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LimeCrime Officially Launched My New Favorite Shimmer Lipstick

I just stumbled across the absolute perfect item to help your beauty look transition flawlessly from day to night. The product is a shimmery lip stick by the famed company, LimeCrime. Founded by makeup guru Doe Deere in 2008, the company has revolutionized the way that people affiliate with makeup brands. Doe Deere has turned Lime Crime into what feels like a community, rather than a faceless and nameless one-off purchase from your local drug store.

She has a mascot for LimeCrime and it represents her personal philosophy on never being afraid to stand out and express your inner style through makeup. The mascot is a unicorn and Doe Deere has been fondly called The Queen of the Unicorns by fans throughout the world. Her company prides itself on creativity and doing things differently.

Lime Crime engages fans by re-sharing content that users submit using a specific hashtag. The company shares these pictures on its social media presence as well as on the homepage of the website. This is huge for people to be able to connect and engage with other Lime Crime fans.

Lime Crime’s fan base is eating up the latest product: the Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. The lipsticks are absolutely the coolest thing I have ever seen. They literally shimmer while on your lips and provide a type of opalescence that I have never ever seen in a lipstick.

A recent team of staffers from InStyle did a fun little feature on the new line of lipsticks. The in-house staff tried various colors on and they then took photos of them wearing the shades and showcased them with a short recap of their findings.

The reviews were great! The staff loved the lipsticks in every shade from a blueish purple to a pale baby pink. Most of the ladies said that although they always thought they would never have thought of buying a shimmery lipstick for themselves, they ended up loving the lipstick and said that they would all wear it again. In fact, InStyle’s Beauty Editor loved the fact that the shades varied from incredibly bold, to more pale shades that were appropriate for everyday wear.