Bruce Levenson Is Much More Than Just A Successful Businessman

Bruce Levenson is a well-respected businessman. He founded his first company soon after he completed his law degree at American University in 1977. Levenson had attended law school at night so he could develop his career as a journalist at the Washington Star newspaper. After completing law school, Levenson got together with Ed Peskowitz and co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG). The company started a newsletter which reported on developments taking place in the oil industry. They also launched the Oil Price Information Service and several other databases.

UCG grew to become a very important newsletter that companies in the energy, healthcare, mortgage banking, telecommunication, technology, and other industries depended on for valuable new, data, and analysis. The United Communications group also bought of a number of other newsletters and owned the app GasBuddy which provides motorists with information on the lowest gas prices in their area. Levenson was also on the board of TechTarget and served as its director from 1999 until 2012. He also served as an advisor for the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. Levenson was also inducted into the Hall of Fame Software and Information Industry Association.

In 2004 Levenson was a majority owner of the Atlanta Spirit group that purchased the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Thrashers, and Phillips Arena. Levenson also became a member of the Board of Governors of the NBA. He hired Danny Ferry to serve as president of basketball operations and general manager of the Hawks and former San Antonio assistant coach Mike Budenholzer as head coach. The team responded well and in the 2014-15 season they won 60 games, the most in team history.

Bruce Levenson is also a committed philanthropist. For over 40 years he’s given his time and money to a variety of charitable causes. He was the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation’s Washington chapter, and worked with the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and Washington, D.C.’s Community Foundation. Levenson was also one of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s funding members and made significant donations to the Seeds of Peace and the SEED Foundation. He also worked to help a large number of at-risk, low-income youth pursue their dream of getting higher education.

One of Bruce Levenson’s most meaningful projects was the founding and development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. Founded in 2010 and located on the campus of the University of Maryland, the center raises students’ awareness of what takes place within philanthropic organizations worldwide. They learn how to assess philanthropic organization and gain the skills necessary to run nonprofit organizations. The students are also given the opportunity to give money donated by Levenson and his wife to any non-profit they feel is deserving.

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman, a former NBA owner, and a caring individual that offers support to his fellow man.

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  1. The Hawks advanced to the NBA Eastern Conference finals. At the end of the season Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit group sold the Hawks and made a significant profit. This would eventually lead to something that the best essays has been able to absolve and that lone would mean Levenson can continue with what he had in mind also.

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