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More to Chris Burch the Billionaire and Fashion Mogul

The brain behind Burch Creative Capital is Chris Burch who is its founder and Chief Executive Officer (  Apart from that, he is also an experienced investor in diverse industries like the fashion industry where he is the Co-founder of Luxury Fashion Brand. Other sectors include home furnishings, technology, organic foods, real estate, and hospitality. Chris’s vision and primary goal revolve around customer understanding and satisfaction for over forty years since 1976. He got his degree from the Ithaca College.

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Chris Burch rehabilitated Nihi five-star resort which in 2016 and 2017 was voted by readers of the Travel and Leisure Magazine as the number one hotel in the world, check It was a surf destination at first, but its beauty attracted investors and entrepreneurs. The resort is located at Sumba Island, which was first known as Sandalwood Island. Sumba has been remote and inhabited for a long time due to various reasons, but they have contributed to it being rich in culture. The reasons why tourists always visit this island repeatedly is because its culture has remained intact and authentic. The place offers a lot of adventure and relaxation as it is all about nature. The island also has white colored sand on the Nihiwatu beach which stretches 2.5 kilometers long.

The transformation of this island started because of Claude Grave asking for help to expand the Nihiwatu Resort, which Chris Burch much helped him in 2012. Claude and his wife Petra were the ones who built the Nihiwatu resort. Chris together with James Mcbride invested 30 million dollars in upgrading the resort after purchasing it. James is a renowned hotelier, and his more than twenty-five-year experience and expertise in this field helped in making the resort. Chris Burch has played a significant role in creating the Nihi resort become a popular attraction for the tourists. The resort accommodates people seeking privacy and interaction with nature just as its self-concept says ‘edge of the wilderness.’ Chris Burch is a role model many should emulate.

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Chris Burch Turned Remote Island Into Acclaimed Resort

Billionaire Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch is also well known for his role in cofounding the luxury clothing brand, Tory Burch. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has helped with the growth of more than 50 new companies. Burch Creative Capital is involved with the further development in retail, home and lifestyle, organic foods, apparel, and technology with companies like Chubbies, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and many others.

Recently, Chris Burch was featured in an article in Wings Journal by Svilen Petrov titled “The Rundown: Billionaire Chris Burch’s Sumba Island Overhaul.” The article focused on how Burch turned a remote Indonesian island called Sumba into one of the most popular tropical beach destination in the world.

Sumba was once a remote and hard to reach Indonesian island that attracted surfers and few tourists. Burch, however, recognized the potential of the island to be something bigger. In 2015, Burch opened his brain child, the five-star resort on Sumba called Nihi. The island has transformed and now has a resort that was named the “#1 Hotel in the World” for two consecutive years by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Sumba is large island at over 4000 square miles and with a population of 600,000. The island still has a strong Indonesian culture so visitors can have a truly authentic experience, something that is hard to come by at popular tourist destinations. The resort is on a renowned beach, Nihiwatu Beach, has white colored sands and some of the best views on the island.

When Chris Burch visited the island, he was impressed with its beauty but the remoteness made him hesitate.

“I really didn’t get it at first,” he said referring to how the island is in the middle of nowhere. “The island is one of the most backward places in the world. But it is just so beautiful,” Burch said when talking to Wings Journal.

The resort was a large investment at $30 million. The villas have an authentic feel and are made according to local customs, while still maintaining luxury.

Burch, entrepreneur and billionaire, opened one of the world’s best resorts in remote Indonesia and the only thing longer than the flight there is the waiting list to get a reservation!

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Chris Burch and his Career as a Serial Entrepreneur and Hotel Owner

Serial entrepreneur Christopher J. Burch has established a favorable reputation in various lines of work such as hospitality, writing, style and fashion, interior design, retail, and many others. He is the founder of the Burch Creative Capital and its Chief Executive Officer. He is also the-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury clothing brand.

Chris Burch has been in business for more than forty years and has established, co-founded, and invested in more than fifty companies around the globe. The Burch Creative Capital has a long brand portfolio that includes Elle DeGeneres’s ED, Trademark, Poppin, Fena Hotel and Universe, Cacoo9, Voss water, Jawbone, and many others, including his own Nihiwatu. The Burch Creative Capital is a strong supporter of various lifestyle, hospitality, organic foods and many other. Recently it has been supporting Little Duck Organics, Brand’s Raw Foods, Soludos, bubble bar, and Blink Health, to name a few.

Businessman Chris Burch achieved his higher education at the Ithaca College in Business, attending it from 1972 until 1976. After that, Chris Burch jumped into the business sector and started taking up all types of opportunities to gain a stature in the industry, check In 2011, he co-founded the company Poppin which was one of his first businesses.

Chris Burch started working in the hospitality sector several years ago. He is the co-owner o the former Nihiwatu hotel which is now called the Nihi Sumba Island after its location. The Nihi Sumba Island was created a few decades ago by a couple that started living on the beach to surf every day. Many years later, the business started falling through as there were not enough trusts to supplement the hotel.

Under the leadership of businessman Chris Burch and his hotelier business partner, the resort was restored and transformed into a highly luxurious spot ( The Nihi Sumba island is described as ”heaven on earth” for its color and scenic surrounding. The hotel is accompanied by the music of birds and wildlife, surrounded by thick forest from one side and by marvelous beaches on the other. Chris Burch sends most of his time at the resort.

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The Amazing Entrepreneur; Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has used cards from the express company in America since the year 1979. The entrepreneur has switched his spending to Morgan Chase and Sapphire Reserve card. Chris was enlisted by the Forbes magazine in the year 2014 as one of the wealthiest in America.

The Burch creative capital, a company he owns is located in the United States of America. Burch has been enlisted in the company as an individual investor having transformed the company over the years. The entrepreneur has invested in many businesses including industries and is also a partner in the fashion, a brand which is a luxury in the New York.  Additional article here.

Chris has been deeply involved in the branding industry having enough knowledge on sales and marketing of the items. The investor has been successful in a number of investments which have made him reputable in the society. Chris has encouraged most organizations to rebrand their products for them to be appealing.  For more of his entrepreneurial views on business related matter, click on

Most of the companies he Chris has advised base their experiences from his personal investments. Chris has been able to explain to other entrepreneurs the idea of rebranding their products in various ways. The entrepreneur has offered good advice to those fresh entrepreneurs who are out of college.

Chris has advised them to first create time for their businesses so that they can monitor what is going on with the business. The entrepreneur further explains to them that the skills they possess in the different fields matter in that particular field. Lastly, the young entrepreneurs need money for their business to prosper.  Have a glimpse to one of his successful investment, browse on

Burch has demonstrated how technology is vital in the business. The entrepreneur has clearly outlined the essentials individuals need to possess for them to travel to international business summits. Chris encourages other entrepreneurs to be disciplined and prepare well for their international trip as it is not similar to the local trips they have encountered.

Chris Burch has offered advice to young entrepreneurs by encouraging them to commence their mornings at a high note. The entrepreneur encourages other entrepreneurs to brand their companies well so that they can be noticed easily. Burch explains that no matter the type of company one has engaged in, the only way to increase the revenues of the company is to brand it.

Christopher Burch carries with him an experience worth forty years in entrepreneurship. Chris has contributed immensely to technology such as Voss water, the Faena hotel, and universe among many other sectors. The mogul has invested in various projects of development including luxury homes in Florida and the New York.  Check this entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton and New York,  hit on

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Chris Burch is Changing the Face of the Global Hospitality Sector through Nihiwatu

The best hotel world over for the year 2016 was Nihiwatu, Chris Burch’s sensational 5-star resort that he built in one of the islands in Indonesia. Chris is a man best known for his dominance in the fashion sector. He has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is indeed a serial entrepreneur who can transform any industry that he sets his feet in.

A Revolutionary Debutant

As a debutant in the hospitality sector, Chris Burch had to partner with an experienced hotelier who would handle some technical bits regarding hotel management. He settled on hotelier James McBride and together managed to finalize the purchase of Nihiwatu in 2012. The resort that is situated in Sumba Island had to be upgraded to its current status. To achieve this, Chris and McBride had to make a $30 million investment towards renovation and upgrading.

The renovation and upgrading process took approximately three years, with the sensational Nihiwatu opening its doors in 2015. The hotel’s impact on the global hospitality sector was more of instant since it took the world less than a year to appreciate its uniqueness and only about a year for Travel + Leisure to name it as the best hotel in the world.  Related article on

What Chris Makes of Nihiwatu

Even though he is not new to successful investment endeavors, Chris Burch was overwhelmed by the success rate he got with Nihiwatu especially given that he was new in the industry. He once told Business Jet Traveler that he understands that many investments fall short of investors’ expectations, but in this case, Nihiwatu had sufficiently met and even surpassed his expectations. That is a rare occurrence in business according to him.   Additional article to read on

At the same interview, Chris Burch made revelations as of why he decided to put his money in Nihiwatu. First and foremost, he saw the resort as a good chance for him to utilize and build something unique; something that he could not manage to build elsewhere. Secondly, he wanted to build something that would help his children as well as go the extra mile to impacting positively on the community. True to his intentions, Nihiwatu has turned out to be the main source of livelihood for people living in Sumba Island. On top of uplifting people’s lives through creating job opportunities, the hotel also engages in philanthropy.

Chris Burch

Chris Burch biggest contribution in the fashion sector was in the launching of Tory Burch and C. Wonder- two fashion retail brands that are recognized the world over. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, through which he has made investments in not less than ten industries.

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Chris is now in his mid-60s and at the peak of his investment career. His entry in the hospitality sector signifies that he is not stopping anytime soon. For update on his recent timeline activities, hop over to

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Christopher Burch View on Fashion and Technology

The fashion and technology industries have experienced tremendous changes in the past few years. Despite these changes, one thing has stood out between these two industries. Fashion and technology industries go hand in hand, and one needs the other. For instance, there comes a time when technology is fashionable and also when fashion becomes technologically fashionable. Chris Burch believes that for us to understand the future of fashion and technology, we need to look into the past. Like past events have demonstrated, there is the tendency of technology becoming popular with what people think as fashionable.

The integration of the two industries is something that we get to experience in day to day activities. Fashion designers are quick to come up with a product that has potential; they can only realize the potential of a commodity through the use of technology. Many fashion designers refer technology to a playground where they can experiment things, and the result is a world of endless possibilities. There are also those fashions that have used technology to help improve humanity. An example of this scenario is when we wear bike protection. An air bag will not be deployed unless an accident happens. This means the cycler has better visibility than if he was wearing a helmet. On the other hand, fashionable hand gloves have been designed for firefighters that enable them to do their job and at the same time allows them to understand the hand gestures of each other. Another use of technology in fashion comes when designers use technology to recycle materials. The two can also be used to create energy. A good example is where clothes are used to capture kinetic energy as one move. Shoes can also be used to produce electric energy that can be used to charge a cell phone as you walk.   For his latest cool offering to the market, check on

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Christopher Burch has had a successful career. Chris Burch is currently the founder and CEO of a company called Burch Creative Capital. This great entrepreneur has a vision that targets new markets as well as believes in the application of technology and imagination and not forgetting incubation. Burch has been an investor and an entrepreneur for over 40 years. During this period, he has overseen the success of more than 50 companies.  Read more on

His company is currently overseeing the development of several products in different fields. His company deals with industries from retail to home furnishing and even technological companies. Some of the companies that he has helped over his life include Blink Health and Little Duck Organics among many others.  Know his diverse investments, head over to

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