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New Start for Assisted Living Community

A change of leadership is always a certainty for many, if not all businesses and companies. This case is also true of assisted living communities, as a recent news breakthrough would show.

The Manse on Marsh assisted living community has recently appointed Farron Bernhardt as the new CEO of the senior living community. Bernhardt has previously spent more than three decades working in various senior housing leadership positions prior to his appointment to the Manse. Right before this, he was serving as the Vice President of Assisted Living for the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND). His ability to work with any kind of management and develop very collaborative approaches to things has earned him high scores in the industry as well. When asked, Bernhardt said that he was excited and looking forward to joining the team and hoping to continue with setting the standard for excellence in senior care.

As a senior health community, The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo and serves those in other neighboring communities such as Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles. The community has been the recipient of the Caring Star Award in consecutive years, an award requiring that five-star reviews over the course of one standard year and no unresolved negative reviews of the community. The Manse, naturally, not only met these goals but exceeded them. The Manse also received a “Best of 2016” designation by, placing them as one of the top communities in the whole nation.

The Manse on Marsh, like many other communities, comes with several key features and amenities that perfectly accommodate both guest and residents. Some of these amenities include the addition of very spacious flats and private homes, restaurant-quality dining facilities, easy and convenient transportation to and around the area, social activities, laundry services and nurses on staff. In addition to all of this, the community devises a proper resident plan to make sure that residents only get the services that they specifically pay for.