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Dr. Mark McKenna Making It Big As an Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna founded the OVME a medical aesthetic firm this year in July. He says the idea came when he worked for more than a decade and built a company that he sold to another company in the medical aesthetics industry. Mark saw an opportunity in the field and decided to grab it. Like many of his ideas, he set the goal and did a visualization of how the company will be. Dr. McKenna likes to meditate. He discovered that having a time to himself and setting goals helps him achieve what he is after.

Mark’s day

His family, wife, and daughter are his world. Mark’s regular day starts with him having breakfast with his daughter then heads to work. He stays at work to six in the evening and comes back home to have dinner with his family. Keeping fit is also important to him. He does Jiu-Jitsu training from after dinner to nine. Dr. McKenna then works until he sleeps.

Right decision

In a recent interview, Dr. McKenna said that if he were to start again, he would take his time to discover his passion. He believes that you should take your time if you want to move in the right direction. Being a reader, McKenna encourages entrepreneurs to read Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. According to him, it is a remarkable book with a high power of visualization.

About Mark

Mark McKenna has a license to practice Medicine and Surgery in Florida and Georgia states. Dr. McKenna graduated in Medicine and Health from the Tulane University School of Medicine. After his medical training, he practiced medicine with his father while founding a real estate development company, the McKenna Venture Investments. Over the years, Mark has launched several investments and found a way to pick himself up after Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of his business interest.

Dr. Mark McKenna launched a wellness and aesthetic medical practice, and it rose to be among the greatest in America. He later sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc., and he also served as the national medical director of Life Time Fitness up to 2016. Mark is a very dedicated entrepreneur.

Logan Stout: A Man with Many Faces

Logan Stout, the Founder and CEO, of IDLife, is a successful businessman. He currently works in the industry of health and nutrition. He owns an MLM company and helps other business owners do the same. He works across different platforms working to make a change in other’s lives.

A current project that Logan is working on is with Garmin. Garmin is a leading supplier of GPS systems. Logan decided that Garmin, while leading in the technology sector, could help them reach their next plateau. He partnered with Garmin to create a health oriented wrist band. The wrist band would allow users to track physical activity including cardiovascular exercises. Logan is revolutionizing the way we see our world and helping everyone become more healthier in the process.

Logan’s current company IDLife, has been around since 2014. He and his company are from Collin County, TX. Logan is also apart of many philanthropic causes in the area he’s located in. He is involved in different organizations such as the Collin County Boys and Girls Club, American Heart Association and more. He also started a nonprofit called Youth Athletes Foundation to help young athletes having a fighting chance. Through their foundation young athlete’s are able to be mentored and financially supported. This leads people in the community to reach out and learn to grow together, than separated by economic class or skill levels. 100% of the proceeds raised through their foundation go to help those athletes. This advantageous because it gives them hope, where it would have otherwise been fear or nervousness.

Finally, Logan helps young adults with mentoring. He wrote a book in 2013, about a year before he started his business IDLife. The book was called “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”. He created this book from him being a professional athlete after graduating from college. He always succeeded in everything he set his mind too. He is motivator, an inspiration, a father and a loving husband to his wife. He and his wife currently spend their days promoting events with IDLife, and publicly speaking around the world, and hosting events through their charity work and civic causes.


Glen Wakeman And His Work At LaunchPad

LaunchPad Holdings is one fo the finest business software companies in the world, and it has been built from the ground up by Glen Wakeman. He is a brilliant businessman who knows how to manage his firm, and he wants to give his business customers services that make them more efficient. This article explains how Glen Wakeman has gone to great lengths to ensure that the company is growing every year.


#1: How Does LaunchPad Serve Customers?


There are many customers who wish to use the LaunchPad services because the business world requires internal systems, and there are many people who need something that will control their offices. A company that has not used an internal system before may ensure that the company is migrated to this place.


#2: They Do The Work For The Client


LaunchPad is a full-service company that ensures they do all the work for their clients, and they will migrate their systems into their new program. They are willing to set up and lay out the system for the customer, and they will choose the most-efficient way to help their clients. Glen Wakeman hires people to help his clients, and his clients may call in at any time.


#3: The Customer Service Team


The customer service team that people call at LaunchPad will use the scripts and service standards that Glen Wakeman created, and they will refer back to any improvements he wishes to make to the company ( Glen Wakeman knows how to work with his clients, and he will show his staff how each person must be treated.


#4: Glen Wakeman Is Respected


Glen Wakeman is well-respected across his industry for the myriad of things that he has done, and there are a number of people who will find that they may be given a better working business system as a result.


Glen Wakeman is a wise programmer who created LaunchPad Holdings to help all his business customers. This company is exceeding in helping companies function, and they are learning how to become more profitable using an internal system created by Glen Wakeman and his staff.