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Financial Advice From Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading companies in the hedge fund industry. As reported on, this company has investigated and has submitted a report on the companies future expectations for the hedge fund industry. As a part of this submitted report, Madison Street Capital found that there was a total of 42 hedge fund deals that were reported to be closed in the year of 2015. In addition to this, the transaction number was also reported to be a total of 27 percent higher than what it was reported to be in 2014. After an increase in the number of reported transactions, there was a wave of momentum that continued from the last quarter in 2015 into the new quarter of 2016.

As the leading investment and banking firm on the global scale, Madison Street Capital reported that the number of reported transactions increased significantly from the 32 transactions that were reported in 2014. With that said, the investment firm found that the momentum of the last quarter has put the number of transactions at an all time high despite the faltering business strategies of many hedge funds. In addition to this, institutional investors are also allocating investments to different industries for the purpose of increasing revenue. An increase in revenue is desired as the increase of risk liability becomes more prominent. As a result of the increasing risk liability, the smaller hedge funds are also having difficulties with attracting new capital and expanding the overall portfolio.

In 2016, the result includes higher operational costs which have been putting many small hedge fund businesses out of business. This has been motivating hedge funds that still remain in business to pursue other alternatives and to rethink strategy. As reported by Madison Street Capital, the overall investment opportunity in 2016 is stronger than ever. New buying mechanisms are being drafted and thought over to help benefit both the producer as well as the consumer.

Madison Street Capital’s report is a detailed report on future expectations for the hedge fund industry. This large hedge fund offers fully integrated and high quality financial advice that is sought after by both large and small businesses. With the company’s expertise and high standards, clients around the globe receive expert investment advice that is guaranteed to increase capital. This company is not only successful for the excellent business strategy, but also for the diverse investment portfolio that this company also posses. The executives of Madison Street Capital continue to develop the company to be readily available for the buy and the seller.

Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Understanding Investment Banking

Investment banking differs markedly from retail banking. Bank branches where you deposit paychecks, checks and cash are part of the retail banking world. Retail banks also known as commercial banks loan money for mortgages and may also offers credit cards to consumers. Commercial banks also offer certificates of deposits, savings accounts and checking accounts. The main way that retail banks function is they take money from an individual or business and then loan a portion of that money to someone else in the form of loans or credit. The retail bank makes money off of interest charged to people who have taken loans or use credit.

Investment banks play a very different role in the economy. To start, most investment banks do not have branches that will accept deposits of cash or checks like commercial banks do. You won’t find certificates of deposit or savings account at investment banks either. Investment banks instead invest money into stocks, commodities such as corn, oil, precious metals and cotton. They buy and sell stocks, bonds and commodities and try to make a profit off these items. Investment banks are actively involved in trading goods and financial derivatives. Commercial banks typically do not do this.

Another important job that investment banks do, is raising money for companies by determining the value of company stock, and then actually trying to sell the stocks on the markets. Investment banks often charge a fee for this service or they are paid on a commission basis for every share of stock sold. Helping companies acquire and merge with other firms is another job that investment banks do.

Investment banking can be a very lucrative field with big payoffs. Martin Lustgarten, the founder of investment banking firm Lustgarten Martin has a made fortune in the field of investment banking. Mr. Lustgarten approaches investments with a very cautious eye and compares the possibility of a payoff when the possibility of losing money before making an investment. This approach has minimized losses for Lustgarten Martin and has kept his firm profitable.

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten has a great deal of knowledge of the Central, South and North American markets. His insight has helped him spot profitable investments and avoid many pitfalls that abound in developing countries. Mr. Lustgarten resides with his family in Florida. His firm is also located in Florida, outside of Jacksonville.

Madison Street Capital’s Extraordinary Leader Honored


Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has been the investment banking firm that stands by its clients to ensure they reach their goals within the world-wide marketplace. This firm’s actions have been exceptionally led by its Chief Operating Office and co-founder Anthony Marsala whose business duties have focused on handling mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate finance and business assessment. His contributions have taken him to supervising and directing Madison Street Capital’s business needs in Asia, Africa and Europe. In an article recently published in the Chicago Tribune we learned that Marsala was honored for his unique leadership abilities by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).

NACVA developed a program which annually recognizes individuals who have accomplished triumphant endeavors in the world of business such as in M&A and business valuation. Known as its 40 Under Forty program, this prestigious acknowledgement chooses one recipient who has accomplished astonishing advances in business and respected by peers. These highly regarded individuals were selected by the executive staff representing CTI and NACVA, organizations which were founded on superiority and an essence of originality within the financial and accounting professionals.

Both CTI and NACVA had a difficult time choosing its 2015 recipient among all of the triumphant candidates. The nominees, who were comprised of more than 100, had all accomplished some amazing advances in various fields which include M&A. However for more than 13 years Madison Street Capital’s own Anthony Marsala had managed to continuously study and perform many transactional and valuation activities in many industry sectors.

Graduating from Chicago’s Loyola University, Marsala graduated with a focus on Finance and Information Systems. He also found time to enroll at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School where he earned a Masters Diploma with an emphasis on Strategy. Marsala is a member of the international organization known as the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

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