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Lovaganza Reschedules its International Celebrations to 2020

Lovaganza is reported to have rescheduled its global celebrations that were to be held on May 2015 to 2020. The occasion will be held from May to September. The reason behind pushing the date forward was to accommodate other new emerging concepts as well as the new technology in the entertainment industry. The event will be held simultaneously in eight different countries across the world. The goal behind these celebrations is to showcase cultures from various parts of the world through great entertainment and exhibitions and other live events. The four-month celebrations will be held in Africa, America, Europe, and the Middle East among other regions.

Other events will take place before 2020. Lovaganza is planning to hold a traveling show that will hit the roads in the year 2017. The aim of the traveling show is to promote the international celebrations in 2020. The goals of the 2020 celebrations will be promoted during the 2017 road show. The Lovaganza traveling pavilions will also showcase the three major motion pictures in the three-dimensional glasses. Currently, shooting of the movie trilogy is ongoing in various countries across the globe including France, the United States, and Spain.

The film will be presented on groundbreaking Immer-scope Screens during the traveling shows. Through the movies on Vimeo, an exceptional cinematic experience will be availed to the audience.

The Lovaganza planning and printing department is subdivided into Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is geared towards entertaining the audience by exposing them to different cultures from all over the world. The Lovaganza Foundation focuses on supporting various initiatives all over the world.

Lovaganza was founded by two artists, J.F Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. The goal behind the formation of the organization was to transform the world into a better place. Through entertainment and their artistic ventures, the two artists create awareness and raise funds to attain their mission. J.F Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon share common goals, which involve bringing stakeholders together and work to eradicate social problems such as poverty and wars. The two artists have been traveling all over the world to engage governments and other institutions on how their noble mission can be beneficial to humans.

Genevieve has produced many documentaries, which will be released in the year 2018. The goal of shooting the documentaries is to create awareness and encourage others to support them. The two founders have also established Lovaganza Foundation whose official launch has not been officially announced.

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Channing Tatum Dances Again as Mike in Magic Mike XXL

The 2012 film Magic Mike turned out to be the surprise hit of the summer grossing over $167 million worldwide on a modest budget of only $7 million. That box-office figure made Magic Mike the highest top-grossing Dance movie ever, surpassing such favorites as Saturday Night Fever and Flash Dance.

This summer, hoping for lightning to strike twice, Magic Mike XXL hit the silver screen with Tatum Channing as male stripper Magic Mike once again in the lead role. Initial box-office sales have been favorable.

In the comedy-drama sequel, Magic Mike leaves his furniture business behind and visits his former stripper-dance troupe, The Kings of Tampa. They tell him his old nemesis Dallas (Mathew McConaughey) is no longer around and that they are planning to travel to Myrtle Beach, Florida for one last performance at a stripping convention. Unable to resist the glamour and music and the temptation to dance again, Mike rejoins the group and they head south to the Sunshine State. The plot revolves around Magic Mike taking a young 19-year old stripper under his wing and teaching him the ropes of the profession.

A huge and talented cast joins Tatum Channing for Magic Mike XXL. Kevin Nash (Tarzan) and Matt Bomer (Ken) return as dancers in the Kings of Tampa stripper team. Actors Joe Manganiello, Juan Piedrahita, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell, Rhoda Griffis, Raeden Greer, and Elizabeth Banks all contribute to make this one of the favorite ‘girls-night-out’ films of the year.

Gregory Jacobs, who was an assistant under Steven Soderberg, the director of Magic Mike, took over the directing reigns for the sequel.

Veteran daytime television actress Crystal Hunt also joined the cast as Lauren, one of the many eccentric characters that make the film so entertaining. Hunt is best known for her role in the CBS soap opera Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding, the troubled daughter of a long-suffering couple. She played that part from 2003 to 2006 and received a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for the role.

Crystal was born in Clearwater, Florida and professed a desire to act from the early age of two by taking parts in local pageants. Hunt then stared in a number of television commercials including The Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary party before moving on to New York City and various roles in soap operas.