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Adam Milstein work on radical groups

A new alliance is threatening the existence of the Jewish community. The alliance is between radical groups. Three radical groups have come together to push the anti-Semitism agenda in the world. These are people who have no other purpose other than to see that the State of Israel is destroyed. These groups believe that the Jews are the cause of all the problem that face the Middle East. Without them, the Middle East would be a peaceful place. Who are these people? According to Adam Milstein, a Jewish author, these groups are the radical right. The radical left and the radical Islamist. The first two seems to have been co opted in the plan of the third group unknowingly. They are currently pushing the agenda of the radical Muslims without knowing the danger they are exposing themselves to.

According to Adam Milstein, these three groups are pushing an agenda that will first see the weakening of the State of Israel then they will kick in and eliminate the community. The radical Islamist do not want to see Israel in the Middle East. To them, Israel is a colonialist who deserves to be kicked out by all means possible. The differences between the Jews and the Muslims have been long-standing. However, for the other two groups, they are being introduced to this hate. They are being used by the Islamist to push for the agenda of a new religion world. The Muslims want to make their religion and their beliefs global at the expense of the others.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a passionate Jew who loves his community so much that he has dedicated his time and resources to push for the interest of the Jewish community all over the world. He lives in the United States, but his interest is to help all Jewish wherever they are. He is concerned about the unity of the community and what it can do for the community. Among the things that he focuses on is enhancing the unity and welfare of the community. Adam Milstein leads organizations which are focusing on the strength of the State of Israel.

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Wes Edens Principal Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens Principal Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Edens was born in America in the year 1961. He is married to Lynn with whom they have been blessed with four children. He attended the Orego state university where he pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and business and graduated in the year 1984.His professional career began in the year 1987 at the Lehman Brothers where he played the role of a director and also a partner up to the year 1993. He later transferred to the BlackRock’s private equity investors where he acted as the managing director until the year 1997.Later in the year 1998, Wes Edens together with five other friends started the Fortress investment group where they were the sole principals. In the year 2007 Wes investment style was published in a wall street journal and stated to comprise of creative financing, contrarian bets and a planned knack for building a business from investments.

On February 9, 2007, Fortress became the first ever investment group to give room for a public buy out where it sold 8% of its total shares to the public at a price of $600 million. Latter it also sold part of its shares with a percentage of 15% to a Japanese holdings company which had a worth of $888 million.Wes Edens wealth ratings are valued at $1.2 billion, and all this wealth is believed to have been accumulated through is tireless efforts in the finance business. He also owns shares worth $63.3 at the Fortress investment group. The actual amount of his take-home salary is still an issue to debate when you include facts such as his compensation plans and also the stocks he owns from different investment groups.

In the year 2004 Wes Edens together with a fellow investor known as Marc purchased the Bucks from its owners the Kohl at a price of $550 and promised them to keep the Wisconsin team and also build a new arena that would replace the current BMO Haris Bradley center. He started financing the Milwaukee team and spending lots of his free time at the stage to have close-range monitoring of how the team performed. His highest goal was to make Milwaukee rise and become the best team in the whole of the United States.Wes is a mentor and a role model to many who have dreams of becoming great investors in years to come. His efforts and hard work to prosper is the crucial inspiration factor to many of his admirers.

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Successful Businessman Mike Burwell

At present, the Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Tower Watson, Mike Burwell, has a bachelor’s degree from the Michigan State University in business administration. Mike Burwell had a great experience of over 30 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Mike has been a key leader at the price water house coopers whereby he was appointed the chief financial officer in 2009 and the vice chairman-global where he was keen on building and expansion of P.W.C internal shared service.Mike Burwell is an early riser. Michael Burwell starts his day at 5 am even when traveling. He usually likes to ride on his peloton bike whereby he figures out goals for the day.Burwell is a guy who ensures that others have grown. This is achieved by lighting up their ideas and bringing them to life.He believes in the future of the owner’s idea. Mike believes in doing more with less. He also engages others to find out what brings their success and productivity. Making others great is one of his key goals.


Mike’s success has been attributed mainly to his key listening skills and building networks. He more so believes that good communication comes as a result of investing in the most interesting skill one has.Mike has mainly focused on transaction operations and financial audits in business. He has held various operations in his career. For instance, he has held the position of a senior officer at Global Transformation and head of financial operations in many states.Michael Burwell is an open-minded person who believes in learning something new from every moment and opportunity. Positivity is also a key factor to his success which he believes will be a motivation to do more.


Mike ensures he is nice to others though he is careful not to please everyone since he strongly believes that collaboration will not always equal consensus. Michael Burwell loves traveling in the world and this is why he claims that the best 100 dollar he has ever spent was on a cord organizer to ensure that his cords are organized at his bag.He recommends the ” soft selling a hard world” by Jerry Vas, a book he believes will help one understand what it takes to gain success. Willis Towers Watson has a great hope on Michael bringing the change required.This is due to the leadership and managerial skills he has exhibited over the years. This will ensure quality delivery of services to clients.



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Vijay Eswaran, Shaping The World Through Unique Leadership Philosophies

While most of his fellow business tycoons focus on amassing more wealth, Vijay Eswaran the co-founder and executive chairman of IQ group of companies takes a different approach in leadership by emphasizing on spirituality.

Early life

Born in Penang Malaysia back in the 1960’s Vijay Eswaran as his names suggest, is of Hindu origin. His mother worked with the Malaysian ministry of labor a factor that contributed to him and his family moving a lot hence he enjoyed the privilege of living in different parts of Asia. However, even with all the movement, Vijay’s mother did not let her job interfere with her kids’ education and ensured that they went to the best schools.

On the other hand, Vijay’s determination to build a future for himself and not rely on his parent’s handouts is what pushed him to do better. He attended the London School of Economics where he received his social economic degree. However, his life has not been a smooth ride because afterward, he had to live off odd jobs such as being a cab driver, working in a grape plantation and even once worked at a construction site in Belgium. Nevertheless, he did not allow these challenges to define him and in fact he appreciates them and states that they are what makes his success sweet as he has had to work his way up.

Career growth

Two years later after his graduation from London’s school of economics and after the odd jobs, Vijay moved to the UK where he was introduced to the world of binary system marketing and that is when his success began taking shape.

Vijay is known for being an advocate of education and his life is sufficient proof of this because, after his introduction into the world of binary system marketing, he enrolled for CIMA to improve his proficiency in this area. He later attended the Southern Illinois University where received an MBA in the same. All this time he did not use his studies as an excuse not to work because he was working for Synaptics and was also heavily involved in multi-level marketing during his free time.

He later moved back to Malaysia where thanks to his rich resume, he was approached by the Cosway group and sent to the Philippines to manage its new branch. It is during this time that he used his previously earned skills in Multi-level marketing to steer the business to greater heights. Vijay, however, is not the one to get comfort at little success and as soon as he got back from the Philippines, he helped establish the QI group which today boasts tremendous success thanks to an incredible leadership panel which is led by Vijay. The QI group invests in a long string of areas such as travel, media, luxury products, telecommunications, wellness and a few other areas in which it has made a name for itself.

His extraordinary leadership and life philosophies

It is through his unique leadership philosophies that the QI group has achieved significant milestones. For instance, Vijay Eswaran is a strong believer that a leader can only be successful if he offers service above self. In other words, he believes that for any leader to be successful he needs to be selfless by putting the needs of others ahead of his own.

In respect to this, Vijay gives examples of selfless leaders whom he looks up to for inspiration such as Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who despite the challenges they faced still served their people well. Vijay Eswaran also voices the essence of waking up every morning like you are on a mission by saying that time is not something we have and as such everyone should reach their potential when they can because tomorrow is not promised.

Additionally, Vijay leads by advising all his juniors to be quick and flexible in responding to changes because they are inevitable and also when taken positively they can lead to success. These are just but a few of his life philosophies which he shares to the world and new generation of leaders through various books such as the sound of silence, two minutes from the abyss and a long list of other publications which he has authored.

The Ultimate AvaTrade Review That Will Keep You in the Light

With the increasing number of spammers and scammers in the internet, investors have become extremely conscious when dealing with online brokers. In the past years, we have heard companies who promised investors heaven and very lucrative profits and crawled them into their Initial Coin Offering, only to delete their websites and social media accounts and disappearing in the thin air with millions of dollars. Yes, there are bad guys out there but that doesn’t mean that there are credible online brokers like AvaTrade.

AvaTrade has been and still is a reliable solution to many traders who had their sensible questions on online brokerage answered. For over a decade, it has not ceased being one of the best brokerage firms in Forex and CFDs trading since 2006 when it began as AvaFX with its base in Dublin, Ireland.

AvaTrade basically specializes in trading services for various precious commodities, Bitcoin, equities, bonds, stocks and even Exchange Traded Funds. The credibility of this firm is based on its enhanced security and even attractive bonuses and this has made it have more than 200,000 accounts.

It’s very crucial to let you know that AvaTrade is regulated by Central Bank of Ireland and overseen by CNMV of Spain. Being an Irish broker it belongs to European Union hence boosting the confidence of traders as a reliable broker. An outstanding feature of this firm is that you don’t pay anything when trading your CFDs or Forex, hence no commission is paid, they just impose some little difference between the selling and the buying price of the CDFs.

In AvaTrade the spreads are dependent on the prevailing market conditions and the type of trading platform used like MetaTrader 4 which its platform has 0.3 pips spreads. In addition, the brokers have AvaOptions which is an extra trading platform provided by them.

Avatrade offers you a chance to interact with them physically in their various locations for any clarity and also it provides a platform for opening a demo account for free which can help you gain some experience. Later you can create your account by visiting their website, filling some personal information, your currency, trading platform and finally deposit a minimum100 dollars and start trading securely.

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José Auriemo Neto Business Leader and Owner

José Auriemo Neto is a prominent business owner who lives in Brazil. He is passionate about the future of his country. He has helped a lot of people get started in business. Anyone who wants to learn about various aspects of managing a company should work with him. He graduated from college with a degree in business many years ago. Since that time, he has continued to further his education in various ways. Anyone who starts a company must be willing to work hard to achieve their goals. José Auriemo Neto is now the CEO of JHSF, which is one of the most successful companies in the country.

College Experience

After graduating from college, José Auriemo Neto started working at a large company. He quickly decided to go back to school to gain further experience. He learned a lot of new business lessons after he returned to college. He was also able to grow his network rapidly. José Auriemo Neto also wants to teach a local college class to help young students and more

Next Career Steps

José Auriemo Neto has multiple plans for his future. He is proud of his career accomplishments so far, but he wants to continue growing his company in various ways. Now is the time to join his company. He is hiring for multiple positions in a variety of departments. With his strong leadership at his company, there are many opportunities for people to achieve excellent results. José Auriemo Neto should be proud of his various accomplishments as a business owner.

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Aloha construction Torch Award Qualities

Aloha construction is a company that has been offering roofing services since it started in 2008. The company’s primary goal was to provide exceptional roofing services at an affordable price for each of their customers. Aloha places great weight on the value of responsibility and accountability to everyone that interacts with them, be it their customers, employees or the broader community.

Aloha Company was recently awarded the Torch Award for marketplace ethics in December 2017. The award was given by the better business bureau (BBB) that operates in Illinois and Chicago.

The prize came to the company because of their tireless work in the construction industry. The Aloha construction company’s CEO Dave Farbacky said that it was because the company worked towards reaching the torch award qualities by positioning their customers, the community and the employees’ needs as a priority.

The Torch Award is usually given as a reward to companies that have worked to provide blue-chip services to their clients, while at the same time practice their business within ethical standards such as honesty consistently. Aloha construction was selected for the award by fifteen judges who had considered all the corporation’s activities like giving back to the community and their integrity in northern Illinois and Chicago.

Aloha construction has a reputation of putting their customers’ needs at the top of their priorities. The company took the task of providing roofing in Illinois which resulted in the creation of over 20,000 jobs. The company also offers free inspections on the roofs after every one year. Their ethics in the current market are incredible since they provide a ten-year warranty on all their products.

Aloha construction gives the needs of its employees a high priority. The company tries to build a good relationship with their workers by offering them a one-week yearly vacation, with all the expenses covered. The better news is that it allows the families of the employees to join them on such vacations. This has ensured that the employees remain motivated and work to deliver even better services.

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Whitney Wolfe – The Lady With A Vision Of Online Dating

The dating organization named Match Group operates their dating business over the internet. They want to purchase Bumble which is dating the app where women can go after the men they are attracted to.

A patent lawsuit was filed in United States District Court on Friday, in Waco, Texas, by Match Group claiming infringement was made on two of their registered trademark products. This infringement on their patent ownership and creation includes a patent that was designed for Tinder’s app feature, that allows the consumer to swipe-to-connect.

Match alleges in their lawsuit that Sarah Mick and Chris Gluczynski who were once employed by Match Group are thieves who took their patent information that is private and in the proposal stage of development. The feature that was hijacked was an idea that would allow those using the app to reverse their action if they skipped someone by accident.

The founder of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe. The co-founder of Tinder was also Whitney Wolf. In 2014, she filed a lawsuit against Tinder alleging she was harassed sexually and her title as co-founder was taken away from her. According to Whitney Wolfe, the former CMO named Justin Mateen stated that because she was a co-founder who is a female, made Bumble appear as if it were a joke. A settlement was reached for an estimated amount of 1 million dollars, as reported by Forbes.

Whitney Wolfe studied International Studies and graduated from Southern Methodist University with a business degree. While she was in college, at the age of 19, Whitney Wolfe started her own company, where she sold tote bags made from bamboo, to help people who were deeply hurt by the BP oil crisis.

Whitney Wolfe teamed up as a partner with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a stylist who is a celebrity, to begin the non-profit company named Help Us Project. The bags were a success and were acknowledged by the Press after Nicole Richie and other celebrities were photographed wearing them. Whitney Wolfe went to Southeastern Asia after she graduated from the Southern Methodist University to work with orphans.

Bumble BBF is the place to meet and get acquainted with new people. With Bumble BBF, it is a woman’s world in the sense that they are no longer depending on men to ask them out. They can take the initiative to begin a conversation using the dating app. Since the founding of Bumble, many people have gotten married and started a family.

Third wheeling my favorite @bumblebff ‘s on the cover of the Spring @saks catalog 💃🏼

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How Whitney Wolfe Changed The Way That We Date

Whitney Wolfe has served as an inspiration for so many for a reason. She has given the world and opportunity to understand what a true entrepreneur looks like and her work with Bumble has shown this. We clearly have seen a revolution in the way we do dating thanks to her. She has made her app one of the most popular ways for people to meet singles by making the entire experience specifically designed to give women the first choice when it comes to heterosexual encounters. Now, that’s creating something even better than before thanks to what has been shown by her.Wolfe has put so much of the emphasis on women making the initial contact and that decision has made this one of the most successful of the dating apps. When you’re on Bumble women are the ones who initiate all contact and that takes away most of the problems associated with online dating.

There are other advantages to the platform too which enables Wolfe to expand beyond her initial offering of a dating app. She wants to expand into the world of social media and business as well. Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF are two great examples of how this app is turning into an empire with Wolfe reigning over it. You can stay on the app without ever having to worry about the many things that often plague others out there.Whitney Wolfe was already one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs before she decided to get into this. Her experience working with other apps allowed her to create something that would stand out and make the dating world so much better.

It was about taking her desire for a woman friendly experience and empowerment that made Bumble what it is today. All signs indicate that the app is primed to takeover the market and become the most successful one out there.We don’t need to look very far to see that young people are taking to this app and the Wolfe is going to be head of one of the most successful tech endeavors ever. She will be responsible for why this app reaches the status that it has and she is redefining how dating will look. We are now seeing what it looks like when women make the first move and everything seems to be going much better than they have in earlier apps made before.

Sahm Adrangi: A Main Masters in Hedge Fund/Analyst Role

It was reported earlier this year about a conversation held with the GNC’s former hedge fund analyst. This person is 35 years old and now a credit analyst/PM. They discussed the time he was on Wall Street for 12 years. Also, he enjoys reading, and he reached out to the’s writer after reading the writer’s “An Ode To Those Who Wander Piece”. The credit analyst turned to him to discuss GNC Holdings. The credit analyst has been following the writer’s work closely concerning GNC, and as a result, he has built a large position in the equity, and his info will be shared briefly concerning his 12-year run on Wall Street with the writer’s piece.

Throughout the credit analyst’s journey, he graduated from Penn State and then earned a scholarship at Merrill Lynch’s credit desk. He remained at this company for another three years, and then he earned a credit trading position with Longacre where his time overlapped with Sahm Adrangi, the current hedge fund founder of Kerrisdale Capital. Adrangi published an aggressive short writing recently called Northern Dynasty. And as a result, was able to buy back their position. After Longacre, the credit analyst worked at Paulson & Co’s credit team, he was then Bowery Investment Management’s credit PM. He left Wall Street in June 2015. He loves investing, and he was tremendously a great asset for these companies he worked for.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. that is located in the Greater New York City area. He has been in this position since April 2009.

His previous experiences include the following: He was the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Longacre Fund Management LLC. He has been in this position from April 2007n to February 2009. He was an analyst for Chanin Capital Partners from December 2005 to Marcy 2007. He also was an analyst for the Deutsche Bank from April 2004 to October 2005. He earned his bachelors degree in economics from Yale University in 2003.