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Keep a healthy and happy pup with the Beneful brand!

Beneful is a company owned by Nestle PurinaStore that thrives from helping dogs keep a healthy and happy lifestyle.

They have many varieties of products; multiple possibilities of dry and wet dog food as well as delicious dog treats! Their products are available online via Amazon or local gorcery stores like Wal-mart.

Give your dog a protein-rich meal to keep them playing and active all day with Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life. It contains beef and egg, two things that your dog is always begging at the kitchen table for!

Maybe your pup is craving something wet. Beneful Wet Dog Food [see,] Chopped Blends will keep their mouth watering; it breaks apart easily and has a wonderful texture, unlike any other wet food.

Another wet food blend is Tuscan Style Medley; it’s got a mix of 4 flavors and will help keep your dog healthy. You can buy it in 3 oz cans, a perfect meal size.

Finally, Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists will help your dog reduce plaque and tartar build up! Their breath will be fresh after every treat.

Choose Beneful if you want your pups to live a healthy and happy life. It all starts with their food. Start them off with a healthy morning meal. Come afternoon, fill their stomaches with healthy meats and vegetables. They will be doing tricks all day because they know it will be time for their Dental Twists. There will be no need to worry about whether your pup has disgusting breath, whether your pup’s teeth are rotting away, or whether your pup is not getting the nutrition that they need.



The Beneful Brand – Goodness In A Bowl

If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy, look no further than Beneful brand dog food. All Beneful products are made using real, wholesome ingredients such as veggies rich in vitamins. It is a dog food that will provide your best buddy with quality nutrition that tastes great.

What Makes Beneful Different?

One of the many things that makes Beneful different are the people who make the food. All have pets of their own and are committed to making nothing but the best product. They love your pet just as much as you do.

They approach quality assurance unlike any other company out there. All dog food made by Purina, the parent company of Beneful, is put through a series of standards and processes. These standards and processes are there for one reason and that is to ensure every product that leaves the facility is not only safe for your pet, but made using nothing but the highest quality ingredients.

The quality assurance checks also ensure every item is consistent and has the best flavor every time. While many practices are used all throughout the industry, Purina always takes things a step further and goes above and beyond industry standards.

Why do they choose to go above and beyond the call of duty you ask? Well the answer is really quite simply, because they believe in treating every pet like it was their own. They make products they would feed to their own pets. That’s what makes them different.

To ensure their products are always of the highest quality, Purina hires nothing but the brightest experts in the industry. While most companies have a team of 5 to 10 people focusing on quality assurance, Purina has a panel of 33 experts whose sole purpose is to make sure the methods being used are safe and effective.

Purina also sends out a crew to select retail partners to educate them on how to properly handle the Beneful products. That alone should tell you how serious they are about the quality of their product.

So what’s the secret ingredient to making all this work? In one word, Technology! The Purina team uses leading edge technology to track and screen every product that enters their facilities. From the moment the raw ingredient arrives at the plant it is continually tracked until the product is finished and shipped to the customer.

So as you can see, when you feed your dog Beneful brand dog food, you can have the peace of mind knowing it was created with love and integrity every step of the way.

Purina Stands the Tests of Time for Happier Pets

I love talking about great products. I also love my dogs. From the days of my childhood to current times as an adult knowing how and what to feed my dogs was a part of pet ownership. Some folks take this topic lightly. Others want the best and go to great lengths to provide the best.

In earlier days Purina Beneful dog food was the primary dog food meal option, if not the only option. Everybody fed their dogs this trusted dog food. When people hear the name Purina, they know exactly who it is and what kind of great quality can be expected. Grocery stores and pet stores have stocked and sold Purina for eons. Ever-evolving, Purina continues to grow by developing even higher quality food options and varieties. Purina’s popularity has sustained itself for over 80 pet-loving years – 80 years!

There is something pretty special about this brand when there is a heavy desire to offer specific meal types for specific pet health purposes. Variety is important for the consumer to make better choices for their pet. One of my favorite Purina food choices has been Beneful. My rough collie loved Beneful for years. His health and taste buds were happy eating one bowl of this crunchy, kibbled goodness.

Pet-friendly Purina creates deliciousness for our furry babies while also stepping out-of-the-box in humane ways our communities are proud of. Remember, Purina’s original days meant good quality, a genuine respect for the product and the consumer, and reliable customer service attitudes.

For example, the passion of Purina proudly extends itself to its employees.  Purina incorporates respect and reward for employees by helping them understand how important it is to actually care about the products they are making. Purina stands for families and appreciates the value our pets bring to the heart of the home and community. When a company is ranked Number 3 as one of the best places to work for not one, but several years, I know this is a company I can entrust my dog’s health and happiness to.

Purina’s Pet Care Development Centres have been thoughtfully created for ongoing educational purposes to better understand the nutritional preferences and requirements of both dogs and cats. Incorporating training in socialization, group play and other enrichment programs designed to benefit our pets is only a small part of how Purina is impacting the world.

Try Purina products on your pet family and see for yourself how many furry smiles and purrs you get. Joining Purina’s heartwarming legacy means happy-ever-after for the pets we love so much.

Lime Crime Makeup Products

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that is based out of Los Angeles. The online company was founded by Doe Deere. The company offers makeup with the modern girl in mind. The bright colored products are the perfect addition to any makeup bag. There are several different products that can be purchased directly from the Lime Crime web page.

The first product tab you come across on the Lime Crime website on amazon is for lip products. The lip products available include unicorn lipstick, velvetines, and carousel gloss. The unicorn lipstick comes in a more traditional lipstick tube in twenty different shades. There are unique colors, including blue and green. The velvetines is a lip gloss that comes in sixteen different shades. The colors include beautiful shades of purples and reds. Carousel gloss is a sparkly lip gloss that comes in five shades, including green.

The next product tab on the Lime Crime website is for eye products. These products include eyeliner, an eye shadow palette, zodiac glitter, and glitter helper. The eyeliner comes in eight beautiful colors. The eye shadow palette comes with eight different shades of eye shadow.

The last product tab on the website is for nail products. The nail product available is Lime Crime nail polish, which comes in five beautiful pastel colors. The shades range from pastel blue to pastel pink. Like all of the other Lime Crime products, the nail polish is cruelty free/vegan. In the description, it’s noted that it will take an extra 5-7 business days for your order to be delivered if it contains nail polish.

The Lime Crime website is easy to navigate even if you’re a first time user. The categories are easy to find at the top of the main page. It’s also easy to find a description of each product, along with whether the product requires additional shipping time. The description also includes the ingredients used in the product.

Perhaps one of the best things about shopping on the site is the option for free shipping when you spend fifty dollars. When you’re shopping for makeup it’s definitely easy to spend more than fifty dollars. It should be easy for most shoppers to qualify for Lime Crime’s free shipping offer.

Lime Crime cosmetics are perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their makeup bag. The cosmetics are reasonably priced and made with products that are safe. The quality makeup is sure to last and be the perfect addition to any makeup routine.

Handy: Cleaning service that’s at your service.

Today’s busy families and career singles try to maintain a balance between work and home. Keeping the home clean is important to emotional well-being and social opportunities. There have been cleaning and maid services available for years. But sometimes a cleaning has to be done fast. Here’s where phone apps and entrepreneurship come in handy with “Handy“.

Originating in 2012 as “Handybook” the cell phone app used smartphone technology to connect those seeking services from pre-approved, professionals in various trades. Two classmates at Harvard Business School, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua combined their work experiences and business and entrepreneurial acumen into an app-based services company that is similar to the wildly successful Uber transportation model.

The company recruits and verifies contractors who supply services such as cleaning, handyman, plumbing, electrical work, moving help, painting and even furniture assembly into a secured payment process.Sixty-second bookings and rapid response are promised and delivered.

Drastic advances in smartphone and wireless technology have made the company a brand in its own right. Currently serving 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada and London in the UK, expansion is a sure thing as customers and entrepreneurs flock to this service.

Phone apps are a new phenomenon. Mobile websites are becoming the dominant medium for business communication and marketing. Statistics show that consumers are more savvy in using this format than many marketers assume. Handy has demonstrated that this platform is not only successful but has substantial advantages over other forms. Mobile sites and apps offer the consumer instantaneous results and verification that standard computer online systems cannot.

Handy on youtube is the ingenious merge of a necessary bundle of services matched to a platform of a mobile platform that consumers embrace. The app offers niche opportunities to an audience which requires services on short notice or an irregular schedule. It uses a secure third party payment system and removes that security barrier from the transaction. As an online mobile service broker it connects the customer with a pre-approved service provider who best meets the consumer’s needs as specified by time, date, work type or schedule.

Handy offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to market their services without having to advertise, do cold calls, or wait for clients to find them. Part-time service providers and established professionals can all utilize the Handy platform to their advantage, Hourly rates range from $15 to $22 an hour and Handy does all the financial work

Handy is a company whose time has come. .

OrganoGold Is Gaining Popularity

Many people make resolutions to eat healthier one year or another, but they never end up sticking to them. Many people try to go on diets, or try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their everyday lives, but after awhile they forget about what they were trying to do. It is easy for someone to become distracted by all of the unhealthy foods that are out there, but when a healthy alternative to a food tastes just as good, if not better than the real thing, then someone will be much more likely to stick with eating it.

OrganoGold offers coffee and tea products that are healthier than what an average coffee or tea brand puts out, and yet they are tasty, too. Everyone who tries these products loves them. This brand knows what it is doing. It knows how to get people to eat healthfully without feeling like they are doing that. And it is all thanks to their founder.

Bernardo Chua had a strong love for Ganoderma, a Chinese herb, and he used that love to drive him to make this company a success. He wanted to be able to share this herb with the world around him, and in order for him to be able to do that he knew that he would have to make products that people would love.

They are happy that they can feel that they are making a good choice for themselves just by drinking a cup of coffee or tea. And, OrganoGold is sure to gain a ton of popularity, even more than they already have, because of that.