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Chainsmokers, A Chain Of Events

The Chainsmokers is a Disk Jockey duet between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who met in New York at the time when their previous band mate left the group. At the time Andrew Taggart was in Maine going to college and planning to seek to further his education in the city of Los Angeles. He was always into Electronic music but was harshly ridiculed for it. At the time Andrew Taggart left school, the style picked up more and people started to like it then, and that was when he was making music more frequently because he was aware of how New York was hiring DJs for pay.

He put a few songs on SoundCloud and did a few gigs, but it was the moment right before he was going to go to Los Angeles to complete his degree, that he received word that a spot was open for The Chainsmokers. Immediately he grabbed a bus ticket and met Alex Pall who was at the time working at an art gallery.

They clicked instantly and began to work on their material. As years passed their music began to get more and more worldwide. They usually released an album once a month due to their dedication to not taking breaks in between records, but due to the kindness of the record label, they took a whole nine months to make a song which took a darker route when it came to the material of the actual music itself. Mainly the song was about how Narcissism was becoming more prevalent in the United States, and how the darkness of the societal sickness was something that people here just had to live with because it was permeated so much by social media already. Despite the dark content, this song has won the hearts and ears of their already loyal fan base.

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Desire Perez is a Powerful Women in the Age of Women Empowerment

Whether you understand it or not, we are living in the era of women empowerment. Many women are becoming more valuable members of society and to the world around them. This is especially true in the fields of business and music. Desire Perez of Roc Nation is a leading figure in the modern music industry.

In 2009 rapper and music mogul Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) created Roc Nation. This is a media company that manages musician’s careers. They also manage athletes as well. Desire Perez is a long-time friend of Jay Z and she has helped to forge his empire over the years. As the COO she is second in command of the organization. The fact that she is a woman, should not surprise you. While Jay Z is the front man of his business he relies on Perez to run his business while he is away or tied up with other matters.

It takes a lot of trust in a person to have them operate your business. Perez is no amateur when it comes to handling the ends and outs of the business world. As a woman she understands the unique marriage between business and music. Roc Nations such as Rihanna and Shakira are managed by Perez. The Chief Operations Officer helps to develop these artists brand and she helps to guide the business side to their careers, and what Desire Perez knows.

Perez knows business. She takes this field seriously. People might not want to accept this, but music is a business and the musicians and artists are the products. To produce the best product, it takes a person with knowledge and a lot of skill to understand the market. That is Perez. She understands how to do this very well, and

Perez is considered one of the most influential women in the music industry today. This is especially meaningful in the era of women advancement. Her dedication to Roc Nation, its artists and to its employees has helped this company to become one of the most competitive music organizations in the world, and read full article.

Efforts behind the fame – Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez is the woman behind the Roc Nation scenes. She is closely associated with the famous Jay Z. She has worked with Jay Z for almost twenty one years. She has exceptionally long track with the leading of SC enterprises. The first article reveals of how Tidal had undergone through renaissance issues. The article also explains how Tidal nails on the gigantic album from one album to another such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna originating from the premiere talent co-owner. The article adds that the Tidal app has reached extremely high point that it was on iTunes.

Since February the 22nd, the app added over one million trial members as indicated in the report. Through this, Desiree Perez got into the picture. Desiree Perez was the producer behind all this high productive sources and plays mentioned in the article. She gets credit for her qualification in play production and her incredibility on crunching numbers. She is a unique, tough, and fierce negotiator in her history. Empire’s cookie cannot even go against her due to her incredible qualifications.

Desiree Perez participated in the Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium negotiations. She plays a significant part in the Rihanna’s Samsung deal. Desiree is part of the management section, publishing, and labeling operations in all the Roc Nation’s activities. She does the phenomenal job that helps businesses manifest and grow. Desiree Perez takes the responsibility, and she is a no pushover when it comes to the track of supporting the artists with their business and success of the inspiring artists. She has long been in this business to the point of knowing all the strings and ropes involved. There is no doubt that she will help in further success to Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Tidal.

About Desiree Perez:

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Billboard Digital Key Players Are Shaping The Future Of Music And Technology

While streaming is the global music business of $ 15.7 billion, various officials, somewhere in data and in every industry sector, are on the flourishing edge of technology and music. The tune became the basis for the American music industry in 2016, where streaming overwhelmed the sales as the first source of revenue for the first time. The global result for the $ 15.7 billion music field is crucial.

In the previous year, revenue from music streams also led to double digit growth for the first time in the United States for almost two decades. US music sales rose 11.4% to $ 7.65 billion, the most profound annual increase since 1998.

Digital board essential players are the main facilitators behind these notable numbers and opted for their information-driven roles in organizations in every industry sector. It includes record labels, streaming services, social media platforms and music publishers. These pioneers deal with the problems that are accompanied: inquiries about information administration, rising plans of action and reasonable payment to makers. They influence the music company jointly for another period.

Desiree Perez is known by many to be an extreme moderator. She is the person Tidal works with to stay at the forefront. Jay-Z made a big step by establishing the choice to work with Perez. Someone will ask why Perez has the ability to speed up tides to the summit. This is because she has the capacity.

By simply looking at his CV, you will see that it is very great. She has helped several people win grants in the field of music. She is currently the head of Tidal and is expected to make a progressive stride in streaming of music. The Perez company has seen an increase in changes in the administration team. Despite the initial difficulties, Jay-Z could continue. He simply settled the best choice by hiring Perez who seems to be staying there.