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About Fortress Investment Group

Recent Acquisition by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by Softbank. The Japanese portfolio investment firm acquired Fortress for $3.3 billion. The transaction was completed upon all shareholders receiving dividends based on their investments. The company’s headquarters were established in New York. Although Fortress Investment is under Softbank, the firm will operate independently. Additionally, Softbank decided to retain Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger as the managing principals. Softbank acquired Fortress since it wants to expand by managing a wide range of portfolio. According to fortress employees, the acquisition is an ideal chance to grow. The initial founders stated that the acquisition was in line with the initial objectives.


Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Robert Kauffman. Wes Edens currently serves as the chairman and principal of Fortress Investment. Randal Nardone plays a crucial role in the firm since he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the investment group. However, Robert Kauffman retired 15 years ago.The three founding partners have vast experience in the financial field. Before founding Fortress, they worked in notable firms in the financial field such as Goldman Sachs, BlackRock Financial Management, Lehman Brothers, and UBS.Under their leadership, Fortress Investment has recorded significant growth and development. For instance, when they started the company, they only had $400 million of assets under their management. Within five years, the firm had managed to acquire clients and managed $3.9 billion of assets. They had a breakthrough during the 2007 Initial Public Offering where the firm decided to go public becoming the most significant private equity company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange Market. They garnered numerous clients and companies, and they were now managing over $32 billion of Assets.


Fortress Investment Group is managed by a spectacular team who have vast experiences and skills in the financial world. Randal Nardone serves as the co-founder and the chief executive officer of the firm based in New York. Wes Edens is the chairman and a managing partner. Peter Briger serves as a principal based in San Francisco.The leadership of the three principals have enabled Fortress Investment register substantial growth and development.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment is currently the leading alternative asset investment group. The firm manages over $43 billion of assets with over1,750 clients and companies. The headquarters of the firm is based in New York and employs over 900 individuals.

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Equities First – GC Report Is Highly Anticipated

Equities First Holdings has certainly made a good impression for many people. Market observers have seen the firm improve their standing in a number of ways. They issue stock based loans to those who need them the most. These stock based loans tend to hold at a lower overall interest rate too. That makes them more popular among a select group of borrowers. Equities First Holdings is made more popular with some new offers.

Expect the firm to expand to all new business locations in time. They are renowned for the work that they do when possible. The firm is now partnering with a range of popular new vendors. Those partnerships will prove to be vital and everyone wants to see them succeed in time. They are waiting to extend great offers to people in new countries. Equities First Holdings is highly anticipated by news outlets like GC Report too.

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Jed McCaleb is Taking Cryptocurrency to the Next Level

In 2014, Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim came together and co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation. The main propose behind the creation of the foundation was because the two of them had recognized just how broken the world’s financial infrastructure had become. As a result of this, there were many individuals that were being left without resources. One thing that Jed has stated that he likes the most about the foundation, is that he gets the opportunity to spend a ton of hours with some of the world’s smartest people.


Before Jed McCaleb helped co-find Stellar, he was the founder of eDonkey2000. This happened to be one of the earliest peer to peer file sharing networks. EDonkey2000 was also one of the first multi-source downloading and one of the first implementations of the Kademlia DHT.


Jed McCaleb is also known for his longtime presence in the cryptocurrency world. He hopes to be able to make developments that will help change fundraising, global payments and also stock markets. McCaleb has been able to work with some of the world’s biggest crypto organizations, one of which happens to be Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange.

His current role consists of him being the chief technology officer at Stellar. Jed McCaleb recently shared his thoughts on how he thinks that underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will more than likely gain traction in the near future. He also states that it is pretty clear to him that in the future there will be a universal payments network that will be able to operate. Coincidentally, Stellar is working very hard at the moment to be able to solve many of the cryptocurrency issues that McCaleb is concerned about. Along with seeing the problems of cryptocurrency fixed, Jed also states that many of the non-cryptoassets, which includes stock, will become digitalized in the future using the same exact technology.

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Equities First Financial Holdings Is Known For An Ability

For people looking to make money, they have very little idea of what to do and how to do it. In today’s world, people have no idea how the stock market works and how to make investments. In order to save for the future people need to have someone in their corner that will help them with the problem. If you have no idea how to save money and make investments then you must go to Equities First Financial Holdings and learn more about the company. Equities First Financial Holdings is known for an ability to put you with a financial advisor who will give you some of the best advice when it comes to financing and saving money. The company partners you up with an adviser who is looking for your best interest and try to help you make money for the priest and the future. The advisor will look out for you.

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