to show people what he was capable of.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

After he learned as much as possible about developing, he decided that he was going to need to learn about business. He chose this as a second option because he knew that it was necessary to be able to successfully develop anything in the areas that he was hoping for in the United States. The business education and experience that he got during this time allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing more with the development industry. Jason Halpern wanted to see what he was capable of when it came to business and learned quickly that developing and business went hand in hand.

Jason’s Personal Life

Once Jason Halpern was confident with everything that he had to offer for developing, he started a business plan to create his own business. JMH Development was born and Jason Halpern has seen a lot of success since he first opened the company. He is confident in his abilities to successfully develop different areas and that sets him apart from many other developers. It has also been something that has allowed him the chance to make a lot of money and will continue to be a successful career.

New York Real Estate – Big Real Estate Projects on the Horizon

NYC is known for being a city of dreams in which everyone wants to live. For that reason, many have looked to the area as being a potential boom for new real estate developments. With this in mind, there are many new real estate projects on the horizon for New Yorkers, whom have a knack for building up big properties. Here are some examples of the largest real estate projects in the area right now, as there are plenty of great things to do in New York if you’re looking to the right places.

Right now, there are 3 big projects in Brooklyn going on. These include a five story office building spanning 645,103 sq. feet which includes some retail at 270 Richards Street, a new Wegman’s Grocery Store at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard, and an apartment rental building at 22 Chapel Street in Brooklyn.

At 413 West 18th Street, a mixed income housing development is being constructed which is 18 floors high; and at 12 East 48th street, a hotel is being constructed in midtown. This is followed by a office and retail building on 827 Broadway in Manhattan and another office building on 43 West 47 street in Manhattan, which is an office building.

Funded by EB-5 investors, Tishman Speyer is constructing a Long Island office park at 28-10 Queens Plaza South which spans 900,509 sq. ft and includes office and factory space. The company is also building rental buildings for residential purposes in the same space. Also, 37-12 Prince Street will feature an office building which has been funded by investors in China and New York

In the Melrose neighborhood, Omni New York is building a new residential building which has 143,318 square feet of space. This will also include affordable housing in addition to standard income housing.

Town Residential
Town residential is a real estate firm which offers a wide range of real estate and properties in NYC. Individuals looking to move to the area can choose from one of the different fantastic options for housing and property in New York.  Their full listing of NYC real estate is available on their website

Get Help Selling A House From The 990 Company

Selling a house is a task that many people find completely overwhelming. The seller must be prepared to do all kinds of tasks before even putting the house on the market. This includes cleaning the house, making minor repairs and researching the local housing market carefully. Any potential housing seller will also need, above all, to be able to see the house they are putting on the market though the eyes of any potential buyer. A home seller will need to consider many such factors before they day they put the house on the market for buyers to examine and hopefully make an offer that meets the seller’s needs.

Skilled real estate professionals such as Gregory D. Hague are completely aware of such needs. Hague has many years of experience in the business of buying and selling houses. He knows that sellers and buyers want the same things. Sellers and buyers both want a house that suits their specific needs and life plans at a price both find ideal. Hague was born to a group of real estate professionals in the state of Ohio. During his formative years, he learned about the kind of needs that people have when they decide to sell their homes. His training in this area began an at early age and has continued ever since that time.

Hague’s skills including that of law and finance as well as that of sales. This led him to found the 990 sells homes Company, a company that is devoted to meeting the needs of sellers and buyers throughout all stages of the buying and selling process. His insights into this field have been highly useful for all those who seek to look for ways to sell their home without breaking their budget. He knows that seller and buyers need trusted advice from a skilled professional who can easily meet their needs. In the last few years, Hague has focused his attention on the American Southwest where he has enjoyed a great deal of success in helping to connect buyers and sellers for a successful transaction.

In the last few years, buyers and sellers have turned to the sales force at The 990 Company to help them find the ideal home for their needs. Buyers know that they can get the kind of help they need to be able to explore all possible homes on the market in their area. Sellers know that they can work with the company to sell their house as soon as possible in order to help them move on and locate another property that might be more suited for their needs. All the parties involved in the transaction with the company know they have professional assistance.