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Brian Bonar; An Outstanding Investor And Financial Expert

When it comes to executive financing, Brian Bonar is one of the persons with a remarkably stellar track record. Bonar has displayed utter excellence in the astonishing success in his career over the years. He has garnered exemplary experience in the field of entrepreneurial innovation. Among that the factors that have contributed to his wealth of experience is his several leadership roles that he has taken in various organizations across the nation.

Bonar is a person who is committed to providing top-notch services; a characteristic that has seen him provide exceptional leadership to companies such as the Dalrada Financial Corporation. His incredible background in a wide range of sectors has significantly complimented his competency as a leader.

Brian Bonar is currently serving Trucept as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman. Truecept is a firm that was previously known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. Brian Bonar also still serves Dalrada Financial Corporation as a member of the executive leadership team.

He has an unparalleled love for the design process that is complimented by his unmatched attention in the execution of details; making his services incredibly competent. Brian Bonar also has a rich background as far as his education goes. He attained a Master’s degree from the Stafford University and another Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College in Technical Engineering.

Before his role as the Director of Engineering at QMS, Brian Bonar had served IBM as a procurement manager. He has also served Adaptec as the sales manager, a role which gave him the substantial knowledge to assist him to found his company under the name Bezier Systems.

His wealth of experience is also inclusive of his role as the president of Tradeshow Products from 2008. Among his other substantial roles in his career, Bonar has served as the Chairman and Secretary of Warning Management Services Inc. He has also served Warning Management Services as the Chief Executive Officer.

Brian has improved his career notably over the many years he has spent in service. He has developed to become one of the most reliable persons in his career. Bonar has created a fantastic reputation for himself as a credible leader who has an unparalleled commitment to ensuring that his clients get world-class services. He is reputed to have helped many clients actualize their goals.

Brian Bonar has created a name for himself by giving his team members as well as the extended project managers the needed support so as to enhance their service provision. Brian has a portfolio which is well decorated with notable achievements in fields such as K-12 Education Projects, Commercial, Multi-Family, and retail and aviation.

Brian has garnered a vast experience due to his service in various firms. His prevalent and well-polished skill has enabled him to come up with outstanding projects that are above satisfactory.