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Taking The Law To Police Officers and Their Unions

Police departments are meant to promote law and order. Its personnel should be people of the highest moral standing and should lead by example. It reflects badly on the department if its officers are accused of bad behavior, racial profiling and discrimination of people that it is intended and sworn to protect. These allegations should be taken seriously, investigated and officers found flaunting their code of conduct disciplined or kicked out of the force. It does not matter who supplies the information or the avenue that was used when the information was disclosed the bottom line is that a duty owed to the people was breached.

It is in light of the fore going that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon initiated criminal proceedings against three cops in California. He is painfully aware of the consequences that might follow if those trusted to up hold the law turn their backs to it and act as the aggressors. In addition to the filing of the proceedings he initiated a committee that would hear allegations of racism and homophobia in the revealed police department. George Gascon holds a very special relationship with the police department, before his appointment as DA he was the police chief in San Francisco and was privy to the operations of various police unions. It would be very unfair if these police department unions are shielding rogue police officers from assuming responsibility for their actions.

In an attempt to save face and side track the proceedings Gary Delagnes who was the one time leader of San Francisco police department union tried to discredit the DA. It would be highly unlikely for a person to initiate proceedings that would end up investigating himself. George Gascon is a morally upright person who would not engage in thinks that would taint his career and character. He saw the wrong committed by the two deputies who forced inmates to fight each other for their own pleasure and delight.

It is the DA’s opinion that the police department unions should not interfere with disciplinary proceedings. The office of the DA through its spokes person Alex Bastian strongly denied assertions made by Gary Delagnes.

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