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Mike Baur And His Relentless Effort To Fuel Growth Among Startups

As a leading entrepreneur and experienced banker, Mike Baur has continued to invest into the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 in a bid to support startups within Switzerland. The company has been working with leading academic institutions to source for intellectual content necessary to make the mentoring process easy.

The Swiss Startup Factory is also investing in imparting legal knowledge into the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs to allow them sail through regardless of the hurdles they encounter on the way. Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory as a part of his dream to work with young entrepreneurs and to emerge among leading venture capitalists in Switzerland.

Digital business solutions

The digitization process is sometimes bound by challenges and may appear challenging to a business if there is no sufficient information to inform the decisions one makes in the process of creating digital platforms that can help to run a business.

The entrants are first challenged to define their goals and plans regarding staffing and management before coming up with digital solutions. Once this is achieved, the team of professionals comes up with solutions and strategies that can be applied to enhance the potential of a business to succeed.

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Marketing/Accounting support

The marketing team is tasked with ensuring the entrants understand the basics applicable when popularizing a business. They also offer accounting support to allow the businesses manage their finances better and come up with strategies that can propel the business to higher heights. Most upcoming businesses fail due to lack of proper financial management and this is an area the Swiss Startup Factory takes seriously when mentoring startup entrepreneurs.

Product development

The Swiss Startup Factory also takes into account the product development process and works to ensure the products presented to the market match the criteria to be classified as useful items that can stir a wave of purchases and preference over other similar items. Competition is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when designing a product since every company in the market is working to come up with a new superior product.

Mike Baur

A graduate of Bern and the Rochester University, Mike Baur is a dedicated professional with great focus on startups and nurturing ideas into successful businesses. He has worked as a private banker in Switzerland for nearly 20 years and before he exited the industry in 2014, Mike had made strides in his career. He is now a venture capitalist and entrepreneur.

Magnises – The Club That Specializes In Selling The Luxurious Lifestyle

Would you like to have exclusive and unrestricted access to the best hotels, sporting events and night clubs, connect with young professionals like yourself and so much more – all at the flash of a card? Magnises is for you then.

Magnises is a network that brings together thousands of young professionals on the East Coast and helps to move their lives to the next level both in a professional and social sense.

Founded in 2014, Billy McFarland envisioned it as a means to help people build the perfect network.

Currently serving most notably, the cities of New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, the club’s services are coming to more cities as time passes.

One of the biggest features on Crunchbase introduced is the shared workspace at Alley. New York – based members can access this co working facility for $99 monthly, something that usually costs around $500 a month elsewhere. Members don’t just get the chance to use the facility (where Magnises headquarters is located) to facilitate their business activities, but they get the chance to do it alongside other professionals of like mind. The advantages don’t end there.

From getting the best prices on tickets to the city’s best sold out events to getting the best seats at sporting events – all Magnises members have to do is flash their black cards and they are covered.

It is not new to find today that networking is done everywhere, not just in the confines of the office or in pre-arranged meetings, but in the places where people like to hangout – like night clubs. Magnises actually has a feature for that called ClubPass.

With ClubPass, Magnises members enjoy access to the best night clubs in New York for a few of $65 a month. It grants them access to the most exclusive places, all at the flash of their Magnises black card.

Magnises services are offered professionally in dedicated packages – so members don’t have to pay for services they do not need. SportsPass grants sports related benefits on like killer seats at the big game; Magnises Travel grants access to benefits such as complementary room upgrades, etc.; HotelPass lets members pay just $79 a night at the Dreams Hotels New York outlet. The rooms normally cost at least $245 a night for regular customers.

Need you hear more? Magnises is a club for professionals between their mid-twenties and thirties who want to work and enjoy the finer things in life at the same time. Magnises helps them to shave off much of the costs and give them dignified experiences everywhere by striking strategic partnerships like the one with Dream Hotels.

According to McFarland, the Hotel wants these professionals to think of them and use their services wherever they travel; these club members on the other hand want comfort, excellent service, amongst other things – bringing us a case of convergent interests.

The black card is linked to the members’ accounts or credit cards, so making payments is seamless.

To cap it all off, there’s a cross–platform concierge app that brings Magnises straight into your pocket. You can inquire about events happening around you in which Magnises is a part of.

Fabletics: A Unique Shopping Experience

One brand of athleisure that has really taken off and found great success is a company called Fabletics. You may be wondering what athleisure is- it’s simply incorporating athletic wear into your everyday style for added comfort. Athleisure is a very versatile type of clothing- you can pair it with other types of clothing to create that perfect fashion statement. For example, yoga pants matched with a moto jacket can create an on-the-go or a night out look. Fabletics is not only a popular company, but it is a unique one. The way that they go about selling is quite interesting- you can subscribe to and they will send you athleisure clothing once per month. The price will always remain the same and you can add to your wardrobe gradually, while indulging in your favorite style at a price that won’t empty out your wallet. This past year, Fabletics has found ways to add a different element of shopping with them.

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Though they are known for solely selling online, Fabletics decided that by adding a few retail stores, it could really help grow their customer base. Customers could now go into the store and try things on so that they can see the true quality Fabletics has to offer. Not only that, but they can try on different styles and feel the soft materials they are known for. This is great way for people to decide that Fabletics is, indeed, worth it and then they will go home and subscribe for that discounted, fixed price. While they have gained a ton more subscribers, they now have retail customers as well. It has really opened up new doors of success for Fabletics. Since the plan went so well, they are planning to open up more stores within the United States this year. Fabletics will soon be seen everywhere across America if their success keeps going in this wonderful direction. They are going to rake in about two hundred and fifty million by the end of 2016, and with athleisure being an ongoing strong trend, they are likely to keep rising.

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IAP Worldwide Services and Detailed Power Choices

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that has a long history. It’s headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida and has a highly international presence. Other locations for this company are in Panama City, Florida, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Alexandria, Virginia (just outside of Washington, D.C.), Dorset, England, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait City, Kuwait. The employees at IAP Worldwide Services are experts in complex technical and professional specialties, facilities management and worldwide logistics. They work hard to maintain safety in areas all around the planet. The IAP Worldwide Services team includes over 1,600 individuals. These individuals are scattered throughout over 20 nations, too. IAP Worldwide Services has been a big name in its field for over six full decades so far.

Douglas Kitani and Terry DeRosa are IAP Worldwide Services’ Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer respectively. They also have numerous other duties on their plates. Kitani acts as the firm’s director. DeRosa, on the other hand, acts as the firm’s Executive Vice President. A sampling of other members that are part of the company’s leadership division include Pascal Budge, Barbara Jerich and Dale Thornton. Budge is a Vice President who runs the company’s ethics, compliance and training department. Jerich is a human resources Vice President who focuses on corporate services and communications. Thornton, lastly, is the company’s business development Senior Vice President.

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Iap Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia |

Solutions for the power realm make up a significant fraction of the work at IAP Worldwide Services. The professionals at this company have expertise in both temporary and permanent power choices. Disasters often lead to power outages that can last for days and days. IAP Worldwide is a company that offers emergency power assistance for locations that are dealing with lasting outages. It caters to the power outage needs of all fifty states. The company also helps provide emergency power outage assistance to both Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

Permanent power is a big area of expertise for the talents at IAP Worldwide Services. The company designs and builds first-rate power plants. They also provide invaluable assistance with the efficient running of power plants. IAP Worldwide Services has dramatically cut power costs for many customers. They have done this through oil recycling efforts and creative reuse of tools and equipment. The aim at IAP Worldwide Services is to offer customers everywhere eco-friendly and dependable energy choices. The company is perpetually searching for strengthened energy operations.

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Laidlaw and Company Helps Investors at Different Levels

In the investment world there are investors that a little to invest and others that have to invest. Laidlaw & Company is the organization that levels the playing field by providing financial advice to all those that are in need. This is an organization that has managed to level the playing fields and really establish a loyal base of customers that are interested in getting the best financial management.

Laidlaw has a long line of financial consultants that have been accustomed to building up a presence in the financial industry. This investment banking company has been helping with things like acquisitions and mergers. This is an investment bank that has managed to provide a lot of sound advice for companies that are trying to establish a new businesses as well. This is what happens for most companies that are looking for assistance.

Individuals that are looking for assistance will often seek help with their portfolios on They will be able to connect with consultants that are able to put them in the right place with managing this wealth. This is one of the best ways for newcomers to build their retirement plans. Laidlaw & Company has people in place that are able to give insight to those that may not know a 401K from an IRA. This is a company that has managed to give a lot of instruction to those clients that are trying to make better decisions about diversification. All of that plays a part in the way that this company works on stopbrokerfraud with businesses to establish relationships.

Laidlaw & Company is an organization that was able to build a great financial structure. This is a company that has been able to build a solid foundation by helping all of those that are in need of financial help.

CCMP Capital Looks Ahead After the Death of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital, a private equity company located in New York, has always represented one of the most successful investment companies in the world, and as any other successful company, there is always someone deserved for its achievements. In this case, that would be Stephen Murray who gave CCMP Capital many useful investment ideas, and now with his death, the company will have to look ahead and continue its previous success.

So, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital represents a private investment firm that focuses on growth capital and leveraged buyouts. Formerly known as JP Morgan Partners, the partners from JP Morgan Chase separated from the firm and since 2006, it has invested large sums of money in growth transactions and leveraged buyouts. It has offices in many cities such as Tokyo, London, Texas, Hong Kong, and New York. CCMP Capital owes much of its success to Stephen Murray of nypost, a former President and CEO of this company.

Stephen Murray spent the largest part of his career in private equity sector. He joined JPMorgan’s merchant bank to build his own equity business, and this was the time when he proved to be a very successful investor. Thanks to him, the company established a completely new identity with new investors and managed to raise about $3.6 billion fund last year. He was also a member of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which is located in New York. Mr. Murray was only 52 when he died, and he had been with this company for more than 15 years. Now, with his death, CCMP Capital has to rely on other strategies and investors.

Following the death of its CEO, CCMP Capital got the support in order to resume investing some of its funds, and it selected a group of people on whom it can rely. These people are all professionals, and their role is crucial in the company’s investment plans. So, after the loss of its most important man, CCMP Capital was offered many investor protections in order for its partners to oversee the reinstatement of the company’s investment period. So, the group is trying to appoint a new CEO. Furthermore, there are speculations that the company is going to purchase the stake of Stephen Murray.

Additionally, CCMP Capital has also updated its list of the most important investors. One of the key men to this company is Douglas Cahill while others have been removed from this list, such as Joe Delgado, a member of the industrial team. Then, the company agreed to lower the votes that are needed for new partners. For instance, the investment period of the funds can be terminated if new investors vote in favor of the new move. There are also speculations that Dina Colombo is now the Chief Financial Officer of the company while Timothy Walsh is the new Chief Operating Officer.

So, CCMP Capital is doing its best to continue with its plans, and it hopes that the new members can bring it to a higher level of success.

Madison Street Capital’s Extraordinary Leader Honored


Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has been the investment banking firm that stands by its clients to ensure they reach their goals within the world-wide marketplace. This firm’s actions have been exceptionally led by its Chief Operating Office and co-founder Anthony Marsala whose business duties have focused on handling mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate finance and business assessment. His contributions have taken him to supervising and directing Madison Street Capital’s business needs in Asia, Africa and Europe. In an article recently published in the Chicago Tribune we learned that Marsala was honored for his unique leadership abilities by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).

NACVA developed a program which annually recognizes individuals who have accomplished triumphant endeavors in the world of business such as in M&A and business valuation. Known as its 40 Under Forty program, this prestigious acknowledgement chooses one recipient who has accomplished astonishing advances in business and respected by peers. These highly regarded individuals were selected by the executive staff representing CTI and NACVA, organizations which were founded on superiority and an essence of originality within the financial and accounting professionals.

Both CTI and NACVA had a difficult time choosing its 2015 recipient among all of the triumphant candidates. The nominees, who were comprised of more than 100, had all accomplished some amazing advances in various fields which include M&A. However for more than 13 years Madison Street Capital’s own Anthony Marsala had managed to continuously study and perform many transactional and valuation activities in many industry sectors.

Graduating from Chicago’s Loyola University, Marsala graduated with a focus on Finance and Information Systems. He also found time to enroll at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School where he earned a Masters Diploma with an emphasis on Strategy. Marsala is a member of the international organization known as the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

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Master Project by Omar Boraie for New Brunswick


Omar Boraie is a 73-year old investor who has interests in real estate property development and the president of Boraie Development. He is the founder of the firm and was an immigrant from Egypt and went to start a new life in New Brunswick. To his title is a scholar who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He decided to venture into real estate development in 1973 when he built a residential complex that exists up to date and is in continued use. Currently the real estate fund is undertaking a development project that is based in New Brunswick. The project is meant to serve opposite end of the profitable housing market because the housing units range from the crème and best with world class facilities to those that can be afforded by middle income earners. The two residential structures are underway being erected in areas that were forsaken by developers who have had differences with the locals.

He went against the odds to build the high-end residential apartments in New Brunswick, a town that was viewed as dying slowly because it lacked development projects. It is one of the earliest major towns that were developing in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Boraie is an entrepreneur who sees ahead of time by the fact that a new train line has been constructed linking the town directly to New York city, a great boost to him and his housing business as the train station is a few metres from the location of the buildings. Boraie development group built Albany Street Plaza Tower One bringing 250,000 square feet of world class residential services to the sleeping city. Another twin tower to Albany Street Plaza was built next to it. It has 25 stories and prides itself as being the tallest in New Brunswick. The residential building has 121 residential units, 10,000 square feet of space that is ideal for retail businesses, 40,000 square feet of space that can be used for office purposes together with ample parking spaces that are indoors. On the outside, there are spaces where resident can barbeque food, children play and have a spce for walking with their pets.

The buildings that are built like the condos of New York are brought a new touch to the city. The untapped skyline of New Brunswick was finally opened using trendsetting skyscrapers that offer a great view of the whole city while on top of the building. The residential units cost $2800 in rent per month.

Bruce Levenson Is Much More Than Just A Successful Businessman

Bruce Levenson is a well-respected businessman. He founded his first company soon after he completed his law degree at American University in 1977. Levenson had attended law school at night so he could develop his career as a journalist at the Washington Star newspaper. After completing law school, Levenson got together with Ed Peskowitz and co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG). The company started a newsletter which reported on developments taking place in the oil industry. They also launched the Oil Price Information Service and several other databases.

UCG grew to become a very important newsletter that companies in the energy, healthcare, mortgage banking, telecommunication, technology, and other industries depended on for valuable new, data, and analysis. The United Communications group also bought of a number of other newsletters and owned the app GasBuddy which provides motorists with information on the lowest gas prices in their area. Levenson was also on the board of TechTarget and served as its director from 1999 until 2012. He also served as an advisor for the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. Levenson was also inducted into the Hall of Fame Software and Information Industry Association.

In 2004 Levenson was a majority owner of the Atlanta Spirit group that purchased the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Thrashers, and Phillips Arena. Levenson also became a member of the Board of Governors of the NBA. He hired Danny Ferry to serve as president of basketball operations and general manager of the Hawks and former San Antonio assistant coach Mike Budenholzer as head coach. The team responded well and in the 2014-15 season they won 60 games, the most in team history.

Bruce Levenson is also a committed philanthropist. For over 40 years he’s given his time and money to a variety of charitable causes. He was the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation’s Washington chapter, and worked with the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and Washington, D.C.’s Community Foundation. Levenson was also one of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s funding members and made significant donations to the Seeds of Peace and the SEED Foundation. He also worked to help a large number of at-risk, low-income youth pursue their dream of getting higher education.

One of Bruce Levenson’s most meaningful projects was the founding and development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. Founded in 2010 and located on the campus of the University of Maryland, the center raises students’ awareness of what takes place within philanthropic organizations worldwide. They learn how to assess philanthropic organization and gain the skills necessary to run nonprofit organizations. The students are also given the opportunity to give money donated by Levenson and his wife to any non-profit they feel is deserving.

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman, a former NBA owner, and a caring individual that offers support to his fellow man.