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Agora Financial , A Great Company

Agora Financial is a private publishing company. Agora gives finical advice through books, emails, and other forms of text. The goal for Agora is to give their subscribers finical freedom. As a subscriber to Agora, readers will be able to find new ways to protect and grow their wealth abundantly.

Agora is an awesome company because they give their readers raw information. The company is not sponsored by anyone. They are ran independently, all of their information and unbiased and helpful. Agora is different from other companies because they are very hands on. Instead of sitting in an office throughout the day, their staff is always out in the field, traveling the world to gather unique information for readers. Researchers for Agora travel throughout the United States and throughout other countries in the world as well.

Agora takes pride in being a low profile company. Typically companies that are well known have tons of members and most of the investments have already been bought out. But Agora is a low profile company that keeps all of their ideas fresh and new for their members. Members of Agora will always have access to new fresh ideas to ensure weight is constantly growing and being protected. Since they do have agents in the field constantly, Agora is usually the first company to find out about new investments. Click here to know more about Agora.

Agora also has great staff on their team. The foundation of Agora was built on a self made billionaire, a geologist who was trained at Harvard, a bond expert, a former banker to presidents, a former hedge fund manager, a three time New York Times Best Selling Arthur, and a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist. With the help from these experts, Agora has predicted many finical crises that have happened in the past which protected their readers from finical troubles. Agora is a great company!

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The Real Estate Titan- Hussein Sajwani

Entrepreneurship is all about strategy, determination, and hard work. Hussain Sajwani is a UAE national that is recognized globally. This is because of his success in his line of business. He is the Chairman of DAMAC Properties.

The DAMAC owner is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Washington. Sajwani did not start his career on a high note. After his studies, he got a chance to work with Contracts Manager in GASCO, a branch of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). After a short while, Sajwani began his entrepreneur activities, and in 1982 his began his catering career.

With the knowledge that Hussain Sajwani has, he has expanded this project greatly. It currently has 200 projects, and it’s supplying 150000 meals on a daily basis.

Hussain Sajwani was in the frontline of the people who began Real Estate. In the 1990s, he built several hotels to accommodate the rapidly growing population. Hussain Sajwani identified this market gap and founded the DAMAC Properties. Today, DAMAC Properties is the leading property developers in the Middle East.

DAMAC properties ensure that its clients get the homes of their dreams. It also deals with developing commercial properties in the Middle East and Dubai.

The real estate titan has a personal relationship with Donald Trump. They are businesses associates, and Hussain Sajwani hopes that the relationship will continue even after him becoming the USA President. Hussain Sajwani says it’s nice when your business partner is not a plain cold partner.

Donald Trump said that he wouldn’t be making any business deals while in office. Hussain Sajwani said their relationship is far beyond his presidency in response to the statement. They have a relationship with his wife and children. The family celebrated the New Year together and shared dinner. Learn more:

Hussain Sajwan says that their wives are great friends. They email each other and regularly share meals. Donald Trump’s family, therefore, have a personal relationship with Hussain Sajwani family.

Apart from his great business skills and great connections, Hussain Sajwani gives back to the society. He lately donated a check of AED 2 million to help cloth a million needy children in the world. This contribution is going to help cloth 50000 children.

He said that the children are the future of the society and we have no choice but take care of them to secure the future. Learn more:


Behind The Mind of George Soros, the Philanthropist

George Soros is a well-known Hungarian-American businessman, philanthropist, social activist, currency speculator and stock investor. Born in Hungary, George was raised under cover of a pro-nazi totalitarian socialist regime. Later, he would free his country of birth and enrolled at the London School of Economics, while at the same time working as a railway porter and waiter. He got his first start in finance by working at a merchant bank. In spite of his humble beginnings, George Soros has managed to establish himself as one of the world’s wealthiest men in addition to being a generous philanthropist. George is also among the most vocal proponents of liberal politics both in the US and across Europe.

Early Life and Career

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary and survived his time in the German-controlled country to move to England in 1947. After moving to England, he enrolled at the London School of Economics, where he obtained his master’s degree in philosophy. His business career kicked off with several merchant banks within England and in the United States before he launched his first hedge fund named Double Eagle, way back in 1969.

The profits that he realized from his first hedge fund were used to found Soros Hedge Management, which was his second fund, in 1970. On the other hand, Double Eagle changed its name to the Quantum Fund. The Quantum Fund was the principal adviser to Soros’ next business ventures. At the time Soros founded the firm, the Quantum Fund had about $12 million of the assets under its management. By 2011, the figure had risen to about $25 billion, representing a significant portion of his worth. In 1992, he pulled off a spectacular deal, going short on the Sterling Pound to the tune of $10 million and earning a profit of $1 billion. That earned him the nickname ‘the man who broke the Bank of England.

Philanthropy and Political Ideals

Besides worldwide acclaim for his astute business mind, George Soros is also well known for his philanthropic activities and involvement in politics. George Soros transferred $18 billion to his human rights foundation, which brings his lifetime contributions to $32 billion. The Open Society Foundations is one of the organizations that have received the highest amount of financing from George Soros. Open Society is an organization that builds vibrant and tolerant democracies. It was founded in 1979, and it has donated close to $14 billion since its establishment.

George has donated millions of dollars to a collection of causes and charities, with a notable example being one $500 million donations that went toward helping the refugees from Syria. Soros was also a central figure in Hungary’s peaceful transition from Communism to Capitalism from the period spanning from 1984 to 1989. Many political observers involved in the process consider the funding and organization of the Rose Revolution by George Soros in Georgia to have been fundamental to its success. Additionally, he has been actively backing the Democratic political activities within the US, and he remains among the wealthiest funders of liberal ideals in America and Follow him

All You Need To Know About Omar Yunes

For those who have never met Omar Yunes, it is hard to tell them who this man is. But in short terms, Omar Yunes is one of the best contributors in what he does. Due to his good work, he became the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World. He is best known for being successful during his young age. At the age of 21, he was the franchisee of the company called the Japanese food chain. As an investor, he owns 10% of the units of the 13 franchised units.

Due to his successes, he is proud and able to handle more than 400 learned employees and work as their representative when need be. He manages the 13 units, and due to that, they have given him a chance to innovate and what Omar Yunes knows.

In the year 2015, Omar Yunes was the representative of the franchisee. This edition of the BFW had more than 34 countries that sent their representatives. That was the time when franchisee which Omar Yunes represented was evaluated, and its effect in the network was determined. They measured how much franchisee has contributed to the community regarding savings and motivation to other employees. They also wanted to know the improvements made by Omar Yunes to the model and more information click here.

Most people get rewards for doing more work. But that was different with Omar Yunes. According to BFW organizer, Omar won due to eliminating a prize from his national chapter. This acted as the main factors that lead to the change in franchisee giving it a chance to change its management. This command was intended to manage information and implementing the current boards for control that have a clearer measure of all units and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

So who is this Omar Yunes? He is a public figure in the Mexico industry of accommodation. With his client open mind, Omar has moved up his greatness ladder slowly and achieved his goals. At his young age, he partnered with Sushi Itto and from that, he learned how to develop a domain that will help him and others too. He has hotspots all over Mexico that give services to the people and

Eli Gershkovitch – Brewmaster

Once upon a time, giant breweries controlled the North American beer market. A “small brewery” meant Uncle Melvin’s garage with its assortment of exploding beers. Today, the giant’s share of the market is declining, while smaller breweries are thriving.


Into this David versus Goliath battle walked a Canadian lawyer named Eli Gershkovitch. A quiet man, he is, above all, a planner. As casual and low-key as Eli Gershkovitch is, he is a man who knows who he is, and knows where he is going.


Eli Gershkovitch has a philosophy, a guiding principle, “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you”. Following this philosophy has allowed this most nonconformist of businessmen to turn a defunct brewery of into a regional beer empire.


After law school, Eli decided he needed a change of pace. He enrolled in a French university with the full intention of skiing the French Alps each weekend.


During a trip to Heidelburg, Germany he saw his first microbrewery. He describes it as being big enough to be impressive but not big enough to be intimidating.


The seed, planted in Heidelburg, took root when he found the Steamworks building. Constructed in the 1890s, the Steamworks building of Gastown, Canada housed a local brewery. By the 1990s, the Steamworks Brewery Building, like the famous Jax Brewery of New Orleans, had been repurposed into retail shops. There was a store called Quarter Deck selling boating supplies in the rear, and a Ralph Lauren’s clothing store in the front. When Eli Gershkovitch decided to turn the building back into a brewery, people thought he was naïve.


But it was a new day in Canada. Instead of a few giants, there were startups, with dozens of new breweries starting each year, and competing for market share.


Eli Gershkovitch works hard to make Steamworks a fundamental part of life in Vancouver (BeerMe). He stays competitive through innovation, offering a seemingly endless supply of high-quality beer at low prices.

Continuous quality improvement is not just some business school term for Eli Gershkovitch, it’s part of his soul.

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Finding Alternative Investment Options with Daniel Mark Harrison

There are many people who are searching for alternative investment options. With so many options to choose from, investing can be difficult for some people to understand. Daniel Mark Harrison a managing partner for Monkey Capital. This is a growing investment firm that focuses on ways that customers can reach their financial goals in the future. Anyone who wants to take their finances to a new level should work with this company.

Daniel Mark Harrison has years of experience helping others with their investing. Over the years, he has added a lot of value to investors.
Starting Out

Daniel Mark Harrison started out in the financial planning industry many years ago. His first job was finding prospects for a company that he worked for. He enjoyed the work, and he was great at sales. However, he wanted to make a bigger impact in the world through his work.

After several years in the industry, Daniel Mark Harrison decided to go out and start his own company. This was a tough decision for him because it involved a high amount of risk. Although it was not easy, Monkey Capital is now growing rapidly and gaining market share within the industry.
Business Plans

Daniel Mark Harrison has had success with his business for several reasons. Not only does he treat employees well, but he also has a great track record of providing quality returns on his investment ideas. Many of his clients have made money from his recommendations.

He typically gives recommendations that are outside of what the mainstream investors think. This is a great way to earn high returns on investments that are risky. Monkey Capital is in great share to continue growing in the years ahead. Daniel Mark Harrison is proud of what he has built and what is coming in the future.

Louis Chenevert, an Admirable Success Story

Louis Chenevert, who was born in Montreal, has become a renowned business man globally. He studied at HEC Montreal where he acquired his Bachelor’s in production management degree. He has since put this management skills into his career and it has earned him his success to date. The principles and strategies Louis uses have been taken into consideration by various people to improve their business success.

Louis grew into the General Manager for Production at General Motors where he worked for 14 years. He later left for a Pratt and Whitney position where he assisted in improving performance significantly. The positive performance earned him the President position in this company. The success in his career came in a row. He became the CEO and Chairman at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in 2006. At UTC, he was required to put into use his excellent skills in management for the running and growth of the company. Louis Chenevert has played a big role in elevating UTC to higher grounds. The company’s price in shares increased by almost 90 million dollars which is estimated to be a 200% increase. This put UTC at the top of the list in the USA for being one of the most profitable conglomerate companies.

Louis also had a hand in the biggest deal involving aerospace. This deal was the largest throughout the history of the USA, the acquisition of Goodrich. The acquisition enabled UTC to become a company that could produce its own products fully. Louis pushed UTC to been an envy of many companies in the industry through its innovation. Louis is a believer in empowering people and growing businesses and the economy of the United States as a whole. He takes keen interest in investing in innovative and high quality technology that later led to the success of UTC. He also empowers team members hence maximizing on their productivity at work. He resigned from UTC in 2014. Louis is also a strong believer in using environment-friendly technology. He has earned several awards over the years including an award by the National Building Museum after taking up a position at UTC.

Louis has served as a Chairman in the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee and a Chairman for the Friends of HEC Montreal director’s board.

Chairman Tony Petrello Prepares Nabors Industries to Close on Purchase of Aftermarket Oil Service Company

In a highly-anticipated deal, Nabors Industries Ltd announced the intent of acquiring Tesco Corporation; an oil field servicing company. The deal was negotiated as an all stock business transaction and is set to conclude sometime during the fourth quarter of 2017. The value of Tesco Corporation’s common stock is estimated at $4.62 per share which coincides with the closing price of Nabors Industries Ltd share values on August 2017. The value represents a 19 percent premium of Tesco Corporation shares and a 30 percent premium of the company’s enterprise value, when compared to its cash balance sheet as of June 30, 2017.

As negotiated between the two companies, any outstanding value shares of Tesco Corporation’s common stock are set to be substituted for 0.68 common shares of Nabors Industries Ltd. Once the deal concludes, that value creates the prospect for Tesco Corporation shareholders to become part owners of Nabors Industries Ltd with ten percent ownership. The deal has until February 14, 2018 to close, or Tesco Corporation will have to forfeit $8 million in payment to Nabors Industries Ltd. The terms and conditions have already been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

As the owner and operator of land based drilling rigs, Nabors Industries Ltd also provides operations for off-shore platform rigs and services for directional drilling. The deal aligns with the technology-based solutions that Tesco Corporation provides within the oil and energy industry. The deal creates a substantial benefit to Nabors Industries Ltd for having direct access to Tesco Corporation’s aftermarket tubular services.

Chairman and CEO Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries Ltd believes that the operating synergies signal a projection of $20 million within the first year of operations and could reach upwards of $35 million within the following year. Tony began with the company in 2003 and became Chairman in 2012. Tony’s stellar leadership for Nabors Industries Ltd allowed him to become the highest paid CEO nationwide in 2012. He is also an Executive board member of Children’s Hospital of Texas. To increase neurological research within the hospital, Tony’s contribution to a donation of $7 million helped fund the Jan and Dan Neurological Research Institute.

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Nabors Industries Ltd Development with Tony Petrello

As that Executive Chairman of the company and the also Board of Director since the year 1991 Tony Petrello has enabled to make the company develop and be one of the tops leading in the world. He as well served as the company Chief Operating Officer and President of the company from 1991to 2011 which enabled him to be the Executive Officer and the President of the company from 2011. Tony Petrello provided new techniques and supervised the organization that enabled the organization to grow rapidly and provide better services. He studied at Yale University and got an M.S and B.S in Mathematics and furthermore Harvard Law School with J.D degree. He as well ensured that he provided his clients with better services and make them happier to learn more: click here.

He began as the managing partner at McKenzie and Baker law firm before joining Nabors and his main office was situated in New York branch in the year 1979 and 1991. He also is a philanthropist and also is a board member of trustees at Texas Children Hospital. Tony Petrello due to the expertise and experience he has he is able to use his advocacy skills to assist children suffering from neurological sickness by ensuring they get better attention to their treatment.

Tony Petrello’s achievement in the year 2015 is that he received as a compensation of $27,512,939 million and attained returns of $1,580,077 and also additional benefits of $7,727,000 and as well received stock of $16,863,656. Henceforth with the amount that he achieved made him help needy people.

Through delivering better offshore drilling rigs he was able to make Nabors Industries one of the best organizations in the United States. Also, Arthur Becker ensures that his client’s priority comes first before anything other else hence enabling them to always want their services. As a worldwide land-based drilling gear they are able to satisfy customers equipment needs. Furthermore the organization partner with different companies which will enable them to provide more effective and enhanced equipment. Arthur Becker objective is to also help upcoming entrepreneurs to start a business and prosper and fulfill their goals in life.

5 Reasons to Love Scott Rocklage

In the modern American business culture, it is all too common to find people in positions of leadership they are not prepared for, or to be discouraged at the inexperience of a leadership team. Scott Rocklage stands above the rest; here are five reasons why.

1.) Leadership- He has unparalleled experience in the medical research and venture capital field- With over 30 years of leadership experience as President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, co-founder and trustee at the Nation’s top medical and venture capital companies, Dr. Rocklage has proven his ability to lead any team and work with executives and staff alike.

2.) Education- His PhD was obtained from MIT and Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from the University of California. MIT is world renown for excellent in scientific education and challenges all students to reach success- a value clearly seen in Scott Rocklage’s life and learn more about Scott.

3.) A track record of success- Throughout his lifetime Dr. Rocklage has been responsible positions through trials and approval process crucial to bringing FDA approval of three new drugs, and is inventor or co-inventor of over 300 U.S. patents and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

4.) Collaboration- During his career, companies including Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Relypsa and Catalytica have all listed Dr. Rocklage among their leadership team. In 2003 he joined 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner and became a Managing Partner in 2004. He also currently serves as Board Chairman of Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. Furthermore, he also on the boards of Epirus and Pulmatrix and his Linkedin.

5.) A giving spirit- Dr. Rockladge was recently praised by MIT for his giving to the renovation of the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry and Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology labs. Rocklage stated he was honored to help with the needs of a noble-winning educational environment that he is proud to be part of.

5AM Ventures is truly thankful to have someone who is an innovator with a track record of getting results be part of the team. His knowledge of the medical industry gives him a unique perspective at understanding the venture capital market surrounding medical advancement and more information click here.