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Jose AuriemoNeto Leads JHSF Into The Future

Jose AuriemoNeto is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a real estate company that oversees the development of different commercial and residential properties in Brazil. AuriemoNeto is responsible for managing JHSF’s interests in hotels, office buildings, and public developments. He also oversees JHSF’s shopping and retail portfolio, which includes the CidadeJardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo, The Bela Vista in Salvador, and the Ponta Negra in Manaus. As a result of Brazil’s economic market, more construction is under development.AuriemoNeto led JHSF’s initial retail venture, signing collaboration agreements with Pucci, Hermes, and Jimmy Choo. JHSF opened their first outlets in the CidadeJardim shopping mall. AuriemoNeto is an alumni of the Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University in Sao Paulo. He developed JHSF’s services department by creating Parkbem, a parking lot management company.

JHSF is one of the leading companies in the real estate sector of high income throughout Brazil. The company has operations in commercial and residential market acquisitions, as well as the development of upscale hotels, shopping centers, and airports. JHSF has been honored for its ability to find unique business opportunities in the different areas that they operate in. The company places an emphasis on using innovative solutions to help different projects. JHSF has started to focus their attention on the recurring income area. JHSF uses stability in every phase of their projects. JHSF also promotes social responsibility projects in different communities, as well as funding different health and education projects.


With over 10 years of experience, JHSF has gained a top position in the malls segment market. Shopping CidadeJardim was the first mall to use natural lighting and garden shops with an emphasis on services and high gastronomy. Shopping Bela Vista is the first mall in Northeastern Brazil to use a large scale mixed use real estate development. Shopping Metro Tucuruvi was the first mall to integrate the bus and subway terminal.


JHSF is responsible for a number of different projects, thanks to its expertise in large scale mixed use projects. JHSF’s newest launch; Catarina is the first venture in Brazil to have a private executive airport; which includes a business and convention center, hotel, and the Catarina Fashion Outlet.Read full article : Click here.

The Development of the Davos Real Estate Group

The financial industry in the United States has been greatly impacted by billionaire Dick Davos and the array of businesses he has built. The Davos Real Estate Group, in particular, has had a vast impact on the American economy and continues to contribute unique ideas and products to the country’s real estate market. The company’s recent release of the Davos CAP Calculator, a tool developed to serve the Davos Real Estate Group’s potential investors, has sparked new interest in successful real estate investment company. David Osio, the CEO of the Davos Real Estate Group, recently participated in an interview where he discussed the development of the company, its effectiveness in the real estate investment market, and its impact on the American economy.

During the interview, David Osio gave a brief history of the Davos Real Estate group. The group was initially developed a part of an expansion of the Dick Davos’ personal real estate group. After attaining a relatively large amount of success in the area of real estate investments, Dick Davos decided to invest money and effort into the development of the Davos Real Estate group, which would now act as a fully functioning real estate investment firm. Shortly after the company’s official establishment, David Osio was hired as the real estate firm’s Chief Executive Officer. After years of working with the company, David Osio and the team of financial strategists employed by the Davos Real Estate Group have gradually led the company to a great deal of success within the industry.

The Davos Real Estate Group has become incredibly effective at improving the investment strategies of its consumers. During his recent interview, David Osio discussed ways in which the company has increased its effectiveness over the last several years. Osio stated that product development was essential to increased effectiveness in any business and has greatly impacted the trajectory of the Davos Real Estate Group. The company’s recent development of the Davos CAP Calculator, for example, has greatly increased the company’s overall effectiveness at aiding potential real estate investors.

David Osio also briefly discussed the Davos Real Estate Group’s impact on the American economy. Osio stated that the company, along with Dick Davos’ other businesses, have greatly influenced the American economy by continuing the production excellent products and standards of services. Osio stated that the Devos Real Estate Group had full intentions of continuing with their commitment to the excellent service of American investors and real estate professionals.

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Securus is a Dallas, Texas-based technology firm. Securus offers technological services to over 3400 law and enforcement agencies. The services including biometric analysis, emergency response to incidents and inmate self-service are in the list of those offered to not less than 1.2 million inmates across North America. THREADS 3.1, launched on 21st December 2015, is reported by PR Newswire to be the latest Big Data analytical tool in the correction department. THREADS 3.1 has since served Securus purpose which is to bridge the safe communication between inmates and the general public.

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The transition to THREADS3.1 has upgraded the user interface to incorporate the latest in web technologies. This is a guaranteed improvement to the clients experience without alteration of the preexisting analysis prowess. Kelly Solid, the general manager of business for Securus management, assures that the 3.1 release, eliminates unnecessary systems actions, enhances navigation, records loading and search functions to increase performance and user interface.

An upgrade from Silverlight to HTML5, THREADS 3.1 allows for easier navigation through the products offered. The Secured Call Platform, (SCP) courtesy of the 3.1 release, now allows for faster and more efficient tracking of organized crime from a remote server. This is an essential tool to investigators as it points out leads and thus helps in incident management.

The record to listen technique has long been outdated by the THREADS 3.1 which allows one to listen and analyze the SCP as the criminal plots unravel. This is a good upgrade that is not only free but acts as an effective means to pinpoint sensitive crime related topics. Full story posted on PR Newsire.



Sanjay Shah – Millionaire Businessman

Million dollar professional Sanjay Shah and his successful company called Solo Capital, has been increasing its success in the past years in the London and Dubai areas. It has reached the million dollar mark in a short time, and has allowed Shah the option to retire from his companies, and continue to pursue other areas of interest. He has been fortunate enough to have gained a lot of success with his companies that he has carried through with his other businesses. He originally started his career as an accountant, although that isn’t exactly what he went to school for. He originated from Kenya to Central London with his family where he attended King’s College studying medicine. He attended pre-med school for a bit, and then decided it just wasn’t for him. He graduated with his accounting degree and began his career in the financial investment and banking world. He has exhibited years of experience and has been successful in owning many companies throughout his career.

He hired a few college graduates and some trading partners to help him get the business off the ground. He wanted to commit to the business building module for a year and see how it panned out. The company didn’t take long to reach its million dollar mark, and now it has allowed him to retire.

In 2014 he launched Autism Rockss, which is a charity event that is based around performing artists that put on concerts to help raise money. The money is used to help aid in awareness and research as well as development for the neurological condition. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was just two years old. They were able to reach him at an early stage, and get him the proper treatment and education that he needed to help him thrive. Shah understands that many people don’t have that option and wants to be able to reach out to them with Autism Rocks, and help them better understand the condition. He wants to be able to help those in need and help with research and development.
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What You Need To Know About The President Of The US Reserve.

The US Money Reserve was started several years ago by veterans in the American coin industry. Since these individuals have the best knowledge and expertise in precious metals, they ensured that they put in place all the measures to ensure that the employees of the institution are the best.

According to a Good Search report, the company has done quite well since then, employing some of the best customer care service. The company has had several leaders since it was started years ago. The current President of the institution is Philip Diehl, one of the most influential people in the industry at the moment source:

Philip Diehl was appointed to this position after he relocated to his hometown. Before then, he was working for the US Mint, a similar institution that also deals with precious metals. Philip Diehl has worked hard after taking the leadership of the company. Since he has a lot of experience in leadership activities and precious metals, the company has only experienced success.

Since the year he assumed leadership, the company has made a lot of progress. First of all, he started the campaign to get rid of the penny in the American market. It is believed that the US Money Reserve will be not recognizing the coin in the recent future, thanks to the president of the company. Diehl started the campaign way before he was appointed to this position.

When Philip Diehl was working for the US Mint, he had quite a different opinion when it comes to the penny. He would even ask people to pick it from the ground if they found it! He would advise them to walk away; because the penny is actually less in the value, people believe it has.

In his Twitter page, Mr., Diehl has worked in several other positions before coming in the coin industry in line with the US Money Reserve. At one time, he was working for the US Department Senate Finance Committee. He has also worked as the staff director of the Senate finance committee. These positions were given to him before he was elected by Bill Clinton to become the president of the US Mint.

He has always worked in the senior positions with the help of senior officials in the government, and this gives him an upper hand when it comes to leadership issues.
Philip Diehl recently introduced a new shop for the internet community, making it very easy to get information about precious metals and also acquiring them.

Coriant Looks To Different Areas For Growth

The optical transport specialist Coriant has been on a large period of growth since the 2013 acquisition of a department of Siemens that forms the basis of the Coriant brand. Coriant has looked to establish a company that includes a number of high profile acquisitions since 2013 that has allowed the company to grow into one of the largest in the optical transport industry; amongst the companies parent Marlin Equity Partners added to the Coriant brand has been Tellabs, one of the top players in the technology equipment market Coriant purchased for more than $800 million.

At the end of 2015, Marlin Equity Partners sprang something of a surprise on the industry with the announcement that founding CEO Pat DiPietro was returning to his previous role with Marlin. In his place came Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed as CEO and member of the Coriant board who has spent the majority of the last three decades working in the technology industry; although the plan for DiPietro to stand down at Coriant has always been in place the appointment of Kheradpir was not known about until revealed just prior to his taking over the company. Shaygan Kheradpir brings a wealth of technology based experience to the role of CEO that should see the success of Coriant continue into the future.

Shaygan Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a degree in electrical engineering that led him to work with Verizon in developing new technologies. Kheradpir has never stood still in his career and followed his time at Verizon with a move into the financial sector where he became the first technology executive to sit on the board of the financial giant Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradir joins Coriant at a crucial time in its short history, which sees Coriant looking to develop a new range of technology products for its customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Coriant sees the development of new technology as an important aspect of the continued growth of the company, which includes the latest release of a new cloud based storage system.

A Chicago Entrepreneur Is Looking for Donations for the Nepal Earthquake Victims

There were many people and organizations that rushed to help the victims of the April 2015 earthquake that devastated the country of Nepal. There were hundreds of thousand people who were left homeless, thousands were killed, and many more were injured. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are suffering despite efforts that have been made to help the earthquake victims. Thankfully, there are still people who are interested in helping this cause. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. This is something that is especially important to him since he has many friends who live in Nepal. He is concerned about their welfare and the welfare of others. It is his goal to raise at least $1 million to help them with medical and disaster relief. The money will be put in a crowdrise campaign. It will be used to provide housing, medicine, and food for the victims.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor. He is well known in the Chicago area for his successful investments and also his new business Expresso Inc. The business that he recently opened delivers groceries to individuals who pay a small fee for the convenience of having their groceries delivered to their home or another designated location. Busy individuals can go on the website that he has set up, access thousands of different products, order items, and then have them delivered right to their home. No matter how many places a customer orders from, large grocery chains or even small shops, they will pay no more than $10 for the delivery service. This is making the lives of Chicago residents a lot easier. It is also saving them money on gas.

Majeed Ekbal has contributed his own personal funds to the Go Fund Me campaign that he has set up for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. He is asking other individuals to help these victims as well. He appreciates donations of any size. Majeed Ekbal hopes that the money that is raised will be able to relieve some of the suffering has left many individuals without homes and with severe injuries that need proper medical care in the country of Nepal.

Doe Deere Is Revolutionizing The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is filled with companies and colors that have been around for decades or even centuries. Some of the most popular names in the field are on the tips of tongues around the world, but all these companies offer the same dark colors that create the standard smoky eye. The smoke eye is not the default look at Lime Crime, and Doe Deere is the founder who looked beyond dark colors to a brighter future. This article explains how Doe Deere took her cosmetics line international using only the Internet and a bright palette.

#1: Her Palette Is Beaming

The palette that Doe has created for Lime Crime began when she was selling her cosmetics on eBay. Her eBay store was very successful because her customers were buying colors they could not find anywhere else. She does have a lime green on her palette, but she has many other bright colors that ladies may like more. Her decision to create a bright palette helped her stand out from the crowd, and she stayed online in favor of a modern business plan.

#2: She Is Technology Guru

Doe Deere has created an online empire that is supported by the online sales of her cosmetics. She does not have sales ladies going around to sell her products, and she does not have counters at department stores. Doe uses only the Internet and digital marketing to grow her business. She is a prime example of a woman using the Internet to make a new life for herself, and her technology savvy has increased sales over the years.

#3: Her Cosmetics Feel Homemade

Doe is capable of creating all her cosmetics by hand, and she has posted videos online of her creations. People who do not believe in Doe’s natural talent may watch the videos for themselves, and she has a factory creating cosmetics that feel homemade. This homemade feel makes her line feel much more genuine, and her genuine attitude about the cosmetics world makes her appealing.

#4: The Alternative Crowd Is Fulfilled

The alternative crowd is looking for vegan products or products that are not tested on animals. Doe has created a line that has many vegan products, and she is rolling out new vegan products every year. The whole line will be vegan before long, and Doe is committed to making her line accessible to as many people as possible.

Lime Crime has become a lifestyle choice for many women, and Doe Deere believes that she can use her prowess online to outpace some of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. Her philosophy makes her company intriguing to women who love bright colors, and she is taking on the traditional cosmetics companies head-on.

Master Project by Omar Boraie for New Brunswick


Omar Boraie is a 73-year old investor who has interests in real estate property development and the president of Boraie Development. He is the founder of the firm and was an immigrant from Egypt and went to start a new life in New Brunswick. To his title is a scholar who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He decided to venture into real estate development in 1973 when he built a residential complex that exists up to date and is in continued use. Currently the real estate fund is undertaking a development project that is based in New Brunswick. The project is meant to serve opposite end of the profitable housing market because the housing units range from the crème and best with world class facilities to those that can be afforded by middle income earners. The two residential structures are underway being erected in areas that were forsaken by developers who have had differences with the locals.

He went against the odds to build the high-end residential apartments in New Brunswick, a town that was viewed as dying slowly because it lacked development projects. It is one of the earliest major towns that were developing in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Boraie is an entrepreneur who sees ahead of time by the fact that a new train line has been constructed linking the town directly to New York city, a great boost to him and his housing business as the train station is a few metres from the location of the buildings. Boraie development group built Albany Street Plaza Tower One bringing 250,000 square feet of world class residential services to the sleeping city. Another twin tower to Albany Street Plaza was built next to it. It has 25 stories and prides itself as being the tallest in New Brunswick. The residential building has 121 residential units, 10,000 square feet of space that is ideal for retail businesses, 40,000 square feet of space that can be used for office purposes together with ample parking spaces that are indoors. On the outside, there are spaces where resident can barbeque food, children play and have a spce for walking with their pets.

The buildings that are built like the condos of New York are brought a new touch to the city. The untapped skyline of New Brunswick was finally opened using trendsetting skyscrapers that offer a great view of the whole city while on top of the building. The residential units cost $2800 in rent per month.

The Literary World With Jaime Garcia Dias

Literature is a lovely art form that gives readers a sense of wonder and delight. It allows readers to venture into another land and be someone else for a little while. Authors have an extraordinary talent of using their emotions and inner most feelings and put that to paper. Those feelings make for great literary work. Whether it be the joys or the heartache, authors have the amazing ability of creating a scene and making the readers feel the emotions the author was experiencing. There are many authors that are talented wordsmiths but there are a select few that are a cut above the rest.

Who Is Jaime Garcia Dias?

His LinkedIn profile lists Jaime Garcia Dias as a Brazilian author who have seen much success throughout his literary career. Jaime Garcia Dias was influenced at a young age to be an author by his father. His father, Arnaldo Dias was a talented architect and his mother Dulce Garcia Dias was his motivator and an important role model. Jaime Garcia Dias began writing at a very young age. He was influenced greatly by other Brazilian authors and was influenced by author Joao Guimaraes for his very first book. In 1995, Jaime Garcia Dias became a professor at Carioca Literature Academy. During his time as a professor, Jamie taught students who wanted to become authors. Two years later, Jaime was promoted to vice president of the academy. While working at the Carioca Literature Academy, Jaime Garcia Dias published ten books. He published these ten book all before the age of 30.

Jaime Garcia Dias was awarded the White Crane Literary Award in 2001. The White Crane Literary Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the literary world. Jaime Garcia Dias was promoted one more time to the position of president of the Carioca Literature Academy. Jaime Garcia Dias popularity has made the academy popular as well and his continuous work has made him a best selling author year after year.