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Dr. Mark McKenna Making It Big As an Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna founded the OVME a medical aesthetic firm this year in July. He says the idea came when he worked for more than a decade and built a company that he sold to another company in the medical aesthetics industry. Mark saw an opportunity in the field and decided to grab it. Like many of his ideas, he set the goal and did a visualization of how the company will be. Dr. McKenna likes to meditate. He discovered that having a time to himself and setting goals helps him achieve what he is after.

Mark’s day

His family, wife, and daughter are his world. Mark’s regular day starts with him having breakfast with his daughter then heads to work. He stays at work to six in the evening and comes back home to have dinner with his family. Keeping fit is also important to him. He does Jiu-Jitsu training from after dinner to nine. Dr. McKenna then works until he sleeps.

Right decision

In a recent interview, Dr. McKenna said that if he were to start again, he would take his time to discover his passion. He believes that you should take your time if you want to move in the right direction. Being a reader, McKenna encourages entrepreneurs to read Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. According to him, it is a remarkable book with a high power of visualization.

About Mark

Mark McKenna has a license to practice Medicine and Surgery in Florida and Georgia states. Dr. McKenna graduated in Medicine and Health from the Tulane University School of Medicine. After his medical training, he practiced medicine with his father while founding a real estate development company, the McKenna Venture Investments. Over the years, Mark has launched several investments and found a way to pick himself up after Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of his business interest.

Dr. Mark McKenna launched a wellness and aesthetic medical practice, and it rose to be among the greatest in America. He later sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc., and he also served as the national medical director of Life Time Fitness up to 2016. Mark is a very dedicated entrepreneur.

Dr. Imran Haque Diabetes Work

There are many people throughout the world who are at risk of developing diabetes. This is a disease that impacts the blood glucose in the body. In order to help solve this issue, people are forced to take insulin throughout the day. As a general rule, people who struggle with diabetes are generally less healthy than those without it.

The good news is that there is a lot of research going on in this area. Dr. Imran Haque is the type of person who is going to do whatever it takes to help others. He is dedicated to providing as much value as possible to clients. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of people prevent or control their diabetes.


The biggest factor that impacts diabetes is the diet. Most people today are not eating a healthy diet full of vegetables and lean meat. The problem for most people is that they eat too much processed food. Processed food does not take as long to digest in the body. Over time, eating too much sugar causing the body to become resistant to the insulin that is naturally produced in the body.

One of the best ways to regulate blood glucose in the body is to stop eating processed sugar. For many people, they are already addicted to processed sugar and they may not even know it. Working with Imran Haque on a diet plan is a great way to start taking control of your body.


Another important factor in controlling or preventing diabetes is exercise. The vast majority of people today do not get enough exercise in their daily life. Working out for twenty minutes at night is not enough to combat sitting all day. There are some recent studies that show sitting all day can take years off of a person’s life. It is vital to move around and exercise as much as possible to help in this area.

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How Mikhail Blagosklonny Could Change Your Life

Most people don’t think about cancer on a daily basis. Unless they have someone in their family or friend circle diagnosed with the disease. Researchers are trying to find ways how to cure cancer and Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of them.

Cancer And Aging Research

Have you ever heard Mikhail Blagosklonny’s name? Few people have, but in the coming years, it will change. He researches cancer as well as aging. Since receiving his M.D., Blagosklonny has been in the headlines. He publishes research in medical journals. Blagosklonny wants to find out what kind of connections there is between old age and cancer. And why older individuals are more likely to receive a cancer diagnosis.

At this point the treatment is expensive. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have serious side-effects. People experience nausea, pain and muscle weakness among others. The underlying goal is to find a cure to cancer. The aim is also to find a cheaper and less painful manner of treating cancer.

The cure lies in the disease itself. There is a hope to end cancer cells from duplicating and then reappearing in the patient’s body. One of the research ideas Blagosklonny talks about includes Rapamycin. He is working to prove that it can help people live longer. This way their health benefits as well because it slows down the natural aging process.

What Is Rapamycin?

This drug is known in the industry as Sirolimus. This compound has different uses. Coating stents and help people with organ transplants as well as treatment for LAM – a rare lung disease. It works by assimilating itself in human T cells and B cells. Blagosklonny argues, that aging is a growth in development that never stops. He wants to prove that Rapamycin slows the process down. This also impacts the possibility of cancer.

If this drug slows down the aging process at the cell level, it can also delay targeting the immune system. Studies so far have expressed support. Rapalogs are effective in a combination of other medication. Blagosklonny thinks that people should administer rapamycin before cancer appears. Blagosklonny says that a typical cocktail of anti-cancer medication can shorten the lifespan. He also expresses that it can make the side-effects more severe.

The research proved to be successful. The pharmaceutical industry can begin a move towards a less-intrusive treatment. For people with cancer, these are welcome news. It could also mean preventing the disease from appearing in more people, but that is yet to come. Since its discovery, rapamycin has received approval for clinical trials. Blagosklonny’s research has inspired his colleagues to look for more alternatives to rapamycin. So far a few have survived the test as well with great results. It has worked in changing the way the immune system works. It allows it to be less prone to different cancer strains. But, it is still not a complete cure as people with aggressive forms of cancer are still waiting for one.


Dr. Jennifer Walden, A Success Story

Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, PLLC, a cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, TX. told an interviewer that one of her biggest goals is to help women, really help where they need it. She feels surgery gives women a better quality of life. When they feel good about themselves they are confident about their appearance.

Besides running a successful practice, Dr. Walden is also a mother of twin boys. As a mother herself, she has empathy for her patients, having gone through similar experiences, not just having sympathy. Dr. Walden receives a large demand for the repair of women’s bodies after they give birth – large or sagging abdominal muscles and deflated breasts from breastfeeding. She restores their bodies and often their spirits. Instagram Photos.

Dr. Walden feels her practice is unique for several reasons. Over ninety percent of her patients are women. She runs an all-female practice, which is unique in itself. From Dr. Walden, the owner/medical director, a top rated female insurgeon in the operating room, the med spa staff complete with relaxing massage techniques, to the office and reception staff – all are women. Women feel free to openly discuss their wants and needs, whether it’s a tummy tuck, facial or neck tightening, or breast augmentation in a non-intimidating environment. The patients can view the 3-D post-surgery results before hand to see if they are pleased with their choice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is listed on SuperDoctors, and she has made many written and in-person presentations. She was the invited lecturer in Mumbai, India, where she performed a live operation. Some of Dr. Walden’s lectures and papers have been made with other Doctors, speaking about topics such as Facial Reconstruction in the Pediatric Trauma Patient or Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers.


The Rarity of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most successful cosmetic surgeons in her field. She is also one of the rare female surgeons. This is an interesting deal. While there are quite a few female doctors, it is rare for them to go into cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Walden herself has admitted this interesting phenomenon. However, she has shown that women can be every bit as good as men when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She has shown so much skill in this field that she has gained a lot of recognition as a cosmetic surgeon. One of the main reasons for her success is that she is very passionate about her work as a surgeon and learn more about Jennifer.


Jennifer Walden has talked a lot about how rare it is for a woman to become a cosmetic surgeon. She has stated that out of more than 8,000 surgeons, there are only 851 that are women. This is quite an amazing statistic. She also went on to say that only a dozen of female cosmetic surgeons live in Austin Texas. However, Jennifer has shown that she is very efficient in what she does as a surgeon. She is one of the surgeons that people seek out in order to get cosmetic work done and read full article.


Dr. Walden has studied very hard in the subject of cosmetic surgery. She has taken in a ton of knowledge about the practice and all of the different topics that are related to medicine. She has used the knowledge that she has gained in order to not only bring forth some new methods for cosmetic surgery but to also bring back another form of surgery with the use of silicon. Jennifer has shown that she is passionate enough to go beyond what she knows about the practice and actually come up with new and more effective methods.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Expertise Provides Unequaled Child Surgical Care

Capitol Anesthesiology is a collection of some of the most highly-certified physicians in the world. This group not only oversees procedures for adult patients, but children as well. The physicians and surgical specialists in this group are active in the United States and charitable organizations throughout the world.

Designing anesthesiological procedures for children is an incredibly delicate task. The stress and worry of surgery is shared by both child patients and their parents. The member physicians and specialists of CAA work tirelessly to design and implement anesthesiology protocols that aid surgeons engaged in operations for children, and help to minimize risks.

CAA is constantly evaluating child surgery anesthesiological techniques in order to tailor procedures to the individual patient. This concerted effort is what makes this organization unique in the world of pediatrics and child medicine. It is a characteristic that makes Capitol Anesthesiology one of the premier destinations for families seeking the best care for children in need of live-saving surgeries and post-surgical therapy.

The Buzz at the Bazaar: Walden and Many More

Harper’s Bazaar has telescoped out 24 of over 1000 doctors who have performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States, believing its list to feature the ultimate surgery Gods in cosmetology. The list includes six doctors from California, including Chang and Owsley from San Francisco and Kanodia, Cassileth and Rollins from Beverly Hills. Miami’s Mendieta and Gallo, New York’s Kolker, Hirmand and Matarasso, Troy’s Youn and Austin’s Walden also made to the top 24, in addition to 12 others from various parts of the United States.
Every single of these doctors has a medical record to swoon over. Dr. Walden, for instance, is the winner of the Aesthetic award for plastic surgeries and the Excellence award in Medicine plus scholarship from Kelsey. Jennifer Walden is currently based in Austin, but previously practiced in New York as well. Most of her education can be credited to Texas, although an externship in Miami is also brought to light when discussing her achievements. The start of her career, however, belonged to Manhattan under the supervision of Dr. Aston. An outstanding education and career experience have enabled her to be recognized as the ideal speaker for cosmetic surgeries on the busiest news and information channels of the world, including the ABC and Fox News.
Jennifer has had the fortune of inheriting the medical dedication and skill right in her genes. Born to a father who had established himself as a dentist and a mother who was known for her nursing skills in surgery departments, Walden soon revealed her love for reaching the top of whatever she did. When she sent her application to the medical institution at the Texas University, she was initially kept waiting while the first lists rolled out. As though this was not to define her skills, by the time she left the institution, she had managed to bag the title of Salutatorian in her class.
Harper’s Bazaar has sharply picked out the doctors that are not only a boon for the patients but also an inspiration and role models for the medical students, and Walden is one of them.