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Anthony Petrello Runs Over $27 Million in Salary and Compensation

Anthony Petrello is one of the nation’s top paid executives and it’s no surprise with the job he has running a high profile oil drilling company. That company is Nabors Industries, a land-based and offshore drilling contractor that owns the largest rig equipment and fleet. Petrello is responsible for bringing technological initiatives to the table and guiding strategic planning and shareholder meetings. His compensation for this job has been totaled at over $27 million that includes $1.58 million in base pay and the rest in bonuses, stocks, equity and other compensation and read full article.

Anthony Petrello has been with Nabors Industries since 1991 when he came on board as Chief Operating Officer. He became CEO in 2011 when Eugene Isenberg passed away. Prior to that he was a senior associate at Baker & McKenzie where he became a partner in 1986. At this law firm he guided and advised clients in corporate regulations, tax compliance and international business borders. He got his formal education studying advanced mathematics at Yale University then completed his J.D. at Harvard law school.

Anthony Petrello is also the father of Carena Petrello, a young girl who was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia which later led to cerebral palsy. It was rough for Anthony and his wife Cynthia when they found out they had no treatment options for Carena’s condition, but they soon got involved in another endeavor to give to neurological research at the Dan and Jan Duncan Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrellos gave $7 million in gifts and hope to see their efforts recognized in the business community.

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Coriant’s New CEO Plans Company Expansion


Coriant went through some changes in leadership last year, they brought in a new CEO to head their company. Shaygan Kheradpir took over the CEO position in September of 2015. The company is an international leader in networking solutions and constantly growing their business. Coriant works in 100 plus countries currently with more plans to further expand around the globe.

Shaygan Kheradpir has quite the impressive resume starting with his education, he earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in the field of electrical engineering. He received all of his degrees from the Cornell University College of Engineering. His major work experience began in 1987, where he worked at GTE Laboratories, a division of Verizon. He first gained the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011 while working for an international division of Barclay’s. This position prepared him to take on more leadership roles throughout his career. For example, he was again named CEO of Juniper Networks in 2013 before ending up as the current CEO of Coriant.

Kheradpir has a well-rounded work experience and stellar education, his leadership skills are widely known within his industry. He brings problem-solving skills, team building, and an in-depth knowledge of the electrical communications field with him to his newest position at Coriant. He has been working to contribute plans for the expansion of the company and improvement of their product offerings. In a fast-paced industry where technology is constantly changing it is essential to have a leader that is on the forefront of new innovations, and Shaygan Kherdpir is that kind of man.

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Doe Deere Is Revolutionizing The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is filled with companies and colors that have been around for decades or even centuries. Some of the most popular names in the field are on the tips of tongues around the world, but all these companies offer the same dark colors that create the standard smoky eye. The smoke eye is not the default look at Lime Crime, and Doe Deere is the founder who looked beyond dark colors to a brighter future. This article explains how Doe Deere took her cosmetics line international using only the Internet and a bright palette.

#1: Her Palette Is Beaming

The palette that Doe has created for Lime Crime began when she was selling her cosmetics on eBay. Her eBay store was very successful because her customers were buying colors they could not find anywhere else. She does have a lime green on her palette, but she has many other bright colors that ladies may like more. Her decision to create a bright palette helped her stand out from the crowd, and she stayed online in favor of a modern business plan.

#2: She Is Technology Guru

Doe Deere has created an online empire that is supported by the online sales of her cosmetics. She does not have sales ladies going around to sell her products, and she does not have counters at department stores. Doe uses only the Internet and digital marketing to grow her business. She is a prime example of a woman using the Internet to make a new life for herself, and her technology savvy has increased sales over the years.

#3: Her Cosmetics Feel Homemade

Doe is capable of creating all her cosmetics by hand, and she has posted videos online of her creations. People who do not believe in Doe’s natural talent may watch the videos for themselves, and she has a factory creating cosmetics that feel homemade. This homemade feel makes her line feel much more genuine, and her genuine attitude about the cosmetics world makes her appealing.

#4: The Alternative Crowd Is Fulfilled

The alternative crowd is looking for vegan products or products that are not tested on animals. Doe has created a line that has many vegan products, and she is rolling out new vegan products every year. The whole line will be vegan before long, and Doe is committed to making her line accessible to as many people as possible.

Lime Crime has become a lifestyle choice for many women, and Doe Deere believes that she can use her prowess online to outpace some of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. Her philosophy makes her company intriguing to women who love bright colors, and she is taking on the traditional cosmetics companies head-on.

Susan McGalla Brings Joy To Aspiring Females Executives Like Myself

When I look at the corporate industry I see that there are still not as many female presidents as most women would like to see. The inequality and gender gap is still very real. There are some women that make me believe that there is still hope. These women are professionals like Susan McGalla. I love her, and I appreciate what she has stood for in the business world. There are many people that are looking at what she has done in the business world. I believe that her efforts to bring equality into the world of business is quite noteworthy.

There are people that are really going to appreciate what Susan McGalla has done as a president and leader for fashion giants like American eagle and Wet Seal. There are others that are going to praise her for what she did with her own consulting company. Others may look at what Susan McGalla is currently doing in her role as the Director of Strategic Planning. She has really been a light in the world of corporate executives where women are not large in numbers. I believe that she has been the one that inspired me to do more with my education. I didn’t always think that a degree – in any field – was so important – but Susan made me realize that it was important. I believe that her life and her work speak volumes about the importance of education.

I certainly think that there are a lot of people that would benefit from taking a look at her resume on PHX-Corporate. I like the way that she has always seemed to navigate her own path. McGalla has done a lot over the years to build up her experience. Susan McGalla has worked her way up in some roles. She has built consulting companies in other business roles. She has done a lot of different things, but at the very core she remains strong as a marketing genius. This is where she shines. It says a lot about what she is passionate about. It is a true mark of how she has evolved over time.

I think that all marketing majors should study McGalla. She has this wisdom that is essential for the marketing professionals that are just getting started. She has been on the ground level. She has taken time to rise in the industry. Susan McGalla knows about the different levels of development. That has given her the ability to study different phases of marketing. She knows what things are like in the store at the point-of-sale level. McGalla also knows what it is like to oversee budgets. She has a diverse level of knowledge that has proven to be very valuable. This is what has allowed her to remain successful when others have failed to meet their mark as presidents. I can see why people want to put her in a leadership position. She is strong, and she great confidence in her skills as a visionary leader.

Bruce Levenson: A Businessman, basketball fan and philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a man of many feathers. He is not only an academician, businessman, philanthropist and a manager. He is an American Jew born in 1949 in Washington DC. He was however brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a law graduate of American University as well as a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Washington University in St. Louis. His career stems back to the Washington Star where he worked while still a law student.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is an experienced businessman having cofounded and managed a number of companies. He is a co-founder of several companies among them United Communications Group (UCG), 1977, as well as the Atlanta Hawks LLC, 2004 where he is a co-owner. The former is a private company specializing in data and news with particular interest in energy, banking, technology, telecommunication, healthcare among other interests. The latter, Atlanta Hawks LLC owns and operates the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Levenson and his partners purchased the Hawks in 2004, together with NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers before selling the thrashers in 2011. Bruce Levenson owns majority shares in the company together with Ed Peskowits and is both a managing partner as well as a member of the team’s board of Governors.

In January 2015, the team created history by going 17-0 in a month. Bruce has great interests in the Atlanta Hawks team. He not only hires qualified manager for the basketball team such as Danny Ferry but also quite often accompanies the team in tours. An example is the U.S Holocaust Museum trip of March 2014 in Washington, D.C. He is also a big supporter of the team and is often seen cheering the team in various competions. Bruce Levenson has hired an investment Bank to coordinate the sale of his share ownership of the Atlanta Hawks, a decision he announced in 2014, March. Recently, it has been indicated that an entrepreneur, Antony Ressler has entered into an agreement to purchase the company at about $850 million and the deal is said to be close. It is expected that Levenson will make huge profits from the sale.

Levenson is a philanthropist who has actively participated in several nonprofit organizations that focus on providing aid to the community and the disadvantaged children. For example, he has been the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington.Bruce Levenson is also a family man and has three children with his wife Karen BoyarskyLevenson and they own homes in Atlanta and Potomac, Maryland.

The Literary World With Jaime Garcia Dias

Literature is a lovely art form that gives readers a sense of wonder and delight. It allows readers to venture into another land and be someone else for a little while. Authors have an extraordinary talent of using their emotions and inner most feelings and put that to paper. Those feelings make for great literary work. Whether it be the joys or the heartache, authors have the amazing ability of creating a scene and making the readers feel the emotions the author was experiencing. There are many authors that are talented wordsmiths but there are a select few that are a cut above the rest.

Who Is Jaime Garcia Dias?

His LinkedIn profile lists Jaime Garcia Dias as a Brazilian author who have seen much success throughout his literary career. Jaime Garcia Dias was influenced at a young age to be an author by his father. His father, Arnaldo Dias was a talented architect and his mother Dulce Garcia Dias was his motivator and an important role model. Jaime Garcia Dias began writing at a very young age. He was influenced greatly by other Brazilian authors and was influenced by author Joao Guimaraes for his very first book. In 1995, Jaime Garcia Dias became a professor at Carioca Literature Academy. During his time as a professor, Jamie taught students who wanted to become authors.

Jaime Garcia Dias was awarded the White Crane Literary Award in 2001. The White Crane Literary Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the literary world. Jaime Garcia Dias was promoted one more time to the position of president of the Carioca Literature Academy. Jaime Garcia Dias popularity has made the academy popular as well and his continuous work has made him a best selling author year after year.

Doe Deere: A Businesswoman with Pizzazz

I have recently fallen in love with Lime Crime makeup, mostly due to the bright and bold colors that the brand sells. Due to this new obsession of mine, I wanted to learn more about who is behind the brand. Who is the person who refers to us (her fans) as unicorns?

I learned that the owner and creator of the brand is business executive, Doe Deere. Deere’s brand has garnished a lot of attention and positive feedback lately, not just because of the colors available but also because of the staying power of her makeup. Her brand was recently featured in Nylon Magazine, which is a multi-topic magazine that focuses on pop culture, music, celebrities, and fashion.

While researching, I found that there is a large fan base on for Doe Deere and Lime Crime. Her fans even have a name, Team Candyfuture! Not only are fans really intrigued and interested about the make up, but they know that Doe’s appearance and personality are also bold and admirable. Her creativity stems beyond her make up.

Doe has mainly built her brand online, and it has traveled through social media and word of mouth. She is active on her look inspiration blog on Lime Crime’s website, which gives the users color and technique inspiration when shopping for Lime Crime products. She has become an internet phenomenon.

Deere even makes and posts videos online of how she creates and makes her eye shadows and lipsticks. She admits that making makeup is a tedious task, but it is worth it for the demand that is out there for her product. Deere’s is certainly not for the shy. It is aimed towards younger, girly people who love everything whimsical, pink and bright. It incorporates unicorns into the packaging, and Doe Deere has even cited Rainbow Bright as an influence. Deere definitely makes statement makeup, which has been a hot trend this year.

Deere has high hopes for the future of her brand. They are creating and coming out with an even larger line of lipsticks. Deere hopes to surprise her customers with new colors that are unusual, but still wearable. So do I think this means that Deere is headed on a more traditional path to muted colors that a wider range of people would be interested in? I don’t think so. This is statement makeup. People buy it to stand out, not to blend in.

Deere is clearly a successful entrepreneur who is only looking ahead. Her dedication to hard work is clear with her viral products and she social media knowledge has really helped her have a leg up on the competition.

Women in the Business World

Women have recently risen to the challenge and they are currently venturing in areas though to be men’s only activities. This has been fueled by the rising demand that equal opportunities be granted to all regardless of their gender. As a result, women have taken the challenge and they have become more aggressive especially in the business arena. Susan McGalla is one of the greatest business executives in the world. Being a woman, she has made great progress in advancing the thought of women getting into business. Through her, many women and young girls have been inspired to chase their dreams.

Susan P. McGalla based in the US, Susan P. McGalla has been in the business scene on  for years now and she has made tremendous progress. She has risen in the business world through her various positions in various organizations. She has worked in many business organizations throughout her career and this has helped her to develop great experience. However, she attributes her success to her first job at Joseph Horne Company. She worked here for years and over this period, she moved from one position to another gaining experience on different levels of leadership in the corporate world.

At Joseph Horne Company, she worked for almost a decade before she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. In her new company, she joined from the very least position being a product merchandiser. She was very keen to study the market and understand the timings and the trends in product demand. She chose to merchandise women clothes and in this she worked very hard and made a name for herself. It was not long before her efforts won her a better position in the company’s leadership. She was so brilliant in her work that she became the president of the same company.

Susan P. McGalla is a very resilient woman who stays focused on the task she has put her mind on and she is never distracted. Her resilience helped her scale high in her profession to become the top leader in a company where she started out in a very humble position. Today she has not only become a great leader but also a source of inspiration to many people around the globe. After accumulating great experience over the years, she reached a point where she felt she needed to move on to a more rewarding venture where she would have more control.

This is when the idea of starting her own business was born. She had worked in the industry for years therefore she understood the environment very well. It was therefore not very difficult for her to decide on the line she wanted to follow. She decided she was going to move on and start her own business and that when she founded the P3 Executive Consulting Company. Mount Union College graduate of marketing was determined to make an impact in the business world. She was well connected therefore it was not very hard for her to venture in the business world having been in the industry for years.

Doe Deere-One of the leading ladies in the makeup world

Doe Deere has many pictures of herself on Instagram where she is wearing beautiful makeup hues that are the representation of her brand Lime Crime. Doe Deere is one of the leading ladies to be named an inspiring female entrepreneur by Self-made Magazine. She recently sat down with an interviewer and talked about every little detail that had to do with Lime Crime on galoremag.

As a child, she had a passion for color. She would often put as much color on herself as possible, that included clothes, accessories, and her mother makeup.She eventually would like to expand her brand to other colorful things.

One of her earliest makeup memory is when she attended a slumber party with two of her closest friends. Doe Deere and her friends had deck themselves out in some fun outfits but decided that there was something that was missing from their look.This was when Deere decided to pull out her makeup bag and begin to put on a mixture color of makeup.

The interviewer then went on to ask Deere what is her best and worst makeup moments. She did not become a makeup expert into she got into her 20’s. She began to post bad makeup looks back in 2006, but after experimenting with different looks, she got better. She starts to gain a following of girls, who waited excitedly to see what was going to be her next look. It was only two years later when she launched Lime Crime.

The next question the interviewer ask was how did Deere came up with her company name. She had an eBay store back in 2004, and the name limecrime popped into her head.

She mentions that she would have chosen a different name if she knew that her company was going to be such a success.Even though she say that she would have chosen a different name, she is now proud of her name because it is so unique. The next question the interviewer ask if Deere is glad that her company is so internet based. She mentions how it have its pros and cons. Some of the pros being that her brand is huge on social media and a con she mentions is that she have to deal with a lot of internet rumors.

She mentions that she call her fans unicorns because she see unicorns as being unique, brave, and love color. She belikeved that this is a genuine definition of a unicorn. Deere is inspired by women who is not afraid to take chances and is fearless in their fashion choices. She takes inspirations from famous figures such as Dita Von Teese to the girls she sees posting images on Instagram like her friends Elena and Stella Jones. She feels amazing that people see her as one of the top self-entrepreneurs. If you would like to read the full interview, please be sure to visit