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End Citizens United Endorses Veronica Escobar For Congress In Texas

There is no right more intricately important and unique than the American right to vote. In the United States of America the right to vote means that you have representation within your government. When your vote is ignored by your state senator or your Congressman, how are your rights being affected? In reality, your votes can be ignored and they are actively being ignored thanks to the prevalence of dark money in politics.

Political dark money is one of the greatest problems facing the United States of America. Dark money, also known as ‘campaign financing’, has fundamentally shifted the paradigm in Washington D.C. Corporations are more free than ever to pollute the country with their money, effectively buying their own legislators. This is a problem, and it is a problem that End Citizens United is addressing.

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There are no fast and easy ways to heal a systemic issue inside of the United States government. The government is too large and too fractured to be able to be changed with ease. As a result, change has to come over time and it has to come by way of grassroots support. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is led by Tiffany Muller, the PAC president. Her goal for the past year has been to motive and energize American citizens into becoming a more active part of the political scene. Muller and her PAC believe in the fundamental necessity of campaign finance reform because they believe that taking money out of politics will help to purify it.

In order to make campaign finance reform a reality the good men and women at End Citizens United have needed to reach out to legislators who are also willing to make it a priority. Most recently End Citizens United reached out to endorse Veronica Escobar in her pursuit for a Congress seat in Texas. End Citizens United teamed up with the Latino Victory Fund to help fight for Veronica Escobar, a former County Judge in El Paso. Muller said, “Veronica Escobar has built her career upholding the law and standing up to injustice.” Muller goes on to say, “In Congress, she will bring that experience to a broken Washington as a strong voice for the interests of Texas families, not the greed of special interest donors.”

End Citizens United and Veronica Escobar make a natural pairing. Escobar has committed her career to helping fight against the dark money that has flooded into politics. Escobar has long believed in overturning the Citizens United decision. She is also a firm believer of the DISCLOSE Act which makes it a requirement that groups disclose who donated what and how much they donated. With Escobar in Congress, End Citizens United might have a great ally.

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