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With Multiple Free Services, Choosing FreedomPop As A Wireless Carrier Is Easy

What makes one FreedomPop review stand out over another? Since a review can be enough to influence the decision of a potential customer, it’s important to know which review is best when an important decision about services needs to be made. Fortunately, there are a lot of different reviews about FreedomPop that are very informative and can help to influence one in their buying decision when they want services from the company. Whether a person is looking for Internet or cell phone services, they’ll be able to find great prices from FreedomPop, even if they choose to get the free services.


FreedomPop is proud to be able to offer free phone and Internet services, and the services go as follows. The free cell phone service doesn’t require any payment on a monthly basis and can be set up by anyone who has an email account, and they can go online to set it up. There are many retailers that can also set up the cell phone service, giving the customer the ability to go into a store to get service as opposed to going online. Once a cell phone is chosen, either from FreedomPop or if they bring in a cell phone, then the service can be chosen.


GSM phones that take a sim card must be unlocked for the FreedomPop network, and FreedomPop sells their sim cards online for the low-cost of $4.99 or even less. Anyone who has a Sprint phone can simply transfer it over to FreedomPop. The free cell phone service will give the user 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 500 MB of data. The other free service is the Internet service that comes on the FreedomPop Hub for the home or on the FreedomPop portable hotspots.


The portable hotspots are only eligible to receive 500 MB of free data monthly, while the FreedomPop Hub can receive at least 1 GB of free data monthly. Although no one is forced to pick a data plan for any of the Internet services, choosing a plan will allow for continuous data once the free data allotment is all gone. Another thing about the FreedomPop Hub is its ability to provide Wi-Fi services with up to eight connections. Both the home service as well as the FreedomPop hotspots can all receive 4G speeds, which gives high-speed Internet to all of its users.