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Securus Technologies – BBB Accredited and Based on Passion for People

Securus Technologies has been a leading provider of technological solutions for the criminal and civil justice industries for many years. They were founded in Texas back in 1986 and have since grown to serve more than 3,400 public safety and law enforcement agencies across the country. They always operate with the highest of integrity and are now releasing reports listing wrongdoings of competitors in hopes of forcing them to operate in the same fashion. Securus holds a BBB accreditation and believes that people are more important than profit, so they operate their business with that in mind at all times. Securus could no longer stand by and watch as Global Tel Lock continued to cheat their customers out of money and knew something had to be done. Securus has released the initial report in what will be a series of reports focused on bringing truth to the public surrounding the unlawful practices of their competitor GTL, also publised on PR Newswire. GTL has been lying and stealing from their clients for many years and have even cost the taxpayers in Louisiana over $1,000,000. Securus hopes that these reports will prompt GTL to change their ways moving forward or remove themselves from the market so they don’t give it a bad reputation. Securus has worked hard for the reputation they have today, but they have worked even harder on the amazing products that they offer to ensure that they are above and beyond the best that they can be. From their emergency response solution known as Securus XCAD and their SECURUS Voice Biometrics investigative solutions all the way to the communication, information management, inmate self-service and managed access technologies they offer for correctional agencies their integrity and devotion to a safer world is clearly evident. Learn more about Securus Technologies for yourself on their website here.


Kyle Bass Scams The Market, Seemingly

Imagine driving down a street, and accidentally hitting a pedestrian. Now imagine that pedestrian is part of a scam, and they leaped in front of the car because it looked as though the driver would have enough money to pay them in order to avoid police interdiction. That’s the kind of scam Kyle Bass has pulled at the national level, for millions of dollars, by deliberately–and legally–manipulating the stock market.

Bass gets away with it like this: he shrouds his manipulation in a political human-interest group that he himself created called CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Its ostensible aim is to get drugs into a price-bracket that doesn’t break the bank of the dying. While it has been successful in achieving this short-run goal a number of times, in the long run it shortchanges not just the immediately sick, but future sufferers. When CAD forces a pharmaceutical group to drop their drug prices, it cuts their stock value. Bass then short sells the investment he’s made with the company in question and makes millions. Basically he chooses a lame duck and bets against him in the ring.

Bass’ actions in this regard shouldn’t be too surprising, though. Yes, he’s a hedge fund manager based out of Texas with Hayman Capital. But that is likely a deliberate front. Bass works hand-in-glove with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a socialist leader of Argentina who is so bad at her job she has caused economic default to backhand the country two separate times in just thirteen years. How could Bass economically approve of her, unless his ideals were ideologically similar?

With these things in mind, when Bass said at the Milken Institute Global Conference that investing in China was a bad move because “common sense” dictated a collapse in the near future, many began to speculate as to his particular angle in disseminating such information. Is Bass trying to prod people toward China’s market via reverse-psychology, or is he trying to keep them away in order to achieve some end himself? The only thing that seems sure is that he has a vested interest somewhere.

Brad Reifler Aims to Aid 99 Percent Investors

Forefront Income CEO Brad Reifler knows that it isn’t easy to succeed in the world of investments. As the CEO of his own investment company he has seen first hand how you can fail even if you play the market completely right. Sometimes your money just doesn’t get along with you and the result can be disastrous, at least for the regular investor. Reifler has spent the majority of his career working for ‘accredited investors’ but now he is changing up his tune, focusing on the average investor according to Reuters.

An accredited investor is someone who earns over $200,000 per year or has a net worth of over one million dollars, not including their house. These accredited investors are considered the prize of the investing world thanks to their high rate of returns. Yet, Reifler has first hand experience being on the other end of the investment spectrum and that is why he is focusing on helping out the little guy now. Reifler said, “I’m now shifting everything to the non-accredited investor with a plan specifically designed for them.”

To make this plan a reality Reifler has to start with education. That’s why he released a series of rock solid, easy to apply tips via Reuters. He starts by laboring the point that you need to be careful with your money and understand where it will be going. Having trust in the process is good but you have to also be dealing with a full understanding of your goals, not just blind faith. With careful work alongside an investment manager, such as Forefront Income Trust, non-accredited investors can find the success that they need.

Reifler began to dramatically shift his focus to the ‘rest of investors’ after the financial crisis in 2008. His goal is to cater to the needs of these new investors and help them raise a real fund with as little risk as possible.

iFunding William Skelley Joins An Exclusive Team Of Real Estate Developers

Stoler, the managing director of Madison Reality Capital and the main host and director of the Stoler Report, has invited William Skelly to an exclusive dinner. The exclusive dinner is meant for The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders a platform that involved discussions with seasoned men and women. They include CIT, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Kushman and Kushner Companies. The platform is created for serious and exclusive business developers looking forward to bring change in the real estate development sector. Skelley has been invited considering the uniqueness of his crowdfunding concept a concept that not many people has not been largely used in the real estate sector.

In the platform, only the invited get to attend the annual dinner, and they get to add their inputs about the real estate business. The next generation of real estate leaders has now aired for 15 seasons, and it is a special consideration for William Skelley to participate in this exclusive dinner. Probably he is now one of the seasoned professionals considering his experience in real estate and financial investments. In addition to the show Skelly has been given an opportunity to participate in a season of The Stoler Report which will be aired come spring season 2016. Probably this will be a good platform for Skelley to unleash the ambiguity in crowd funding by explaining it to global investors.  The story was also picked up by CNBC, for being revolutionary.

Participating in the next generation of real estate leaders mean that one is an exclusive investor which Skelley is. Apparently when starting the concept of crowd funding in real estate Skelly started by underwriting $2 billion in real estate transactions. He has been very determined to develop the concept, and he managed to gain 5MM worth of profits for his investors in the year 2015. He is planning on attending The Stoler Report with one of the iFunding sponsors, and the panel will greatly focus on the evolution of commercial real estate.

Before founding iFunding, William was a principle advisor at Rose Park Advisors owned by a university lecturer. He has exceptional skills in investment banking and has also been a financial advisor to a couple of startup firms while at the Olympus. Skelley graduated from Hobart College in 1998 and has a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Business. He started his financial career as an intern at Bain Capital a firm owned by Mitt Romney. In addition, he has also worked for a family company named Skelley associates for a period of 4 years. His crowdfunding strategy has raised the accessibility to real estate investments for many investors.  Crowdfunder has more information on the revolution William Skelley is trying to start.

Alexei Beltyukov Gives Back To Help Others

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, one of the byproducts of casting off communism was the emergence of individual businessmen and entrepreneurs making their mark on the new soviet economy. One of these new entrepreneurs was Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei initially trained in the medical field as a doctor to support his family but later dropped his studies in medicine to concentrate on business. This was a particularly trying time for him because in addition to coming up with the money to pay for his business education he also had to care for his wife and children. He did, however, find a way to accomplish his business education goals by receiving scholarships and financial aid from various sources. For his schooling in business, he attended and graduated from INSEAD one of the leading business schools in the world. They have campuses in France, Singapore, and even Abu Dhabi and employ over 148 esteemed faculty members. All of INSEAD’s campuses have a distinctly international flavor and are the perfect place for not only learning exceptional business skills that will carry you through life but a place where you can also make new friends and contacts that will be a benefit to you when you begin your business career. After his graduation, Alexei then applied for and received a scholarship to participate in INSEAD’s MBA program. This program happens to be ranked as the number one MBA program available by the world’s leading business magazine the Financial Times. The Times primarily focuses on the latest business news and all economic and political events that affect commerce worldwide. Alexei Beltyukov received his Masters of Business Administration Degree from INSEAD in 1997.

Alexei Beltyukov is now a budding Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He formed Endemic Capital in 2013 as a resource to provide angel funding for Russian start-up companies. He has also started other businesses like A-Ventures Ltd. to financially assist other struggling Russian companies. He has also worked with his alma mater to help establish an Alumni Scholarship fund to provide financial support to Russians accepted into INSEAD University. He has also provided direction and assistance in helping arrange financial grants and other opportunities for Russian technology start-up companies in addition to helping entrepreneurs.

Alexei grants much of his success to his education and the friends and colleague he made while attending INSEAD University. He is adamant that if it weren’t for his ability to go to INSEAD on scholarship that he wouldn’t have the breadth of understanding to successfully learn about business issues. He is also thankful for how much the scholarships and financial aid he received while attending INSEAD were instrumental in his success. Because of this thankfulness for the financial aid Alexei, and his friend Olesia Chikunova, and other former INSEAD students have initiated the Russian Alumni Scholarship Fund and have collectively pledged over $150,000.00 to winning participants to help pay their tuition costs to INSEAD.  Another huge endeavor from Beltyukov is education related.  With Solvy, Alexei hopes to create a platform that can be used worldwide.  He’s also an author, starting his published works through Lulu.