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Christopher Burch, the Fashion Mogul

Christopher Burch is a fashion investment mogul who has a diverse range of investments around the world. He is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and has been in business for around 40 years. He is responsible for taking some brands to global status such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Poppin and Voss Water. His capability to turn around investments begun while still in college. At Ithaca College, he used $ 2,000 to establish the Eagle Eye Apparel. The business soon was worth $ 165 million and sold it to Swire Corp ( His secret to success is a constant balance between innovation and implementation. He has a belief that he can possibly transform any unusual business and steer it to prosperity.

Investment portfolio

Mr Burch has an interest in domestic and international real estate ventures. He also prefers to buy underutilized homes and transform them. This has seen the list of luxury hotels grow in around the world. His latest accusation is the Nihiwatu resort, a luxury hotel found in the Sumba Island in Indonesia. In 2011, he launched an apparel, home doctor and accessory company known as CWonder, which later was later, purchased by Excel Brands. In 2014, he launched Cacoon9 luxury homes, which featured top comfort appliances, minimize space floor and energy saving capabilities. He collaborated with Ellen Degeneres and launched the ED lifestyle brand. Apart from his investments, Mr Burch was a board member at Orthopaedic Foundation. He funds philanthropic initiatives and research such as China Association of Social Work Child, Welfare League of China and MT Sinai hospital.

Nihiwatu Resort

In 2012, he and James McBride, bought a beach hotel in Indonesia at a cost of 30 million then renovated it to five star status. The hotel known as Nihiwatu was in 2016, voted as the best hotel in the world by travel and leisure. This hotel has 27 private villas and his private home known as Raja Mandeka. The experience at Nihiwatu resort is surely breathtaking with unmatched luxury. The resort has a vast amount of fun filled activities such as a world class surfing, sport fishing, great waterfalls, ancient villages and magnificent padding in Wanukaka river. The idea behind the creation of this magnificent resort is to preserve the unique Sumba culture and empower the local community. The resort lies on a 567-acre piece of land and the villas have private verandas hidden beneath the trees. The villas are made of natural materials and overlook the vast Indian Ocean.

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Three “W’s” of Wes Edens Rise to Power

Wes Edens is like a barn stormer. He takes no prisoners and continues to rise up the League of Legends. What are the 3 “W’s” of Mr. Edens Rise to Power?

  1. Wall Street Fortress

Mr. Edens learned how to swim with the sharks at Black Rock Financial. This financial firm was one of the survivors of the 2008 Credit Crunch. It had a superior risk management system in place. With his credentials established, Mr. Edens co-founded the Fortress Investment Group with Randal Nardone. This earned him billions as he remade dilapidated railways and casinos.Instead of simply resting on his laurels, Mr. Edens re-invested in the League of Legends’ Flyquest team and NBA Milwaukee Bucks team. That led to his 2nd “W” of world domination: Wisconsin.

  1. Wisconsin Icon

Buy low and sell high. That is what Mr. Edens learned on Wall Street. So, when the opportunity to become a co-owner in the Milwaukee Bucks arose, he grabbed the “bull by the horns.” Or rather, he “grabbed the bucks by the antlers,” so to speak.Mr. Edens has become a Wisconsin icon by cooperating with other Wisconsin icons, like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers discussed why he invested in the Bucks, “I am excited and honored to deepen my connection to the region by joining Wes Edens, Marc Lasry, Jamie Dinan, Mike Fascitelli and the ownership group of the Milwaukee Bucks. As a huge fan of the NBA and the sport of basketball, this is a dream come true for me, and I look forward to furthering my affinity for Wisconsin sports as a minority owner in a team I love and support.”The Milwaukee Bucks agreed, “Aaron is a winner, … With our team in the playoffs and our new world-class arena opening this fall, it’s an exciting time for this city and the Bucks. We are thrilled for Aaron to be with us.” Mr. Edens understands the 3rd “W” : Wes Edens Brand.

  1. Wes Edens Brand

Don’t be what you are not. Don’t try to take o more than you can handle. Buy low and sell high is the Mr. Edens’ brand.Wall Street, Wisconsin and Wes Edens are the keys to world domination. Mr. Edens has won in every arena, he has competed in. Just don’t try to beat his FlyQuest team in League of Legends.

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Randal Nardone Sees How Successful Fortress Investment Group Can Be

Randal Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He knows the company and knows how people are using the company to get better at the things they’re doing. He also knows there is a chance he can try different things if he works the right way. Even though he helped to start the company, he still works for it. He feels as though he has valuable contributions to the business. He makes a point of always giving people what they need and helping them with the opportunities that can make their lives better. It is his way of giving back.When Randal Nardone found out about the acquisition by Softbank, he knew Fortress Investment Group would benefit from it. While the company was great on its own, it would be better with the help of a major corporation behind it.

They could take advantage of everything Softbank had to offer and that would give it the chance of doing better than other small investment groups. Softbank has resources Fortress Investment Group didn’t have before and they are now using them to make things better. The company will keep growing and be an even better part of the industry if they know how to help people through different things.Despite the acquisition, Randal Nardone is still proud of how he started the company. He feels as though he played a huge role in it for a reason. He also feels it is something he can feel good about no matter where the company goes from here.

Whatever direction it takes, Randal Nardone knows it’ll be successful. He set the business up for success from the beginning and that continues helping him with different opportunities. He knows what will happen and how things will get better for people to enjoy the company.While Randal Nardone keeps seeing Fortress Investment Group growing, they’re working harder to provide their clients with the best investment solutions. They want all their clients to realize things will change and will be better as long as they make the right choices. For the investments to work for everyone, Randal Nardone feels things will keep getting better. He also works to provide people with a chance at a better future in investing. If they make the right choices now, their investments will pay off in the long run. He wants to see them be successful no matter what type of investments they make.

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Chris Burch Gift Giving Guide

Chris Burch is a creative investor who has helped get more than 50 businesses off the ground. His career began when he was just in undergrad. Burch and his brother invested in a clothing company, Eagle Eye’s Apparel (  Their $2000 investment turned into being worth more than $165 million after being sold. Chris Burch has invested in several lifestyle companies such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He has invested in several industries, including fashion, retail, and hospitality. Chris Burch has more than 40 years of experience in financial investments and entrepreneurism.

Burch, the giver that he is, made a list with about gifts that he felt could be giver year-round. Burch was inspired by his own creativeness, his investments, and places he has traveled. Including in this list was a beautiful candle set, a cozy jacket, and a zero-gravity massage chair. One of the most touching gifts on the list was a charitable donation in the name of the recipient of the gift. Burch made the list based off of gifts he has given his loved ones. Burch finds joy in surprising his friends and family with gifts they normally would not purchase themselves.  Check

Burch built his company, Burch Creative Capital, off of his own beliefs. The company opened in 2014 and has continued to support new ideas. Chris Burch’s goal throughout his career was to help fund new and unique products created by entrepreneurs. He invests in creative and passionate people who add new value to the world. Burch Creative Capital supports several companies in multiple industries. Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and Next Jump are just a few of the companies the Burch Creative Capital has supported. Burch Creative Capital purchased Indonesian luxury resort, Nihi Sumba Island, in 2012. The resort is now one of the top-rated resorts in Indonesia(

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Chris Burch also serves on multiple boards including the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. Burch also funds research initiatives at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, the Sumba Foundation, and the Child Welfare League of China to name of few. He has dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs become successful as well as giving back to those in need.