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Chris Burch Created the World’s Finest Hotel

Entrepreneur Chris Burch took control of the luxury resort, Nihiwatu, in 2013 and recently proclaimed it as having the world’s best hotel on property. This fact is hard to argue, considering Burch’s numerous success stories turning real estate into fabulous resorts, condos, and office buildings. This high praise was given by Travel & Leisure magazine in 216, citing the hotel’s beautiful accommodations that include butler service in every room, a spa built underneath a waterfall, as well as numerous other features that are specific to Nihiwatu.   For more of its awesome features, head over to link on

Chris Burch is not the average entrepreneur. He has experience in a wide-range of businesses over the past 40-plus years, beginning in college when Chris and his brother started Eagles Eye Apparel. Together they grew that company and sold it at a valuation of over $160 million. Not many can save they have done that. In the past 40 years Chris has established himself as an apparel and real estate investment expert.

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Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Chris learned the value of hard work and perseverance. He attended Ithaca College in New York State while launching Eagles Eye and over the past 40 years has become a billionaire real estate investor. He helped developed many hotel resorts including the Faena Hotel and Universe, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as the Fuena House development in Miami, Florida’s South Beach. He was even able to showcase his developer skills in his own personal residence, turning his Southampton home for an $11 million profit in just four short months.  Related article on

In addition to his real estate holding, he launched a construction material supply company named J.B. Christopher in 2006. He purchased the Nihiwatu resort in Bali in 2013 and runs it to this day. His versatility as a businessman, investor, and developer has made him one of the richest men in the world.  Check to read more details about him.

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Chris Burch achievements in the hotel industry.

Chris Burch is well known as the investor and a fashion mogul who built a five-star resort on an island in a remote side of Indonesia. His five-star hotel is ranked the best hotel in the world. Chris Burch acquired Nihiwatu in the year 2012 and designed it into a luxury resort. He purchased the hotel jointly with hotelier James McBride.

The duo spent $ 30 million in renovation and reopened it in 2015. It was later voted as the hotel of the year in 2016 by Travel & Leisure. According to the interview by Business Jet Traveler in 2015, Chris Burch bought the hotel for his children and as a way of giving back to the community around. From the hotel performance, it has turned to be a success in his life. Nihiwatu has become the largest local employer to the people around the Island. A percentage of the profit gained from the hotel`s operations is dedicated to the Sumba Foundation that aims at funding the projects helping the community.

Wall Street Journal said that Chris Burch spends most of his time in Miami, Indonesia, and Hamptons looking after his business ventures. Nihiwatu in Sumba Island, Indonesia has 27 prestigious private villas with plunge pools including Chris Burch`s private home and Raja Mendaka. That one section has the main house and 4 additional villas where each has its private plunge pool, and they are also available to guests. The hotel`s plunge pool has a clear view over Nihiwatu Beach as well as across the Indian Ocean.  More about the luxury resort in this link on

Chris Burch cofounded Tory Burch and C. Wonder the reputable international known retail brands and has invested in various other popular brands. Chris, being an entrepreneur he evaluated the performance of hospitality industry and started investing more through the development of luxury villas with plunge pools. His five-star hotel has a large indoor and outdoor entertainment area which makes it suitable for both sporting and entertainment activities. There is beach spa, wellness center with daily yoga sessions, beach surfing, riding stables for sunset beach horseback-riding and trekking near the waterfall and blue lagoons.  Additional article here.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. Chris has been working as an investor and entrepreneur in various industries including technology, fashion and real estate for more than four decades.  Learn more about his creative vision and output, visit the website, click on

He began his profession as the Itchica College undergraduate and established Eagles Eye apparel jointly with his brother Bob. The business grew to $ 165 million before selling it and investing in Internet Capital Group.  Refer to for a related article.

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