Bruno Fagali and the Legal Life

     Bruno Fagali is the founding partner of Fagali Advocacy and current Corporate Integrity Manager of advertising firm, New/sb. He is an associate and coordinator of the Ethics and Advertising Agencies Commission of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. Bruno Fagali definitely knows what he is doing, having had much legal experience and knowledge, having previously worked as a lawyer in matters of Compliance, Public Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Advertising Law, and Parliamentary and Electoral.

Bruno Fagali is a man dedicated to ethics and the legal system in Brazil. He helped New/sb create an employee ethics committee. This sort of thing is only the tip of the iceberg for Fagali who has spent his entire career creating such things. He began his career by earning a B.A. in law from the University of Sao Paulo in 2009. A few years later he followed this up with an M.A. at the same university. In the years that followed he interned and gained some work experience at several different law firms in Sao Paulo. Fagali founded and leads small law firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil, called Fagali Law. It will take on any manner of case, but specializes in anti-corruption, administrative, electoral, urban, regulatory, and civil action law. As busy a man that he is, Fagali remains an active member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. He is also an author, having written a number of different articles on ethics in the Brazilian advertising agency. It is anyone’s guess what amazing thing he will do next.

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