Bruce Levenson: A Businessman, basketball fan and philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a man of many feathers. He is not only an academician, businessman, philanthropist and a manager. He is an American Jew born in 1949 in Washington DC. He was however brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a law graduate of American University as well as a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Washington University in St. Louis. His career stems back to the Washington Star where he worked while still a law student.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is an experienced businessman having cofounded and managed a number of companies. He is a co-founder of several companies among them United Communications Group (UCG), 1977, as well as the Atlanta Hawks LLC, 2004 where he is a co-owner. The former is a private company specializing in data and news with particular interest in energy, banking, technology, telecommunication, healthcare among other interests. The latter, Atlanta Hawks LLC owns and operates the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Levenson and his partners purchased the Hawks in 2004, together with NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers before selling the thrashers in 2011. Bruce Levenson owns majority shares in the company together with Ed Peskowits and is both a managing partner as well as a member of the team’s board of Governors.

In January 2015, the team created history by going 17-0 in a month. Bruce has great interests in the Atlanta Hawks team. He not only hires qualified manager for the basketball team such as Danny Ferry but also quite often accompanies the team in tours. An example is the U.S Holocaust Museum trip of March 2014 in Washington, D.C. He is also a big supporter of the team and is often seen cheering the team in various competions. Bruce Levenson has hired an investment Bank to coordinate the sale of his share ownership of the Atlanta Hawks, a decision he announced in 2014, March. Recently, it has been indicated that an entrepreneur, Antony Ressler has entered into an agreement to purchase the company at about $850 million and the deal is said to be close. It is expected that Levenson will make huge profits from the sale.

Levenson is a philanthropist who has actively participated in several nonprofit organizations that focus on providing aid to the community and the disadvantaged children. For example, he has been the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington.Bruce Levenson is also a family man and has three children with his wife Karen BoyarskyLevenson and they own homes in Atlanta and Potomac, Maryland.

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