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ECU Wants Transparency In Campaign Financing

There are plans to spend millions electing Democrats supporting campaign finance reform during 2018 midterms by a political action committee with the goal of overturning Citizens United. It announced the top twenty targets include four people who are on the watchlist for California’s most vulnerable House members. Tiffany Muller executive director of End Citizens United (ECU) stated that the best opportunities are in California during a call with reporters. She noted that fact that one of the top twenty is under investigation for misusing campaign funds and contributions from telecom companies for Issa.

Formed in 2015 ECU spent over twenty-five million dollars during the election of 2016. The group plans to target independent voters that prioritize money as a top issue in politics. As of October thirtieth, the group had already raised over eleven million dollars but group leaders would not say how much of that was to be spent on the four districts in California.

Grassroots donors fund ECU which is dedicated to reforming the finance system for campaigns and the effect of Citizens United. The idea is to show everyone that people are fighting back against those who try to buy elections. The idea is top get lawmakers to act and get more people working reform in financing campaigns. ECU supports Democrats who favor meaningful reform to the way campaigns are financed and will fight for Citizens United to be overturned.

The group selected Democrats because they are leading the movement against Citizens United and think that their leadership can lead to meaningful change. The Congress’s Republican leadership is in the way of having the Supreme Courts decision overturned. ECU is asking for those that they endorse to be dedicated to the reform of the system to finance campaigns. ECU, a political action committee, believes that political spending should be transparent.

ECU intends to back candidates financially though polling, direct mailings and television ads. They hope to get finance reform at local and state levels in addition to having a constitutional amendment that overturns the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision. 1992 was when the last amendment to the Constitution was made in America.

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