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Makeup Looks You Can Do With Lime Crime Products

If you want to know how to achieve the perfect makeup look for your next event, then there are a couple things you should know. Aside from having a bit of makeup skill, using the right products is crucial. Not owning quality makeup can really hinder your makeup looks from look their best. The most important thing is to buy your makeup from a quality brand. One of the best brands for makeup in the industry right now would probably have yo be Lime Crime. The reason to this is the fact that all of their products never fail to look perfect on all women of various skin tones and skin types. Now, let’s talk about the different looks you can achieve with their different makeup products available today.

Makeup Looks You Can Do With Lime Crime Products

Before you start with any makeup look, make sure that you use primer, foundation, concealer, and powder. Having a clear and clean canvas is the first step to achieving the perfect makeup look.

– Smokey Romantic Look

Using the Lime Crime on tumblr Venus palette, take the darkest color and apply it all over the middle part of your lids. Then, with the second to the darkest color, simply dust a bit of it to your crease. The goal is to create a gradient of the eyeshadow colors from darks to lights starting from the bottom and working your way up to the crease. Make sure that you a blending brush after you have applied all the shadow so that you really achieve a smokey look. Now, be sure to groom your brows so that your eyes are framed properly. Also don’t forget to line your lids with their Lunar sea eyeliner. Using their bronzer, contour your cheeks, temples, and a bit of your jawline. To finish the look, apply a tad bit of their pale peachy lip stick.

– Simple Sweet And Pink

Using the Grunge palette, take the Rebirth color to apply all over the lids and diffuse the color using the Divine shadow. These two colors seriously compliment each other so well and will look amazing on all skin tones. If you are more dark skinned, consider to also add a bit of the Creation color to your crease so that the colors pop out more. To finish off the look, apply the pink velvetine lipstick. This entire look is perfect for casual hang outs with your friends or a friendly date with a cute guy you start talking to. You can never go wrong with a fun pink makeup look.

There are literally so many different makeup looks you can do with Lime Crime products. What makes their brand so special and unique is the fact that they really put in a ton of effort to perfecting each product. In addition, all of their products are completely vegan which means there is no animal cruelty involved when it comes to making their products. You can look and feel your best without worrying about poor animals being hurt from animal testing. Lime Crime definitely one of the best makeup brands in the business today.