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Nobilis Health Care: A Buy Worth Considering

Nobilis Healthcare is a top pick for financial analysts despite the financial markets downward trend. This is because Nobilis works within a sector of great demand, the healthcare industry. Certainly, this is a company worth watching and even investing in. This is Nobilis Health. What Makes This Company Different? Why is this stock different from others in the healthcare industry? The answer is simple, Nobilis (NHC-TSX), owns and operates ambulatory surgical centers and surgical hospitals in parts of the United States. Actually, many financial analysts agree; this is a company with a nice positive track record of high organic growth, and positive cash flow. Financial analysts also note that Nobilis has a strong track record when it comes to M&A. The company has proven its financial stability, when in September 2014 it made the first acquisition of the Nobilis Hospital for $7.5 million in cash, as one example. Then again, on September 23, Nobilis announced it had acquired a 60% stake and management control of the former Freedom Pain Hospital located in Scottsdale, Arizona for approximately $3.2-million. Financial analysts say there are macro trends supporting this financial trend as well. They see Nobilis as an undervalued and overlooked company that is currently moving in the direction of meeting the increasing demand for surgical procedures related to aging and obesity. Bottom Line This is one of those up and coming companies we all wish we had invested in at the start. This is the one that will offer a possible increase of as much as 72% in as little as a years time. When looking for positive investment opportunities, Nobilis health care may certainly be a company worthy of consideration. Today, financial analysts like Stanley reiterate their “Buy” stance on this stock and they expect and one year target price of $12.50 on Nobilis Health, implying a return of 72% at the time of publication.