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Herbalife24- A Trusted Nutritional Enhancement that Works!

Most everyone from time to time aim to lose weight and get healthy but soon discover that it can be extremely difficult to maintain the regimen they are on. However, there is a product known as Herbalife24 that takes on a fresh approach to proper nutrition.

Herbalife24 empowers athletes all day long with its performance nutrition line that works to deliver nutrition to athletes before, during, and post workout. Herbalive24 has surpassed every industry standard. The Herbalife24 program can help an individual receive optimal nutrition as they get a customized seven product line based on their every day needs to include training and activity level.


With thorough, on-going, regular testing of the Herbalife24 products, consumers can rest assured that they are receiving a product that reflects the label claims.




The company Herbalife (a weight management product) made its debut in February 1980. Developer Mark Hughes started selling the product out of his vehicle’s trunk. Mark put his heart and soul into this product as a result of his own mother’s struggles with weight loss issues that ultimately claimed her life at a premature age.


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The initial purpose of Herbalife, according to one website, was to re-educate the world about proper nutritional habits. Knowing this information could equip an individual with information that could help them perform athletically at a higher maintain a healthy weight and keep it off. A protein shake was the company’s first product, which was distributed by the direct selling approach.

Herbalife was noted as one of the swiftest growing private companies in America by 1985. Its sales grew to a staggering $423 million over a five year period. The company then expanded to additional countries to include Israel, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and New Zealand by 1988.


Athlete Testimony


Herbalife sponsors soccer great Christiano Ronaldo who says that when he was a young player, he never really considered how important proper nutrition would benefit both his body and his sport performance. It was not until he was older than he learned about the link between proper nutrition and his game performance and training recovery. It was this reason that helped him make the decision to partner with Herbalife.

Nobilis Health Corp. Growth

Northstar healthcare Inc. , based in Houston, Texas, as of December 5th, 2014 changed it’s name to Nobilis Health Corp. as part of the expansion in the U.S. capital markets. They started this to avoid confusion by companies and funds using the “Northstar” name in the stock market in the United States.
Nobilis Health is a healthcare facility and marketing firm. They manage ten healthcare facilities in both Texas and Arizona, an urgent care center, two MRI centers, and six ambulatory surgical centers. They also have marketing relationships with sixteen other surgical centers in the United States.
It is a publicly owned company with patient lead management and direct-to-consumer
marketing. Nobilis has an extensive physician partnership of specialists including pain management, spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, ect.
The company has great growth potential for shareholders. Mackee Research Capital analyst Russel Stanley predicted a target price of twelve dollars and fifty cents in one year at the time of publication. That’s a seventy-two percent return rate. He gave credit to Nobilis as an undervalued play on increasing demands for surgical procedures from the aging population and increased numbers of obesity.
In 2014, Nobilis Health, then Northstar healthcare, saw rapid growth and record revenue of over seventeen million in the third quarter. Harry Fleming, the president of the company, claimed they would remain aggressive in their expansion and enhancement of new and existing market programs to maximize profitability and value for their shareholders in the fourth quarter and into 2015. Their net patient service revenue for the third quarter of 2014 was an increase of nine and one half million dollars or 125 percent increase from the seven million from the previous period. Nobilis has been expanding and gaining revenue since that time.
Cash flows provided for operating activities for the third quarter ending September 30, 2014 were 2.2 million dollars, an increase of 2 million dollars from the same period last year. The 2014 records prove that Nobilis health corp. is only increasing in it’s profitability and will be expanding in the future.
On April 2, 2015 Nobilis closed a 25 million dollar debt financing facility with GE capital, healthcare financial facilities, for the benefit of decreasing their borrowing costs and streamlining their capital structure. This deal will provide another catalyst for the anticipated growth through 2015. Chris Lloyd, CEO of Nobilis Health, says this has met one of their goals for growth and keeping their borrowing costs down. The interest is only 4 percent as opposed to the average borrowing cost of 9 percent.
Zacks has given the company a short term rank buy of 2. This is compared to a 1 rank from one broker. Analysts from Zacks have rated Nobilis as a strong buy. The target price per share was ten dollars but the shares have dropped to five dollars forty-three cents. The share prices have risen over 375 percent in just one year.
Nobilis has a bright future ahead and increased plans for expansion. The steady rise of profitability ensures share holders a safe and profitable long term investment.