Bruno Fagali Astonishing Details

     Bruno Fagali is a top rising lawyer in Brazil who has immensely contributed to the shaping of the legal system of Brazil. He has gathered reputation across Brazil partly due to his many years of experience and due to the vast knowledge of Administrative Law. With such experience and expertise in this field, Bruno Fagali has been able to effectively work with several law firms since the year 2006.

Bruno Fagali has been operating in various law disciplines since 2006. At the moment, he is the Corporate Integrity Manager. He owns an agency named Fagali Law Firm. He is a specialized lawyer hence he is proficient in his area of specialty. Bruno Fagali is known for his proficiency in public and anti-corruption law. As such, he has been entrusted in Brazil in dealing with cases related to administrative contracts, civil law, public civil actions, regulatory law and administrative improbity actions.

The primary role of Bruno Fagali in the Corporate Integrity Program is to ensure that the organization effectively establishes an ethics committee. His past achievement is ensuring equal treatment of members and workers of the organization. As such, he is popular for ensuring that employees are treated without infringement of their rights. Moreover, he is responsible for taking care of special training of employees in matters regarding integrity in various offices.

Bruno Fagali career journey commenced as an intern in different law companies. After that, he ventured into working as an attorney in companies such as Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. With experience gathered from working in these institutes, he started his law firm. In addition to this, he is relied on by various law organizations in Brazil in ensuring efficient running of their operations. His education background traces back to Pontifical Catholic University where he acquired a Bachelors in Law Degree.

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