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A New Leaf with Drew Madden

Amazon is placing unbelievable pressure on retailers everywhere.

Every industry that Amazon has trampled through is feeling the tectonic influence of this net-based retailer, and it’s only getting worse. While the customer is winning here, entrepreneurs are shaking in their boots after the recent demise of Toys “R” Us and Whole Foods. Other companies that are slowly heading this way are Costco, UPS and Foot Locker, and the scariest part is, these are companies that we’ve all heard of for years. They’re experienced, established and certainly not new, but along comes the power of the Internet to shoehorn innovation into a world that’s changing more rapidly with each passing day.

The most recent concern on everyone’s minds is Amazon’s newfound legal power to sell equipment of pharmaceutical nature, which required the monolith to obtain licenses in multiple states beforehand. As this article is being typed, they’re also progressing into the ability to relay prescriptions, which will involve a new level of health care IT to support this service. Slowly but surely, companies like CVS are starting to feel the heat of the largest retailer in the world.

CVS is leading the innovative fight by extending beyond simple retail operations.

CVS decided to respond to Amazon’s marketing tactic by taking post outside of the retail sphere. This involves the possible purchase of Aetna, a large health care company that specializes in the provision of health insurance. They currently serve millions of Americans with their programs, and as such, CVS’ takeover would instantly allow the company to pull revenue from a source that Amazon can’t currently touch. Like Amazon, this will require a radical redo of the IT side of things, but CVS’ think tank is full of smart people, and that means they’ll probably call on one well-known personality in the medical IT system: Drew Madden.

Drew Madden might be the final bastion of hope for some medical retailers going forward.

In order to successfully procure and process patient records and other medical information expeditiously, it’s necessary to understand how to set up the networking, hardware and software on the back end. Madden is an executive entrepreneur and seasoned expert in the provision of health care IT services for situations like this, and his assistance can dig CVS out of their fast-approaching predicament with Amazon. Expect to see more of this man’s name in the future as the battle drags on!