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Erick Pulier: Changing Lives Via Technology

Early Life and Education

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur, public speaker, author, columnist, and a philanthropist. Born in New Jersey, Eric’s career as technocrat began to blossom at an early age while still pursuing his high school certificate.
In 1991, five years after graduating from Harvard University with a major in English and American History, Pulier moved to Los Angeles he founded the People Doing Things (PDT) company that specialized in addressing education and health care issues through technology. The company would later merge with US Interactive LLC seven years after its formation.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

As an established business magnate, Eric Pulier has established over fifteen business ventures which have gone ahead to change the livelihoods of many people. Some of these firms are such as Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, X-Prize, ServiceMesh, and Desktone.

Akana and X-Prize are some of the most influential organizations that Eric has founded. For instance, Akana software which was established in 2001 became an instant hit and went ahead to acquire several SOA vendors. The company was initially sold to Rogue Wave Software in 2016.

Philanthropy Work

As a philanthropist, Eric Pulier has donated a substantial amount of money and time to various organizations across the US. For example, he sits on the innovation platform of the X-Prize Foundation, a foundation that deals with solving some of humanities greatest challenges. Apart from this, he also contributes to The Painted Turtle, an organization that deals with providing medical attention to children suffering from chronic illnesses.
In the early 1990’s Eric worked with the then US President Bill Clinton in an effort to find a low-cost solution to cloud computing. One of his most notable programs was his efforts to educate the general public about the many facets that multiple sclerosis presents.

Author and Columnist Career

Eric Pulier made his first contribution as an author by writing for The Harvard Crimson, a columnist chapter that represented Harvard University. Eric is also known for his book titled “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. Apart from being an author, Pulier is also a columnist, and his contribution can be found in various columns of the Forbes Magazine.

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Skout Data Says the Top Ten College Towns Are…

That global leading friend making exciting networking app Skout recently released some rather interesting information from data collected through their users according to a PRNewswire article, Some of the results were to be expected yet there were plenty of surprises and curious information found within this information, as the report evolved around the topic of the top 10 friendliest college towns.

The data covers a 12 month span and includes users from ages 18 to 24, it is also worth noting that from coast to coast there was a nice balance with the results, so apparently the United States is in no shortage of pleasant people and places when it comes to college towns.

This report also manages to cover a good deal of ground and results such as, the college town with the friendliest guys, with the friendliest girls and results for questions like, is it easier to make friends in High School or College are all found within the wide range of topics included in the report.

It certainly has to be a good sign for the folks at Skout, that such different and interesting information is now being garnered through their service. Of course much of this information will be used to no doubt improve the Skout experience, but it doesn’t take much imagination or common sense to see how useful some of this data could be in many other aspects too.

Now that the results are in, and there has been much to talk about and much to consider it may be time to take a trip to someplace where the people are friendly, the community is pleasant and the atmosphere is young, alive and growing…Madison, WI sounds like a nice place to visit. Is anyone curious now about where Madison finished on this list?

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