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George Soros Life Story Shows How Ridiculous Recent Attacks Are

George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, is united two very strange groups — Neo-nazis and Pro-Israel groups. That’s right (pun intended), these right-winged groups have banded together in order to attack the Hungarian Jewish businessman.

Before we get into the strange bedfellow alliance of Neo-Nazis and pro-Israeli groups in this crazy George Soros conspiracy, you must first understand George Soros himself. The self-made man is in his 80’s and he grew up in Budapest. If you did your math correctly, you now know that Soros grew up Jewish in a Nazi occupied territory during World War II.

His family fled. His father, seeing the coming storm, traded his family’s wealth for fake papers and a new last name — Soros. When the Nazis came knocking, the Soros family had fake identities to avoid persecution on NY Times. But the war stopped a young George from going to school in his youth.

His family immigrated to London where he attended the London School of economics. He used a meager scholarship from a religious foundation and worked as a railroad porter and waiter to put himself through school. He then used his education to amass billions of dollars while earning the nickname “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England”. He famously shorted the pound to net over a billion dollars in one day.

So, we know George Soros is a self-made man who survived a world war and pulled himself up by the boot straps to make millions through capitalism. You’d think he’d be the poster child for right-winged conservative politicians and talk show hosts. Well, if you think that; then you’d be wrong. They hate him.

They hate the man because he has used his money to fund groups like, the Open Society’s Foundation and the Drug Policy Alliance. Now you might see the George Soros conspiracy come into focus. The man funds open societies, equal rights, the legalization of marijuana, government transparency and he is fervently pro immigrant. Of course he’s pr immigrant because he’s an immigration success story.

So, the right-winged media tries to tear him down and they’ve attempted to use the latest George Soros emails from the George Soros Wikileaks database. Wikileaks has produced a treasure trove of emails hacked from the Democratic Party’s database. Some of them are incredibly bad for Democrats, like the ones forcing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign because of her involvement in rigging the Democratic Primary against Bernie Sanders. But the George Soros emails are incredibly mundane. But that doesn’t stop the right-wing zealots from attacking the philanthropist. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Inside the George Soros Wikileaks emails, you’ll find messages from Soros himself indicating that he is against some of the racist actions of Israel in regards to Palestine. He’s also against the treatment of Palestinian people who might be fleeing a war-torn part of the world, much like he did. But these emails have Pro-Israel right-wingers and antisemites alike attacking Soros, accusing him of hating Israel on one hand and inciting a migration of Jews to Europe on the other. Just proving the absurdity of the attacks on Soros.

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