Brad Reifler Aims to Aid 99 Percent Investors

Forefront Income CEO Brad Reifler knows that it isn’t easy to succeed in the world of investments. As the CEO of his own investment company he has seen first hand how you can fail even if you play the market completely right. Sometimes your money just doesn’t get along with you and the result can be disastrous, at least for the regular investor. Reifler has spent the majority of his career working for ‘accredited investors’ but now he is changing up his tune, focusing on the average investor according to Reuters.

An accredited investor is someone who earns over $200,000 per year or has a net worth of over one million dollars, not including their house. These accredited investors are considered the prize of the investing world thanks to their high rate of returns. Yet, Reifler has first hand experience being on the other end of the investment spectrum and that is why he is focusing on helping out the little guy now. Reifler said, “I’m now shifting everything to the non-accredited investor with a plan specifically designed for them.”

To make this plan a reality Reifler has to start with education. That’s why he released a series of rock solid, easy to apply tips via Reuters. He starts by laboring the point that you need to be careful with your money and understand where it will be going. Having trust in the process is good but you have to also be dealing with a full understanding of your goals, not just blind faith. With careful work alongside an investment manager, such as Forefront Income Trust, non-accredited investors can find the success that they need.

Reifler began to dramatically shift his focus to the ‘rest of investors’ after the financial crisis in 2008. His goal is to cater to the needs of these new investors and help them raise a real fund with as little risk as possible.